Friday, July 3, 2015

Joint Of The Month: Sittin On Crates #47

Out goes May, here comes June! To think about it this year goin by kinda fast and summer is now here!! Now yall know my blog always hold u guys down during this time with the dopest hip-hop music u can find on the net!! Like Jay said, i been holdin it down for almost 7 summers!! So u guys know where to go to get the joints u need!! Make sure u tell a friend that tells a friend where to go to get their classic hip-hop fix!! Once again i wanna thank everybody for supporting my monthly mixes it means alot to me!! If u have any questions please holla at me!! Now i wanna send out a APB right quick!! Please, if anybody out there has any Yo! MTV Raps shows from '88-'97 or any BET Rap City shows from '94-'00..please please hit me up!! This one of part of my collecting that i need to beef up and b serious about. I know it maybe difficult but i know there are people out there who have some recordings of this show on VHS some where!! I am willing to pay $$ or trade, just hit me up on this blog or email me at!! Please people out there, i help u guys out by supplying the classic mixtapes so please help me out by getting as many of these shows as i can!! Remember , Yo! MTV Raps shows from '88-'97 or BET Rap City shows from '94-'00 please hit me up on here or email me!! The NBA Finals is coming up, who yall got? Its a Toss up to me i have no idea, i just hope its a great series!! Ok yall, hope yall enjoy this months mix and ill see ya next month!!