Thursday, January 1, 2015

Joint Of The Month: Sittin On Crates #41

Whats up everybody!! Happy holidays to u all and u know its that time to hit u in the head with another mix from my vaults!! i hope u like this one just as much as the others!! Remember if u have any questions or inquiries please holla at me in the comments box or chat box!! And make sure yall support DJ Mars' book The Art Of The Tape, if u wanna know the real whole story behind mixtapes please copp it and yall will know the whole truth!! Ok yall well its been another year with this blog and its goin steady! It was a rocky one for sure, i quit then came baack!! But i love supplying people with classic hip-hop music, its getting harder and harder to find it so i wanna b one of the few to continue to give back to u all!! There aint that many of us left out there, its almost being extinct in a certain way. But the people that always rock wit me know where to find me, im always gonna b right here and wont go anywhere. But that always could change cause one minute im here then ill b gone gone next...and that time it will b for good. So stay tuned for next year when i have plenty tapes to post that never posted on the internet period and i will cause noise for sure!! i guarantee that for sure!! So lets move into 2015 and even more classics will come down the pipe!! Im out and please stay tuned here!!