Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Joint Of The Month: Sittin On Crates #39

Well the summer is officially over and i think i did a great job of providing the heat for it! But as we move into the winter months i still gotta provide the heat to keep yall warm!! So please keep keep it locked here every month to get mixes made for true hip-hop heads like myself!! I wanna say thank you to everybody supporting me over the years, i appreciate the love!! Do remember if u have any questions about what u hear on these mixes please ask and i will try to answer as quickly as possible!! Well that will do it for now and ill holla at yall next month, as we move on....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Boogie & The Barber Show Hot97: 1/19/97 Mad Skillz

S&B Hot97 Skillz '97

The Boogie & The Barber Show Hot97: 1/5/97 DJ Premier

S&B Primo '97

Im glad u guys are enjoying the rebirth, im not gonna harp too much on it so lets move on. I just hit u guys off with some dope Future Flavas shows that used to air on Hot97. Now lets keep it on the Hot97 side of things and enter Stretch & Bobbito. Their show was aired on Hot97 on Sunday nights from the middle of '96 to '98 late '99. It wasnt fully like their 89.9 WKCR homebase show but it was fitting for NYC airwaves. The show was actually called The Boogie & The Barber Show, but the basis was artists who was the hottest out whether mainstream or underground go on there to promote whatever they got goin on and spit hot 16's. Hope u guys really dig these joints and lets go!