Sunday, January 26, 2014

DJ Envy- Im So Focused Pt. 1 (2002)

Cinema always on point! It seems there aint too many people like me left in this game to provide u gems like this. My kind are almost extinct, so please appreciate what i do cause u really cant find these tapes anywhere. Envy is the DJ of the moment right now, dont sleep cause he's on the radio now...back then this dude put in work and dropped some amazing tapes. So sit back and rock ta dis in yo stereo systems!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

DJ Envy- The Rocafella Mixtape Vol. 3: State Property (2002)

Cinema returns! I remember the day this film came out man, it was an event around our ways! Rocafella to us was more than a was a way of life!! This movie was just that ill man, we stole certain slangs and other stuff in this movie that me and boys started doin just messing around wit each other but it as fun. Yes Jigga made a small cameo in it and his scenes was kinda crazy but it was ill tho!
Dame acted a complete fool in this movie and it was funny as heck. Beans was hard as hell in this joint and he did his thing. Just all around man State Property was a major movement at that time. Crazy times and great memories!!


DJ Envy- The Rocafella Mixtape Vol. 1: The Empire Strikes Back (2001)

Cinema strikes again!! And this is the ROC striking back! This tape provided by DJ Envy came out when mixtapes was on fire but just about on its last legs. I say 02-03 was when mixtapes started becoming over saturated and very cluttered. But in 2002 when this tape came out the game was still all good.And the ROC was doin it majorly around this time. They was showing other labels on how to do it the right way! Man around this time me and my boys swear we was on Rocafella. We was Rocawear'd up including the belts!! We was always throwing up the ROC all the time and jamming Rocafella music everyday!! Those were the good ol days when Jay and his team was killing it and Dame was doin the most craziest dances on video. Plus me and my boys was poppin major tags back then, we had to stay fresh with the nicest gear then hit up Music City in VA every other weekend to cop the hottest mixtapes out!! It was our ritual and we followed it! So when yall listen to this i hope it brings u back to that time when hip-hop was still hot and exclusive!!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Double R- Best Of #22 & #25 (1997-98)

And the giving keeps on giving wit more from DJ Cinema!! Still got more to come so please stay tuned and touch that dial!!

Double R