Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Vol. 37: BET 106 & Park- Jay Z (2000)

Long day today at the theater and its time to wind things down a bit, but we have this last late night showing...

Its the dawn of the new millennium and Jay Z sets off the new sound of the future. A lil unknown production group known as the Neptunes brought in 2000 with a whole new sound that the hip-hop world gravitated to! So it was only right that them and Jigga connect a new banger that set it off in beginning of the new year!! Here's Jigga droppin off his new video for I Jus Wanna Love u!! Im so glad i caught this when i did almost 16 years ago (wow it seems like yesterday)!!

BET 106 & Park- Jay Z (2000) from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Vol. 36: HBO Real Sports feature on Mitchell & Ness (2003)

We open for a little while longer today with viewings in multiple theaters, come have a seat.....

I know what some of u are thinking...what does this have to do wit hip-hop? If u dont know already fashion goes hand in hand with hip-hop. If we pick up on it then it is offical!! If its official then the whole hip-hop world wants a piece!! From 2001-2004 Mitchell & Ness throwbacks was all the craze in hip-hop!! everybody rocked them and everybody wanted one!! I know i did, i used to buy one every paycheck at that time!! I was crazy with it but i had to have it!! On this feature here u see how the whole craze got started and how the hip-hop world at that time embraced it!! Very glad i caught this when i did!!

HBO Real Sports feature on Mitchell & Ness (2003) from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Vol. 35: Method Man & Ghostface Killah- Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle (1994) (Zoo York Mixtape)

Our next feature presentation is now up people, come on in!!

For years we always wondered what did the Stretch & Bobbito radio station looked like? Before their documentary came out recently, it was very hard to see footage from this show. But little did anybody know there was a lil video compilation out there and gave us access to what the Stretch & Bobbito  show looked like......but nobody knew it was a skateboarding mixtape!!?? Yes , Zoo York in '97 put out a mixtape featuring the best skateboarders in NYC doin their thing around the city!! And what music provided the soundtrack? Rare all access footage of known artists freestyling on the Stretch & Bob show!! This was very rare and groundbreaking cause nobody had that access like Zoo York did!! As u see here u see Method & Ghost killin a freestyle over Casual's Thats How It Is Remix & Black Moon's I Got U Opin Remix!! This is beyond classic people, u do not wanna miss this!!

Method Man & Ghostface Killah- Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle '94 (Zoo York Mixtape) from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Classic Throwback Hip-Hop Footage Vol. 34: BET- Beyond The Beef w/ Jay Z & Nas (2006)

Fresh new batch coming up for the viewers out there, the theater is now open.....

Now we all know how the Jay Z & Nas beef got started, but do u know how it ended? And what led to it? The ice got broken a lil when Nas' had a guess verse on a Bobby Valentino in '05 i believe. Now remember Bobby Valentino was a artist on Def Jam, a label where Jay Z still ran at the time. So u know Jay had to sign off on that. Then Nas had a verse on Kanye's We Major! And that right there was a solid breakthru cause Kanye had major respect for both rappers and Kanye knew he could bridge this thing into a meeting. And thats what he eventually did, Nas was already at the studio waiting outside when Kanye told Jay would he b open to a meeting if he could arrage it. And Jay said sure, not knowing that Nas was already there waiting. So Kanye brought Nas in and him & Jay had a long nice talk and things got squashed right there.
Also around this time Camron & Jim Jones was taking major shots at Jay. It was getting very intense. And Jay had a concert lined up in NYC that the word was he gonna get at them at this show. It was gonna b titled I Declare War, it was gonna b the Summer Jam '01 x 10!! But Jay had other things in mind, he had Nas backstage at the show in a room where nobody knew he was there. Instead of going at Cam & Jim he gonna twist it into a Peace Treaty show and the crowd went absolutely nuts when Jay brought nas out!! It was a monumental moment for hip-hop. For me i just wished it had happened wayyy sooner!

BET- Beyond The Beef w/ Jay Z & Nas (2006) from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Vol. 33: MTV- My Block Houston (2004)

On to the next, cant keep the fans waiting outside..gotta let them all in...

Now it was great seeing this and how MTV shined light on my city. At this time Houston was blowing up on the music scene and alot of artists was alot recognition and selling alot of records. Everybody wanted ice grillz and every artist wanted their album to b screwed & chopped. It was a crazy wave and we rode it to the fullest. Today, some of these artists cant be found or still doin their thing but just on the local tip. Times has changed greatly since then, but lets remember the good times.

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Vol. 32: MTV Diary- Nas (2001)

They may try to shut down certain showings in my theater but we are consistent and will continue to thrive!
Here is another gem up for showing. Back then u really didnt know what shows was coming on, u just had to catch it when u could. And man am i glad i caught this at the time. Its a rare one, and MTV is following Nas thru his QB projects, him doin promo for his classic Stillmatic album  then go out with him a bit while he is on tour!! Very rare stuff right here!! Great stuff right here and many more to come!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Vol. 31: Run DMC performing on Soul Train (1984)

I keeps them coming so as i proceed to give u what u need.....

Soul Train was the show for us in the urban scene. Throughout the the 70s and early 80's whatever music was jammin in black culture was being shown on the show live!! It was the place to b on Saturday afternoons! But a new wave of music starting creeping on the in the mid 80s and it was called Hip-Hop. Don Cornelius was not receptive to it and all but u know what? he had to learn to accept it cause this was poppin in black culture and how would he look if he didnt have them on his show? So in time he would learn understand how Hip-Hop works and how important it was for black culture. Who was better to put on a hip-hop display other than RUN DMC? watch them tear down the house in this clip!!