Friday, May 1, 2015

Joint Of The Month: Sittin On Crates #45

Well March Madness is now over. And as u can see i was on fire last month as i posted 80 tapes!! I knw for a fact no other blog is posting tapes and the rate i am!! Im giving the public what they need and im not holding back!! These tapes are meant to b shared not be hoarded!! I love providing music to the people!! And the crazy thing is, i still have more tapes to post!! Im not even close to being done!! So please stay tuned for another slammin month of classic tapes coming ur way!! Please spread the word and let ur friends know about this blog so they can grab what they want!! Im kinda bummed Kentucky lost and we know the refs had something to do wit it but hey it is what it is. Just looking forward to the NBA Playoffs now. Hope yall like this mix for this month and ill holla at yall later!! Keep it locked here!!