Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Joint of The Day: Krumbsnatcha- Gettin Closer To God

In the meantime while yall still decide what shall i do, i gots to put up the joint that i been bangin to alot lately. This joint came out in '97, and Primo produced this track. Now when i 1st heard this i didnt even know he did cause it didnt sound like a Primo track. But this song is very eerie and what the brother speakin is real life shit if u been in that situation. I thank god that i havent. So peep the manuscripts and anaylze this!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Questions For The Mind

I have 2 questions to ask for my hip-hop fans out there plus any of my old skool R&B fans out there. Feel free to weigh in, and let ur comments be known in the comments box below!!

I saw the cover of the new Vibe magazine, and the top tagline posed a question that me and my fellow friends always talked about and agreed. The question is, was 1998 the last classic year hip-hop?
I would answer with a empahtic YES!! To me the golden era is from 1994-1998. From those years, every classic material that we all know and love came out during that time. For me, that era will never be touched or duplicated! Let me give yall a flashback right quick: 1998 was one of the last years that rappers was selling records!! Like mad units! Jay-Z became a worldwide star selling 5 million! No Limit was selling records like hot cakes ( back in '98 down here, the radio had a No Limit hour when they played nothin but No Limit hits! my radio was turned off during that hour!), Master P was da man and u couldnt front. Puff Daddy & Mase was still reaping their rewards from '97 and was still hot, especially Mase, he was a damn star his LP sold 4 mil! Big Pun sold 2 mil and was just recking niggas! Noreaga was one of the biggest rappers in '98, his LP caught everybody off guard!! Cash Money was comin thru and sellin, Juvenile sold like 5 mil? Crazy! Lauryn Hill was winning grammy's buy the boatload!! DMX had 2 #1 albums in the same year, who what have thought he would have fallen off? Ruff Ryders came thru and bumrushed the show, doesnt hurt to have The Lox added to the label! Busta Rhymes was cementing himself as one of greatest emcee's ever to do it! And Def Jam was one of the powerful lables on the planet, doesnt hurt that Irv Gotti brought Jay Z, DMX & Ja Rule to the label. Gotti now is an after thought. Plus '98 hip-hop was just pure hot and mad exclusives. Like it was just real brand new and fresh. Niggas wasnt copying yet, everybody was different. Missy Elliot, Eve & Foxy Braown was representin for da ladies and even they was sellin mad records!! So, was 1998 the last classic year in hip-hop? U tell me!!

Im a fan old skool R&B from 1986-2000-'01. From those years, R&B was R&B!! Soulful, pure melodies and some actual thought into the lyrics!! Now its more pop and plain simple. Nothin is slow its all glamour & glitzy. Its just real wack. Back when i was younger it seemed like classic R&B was comin out by the week!! Heck, there is even some one hit wonders that dropped classic material!! How crazy is that? So i gave it some thought, if u had a R&B artist right now what producers would u pick from the golden era for him/ her to work with? simple question right? Yeah right, try to pick out of these choices:

a. DeVante from the group Jodeci- His beats are what we was accustomed to from the golden era of R&B. I mean its hard to explain his beats, they was just hard yo. DeVante had them joints that made u wanna bump and grind instantly and had some that made ur head bob! One of the all-time best that rarely gets mentioned.

b. Timbaland circa 1996-1999- The reason why i chose that time frame is because this man had some of the dopest R&B jamz on the planet at that time! Think about the people he worked with and classics he made!! Ginuwine, Playa, Aaliyah, Missy, Nicole Wray, 702, SWV, Total and many more made some of the illest jamz back in those days. Its no coincedence that they are now considered classics! We all know now that Timbo has changed his beat style, but i would be quick to ask him if he can provide me with a retro banger!

c. R.Kelly circa 1990-2000- I dont care what anybody says, after R. Kelly fell majorly!! was the pinnacle for him and he couldnt go any higher. But i didnt expect him to drop to the level where he at now musically. But for those 10 years, this man was a musical genius!! You can spend all day counting all the classics R. Kelly has made. All the countless hits and remixes and collaborations was timeless! His production skills at one point were top of the line at the time. Its just hard to imagine that he fell this low man. Real dissapointing. But ill ask him if he can summon up that old skool flavor he was known for and hit me off with something crazy!

d. Puff Daddy & The Hitmen circa 1994-1998- I know, I know what yall gonna say. Puff a producer? Man all he does is put this there and that over there! I say so what! At one point in time in the 90's everything that Puff touched neither went Gold or Platinum!! He had the midas touch. He has done so many classic remixes its crazy!! Heck, he even said he invented remixes. Yall better not front, go back to like '94, '95, '96 this man had produced so many classics they timeless!! And the Hitmen can say that each one of them had produced a or many classic records! Shout out to Nashiem Myrick, Chucky Thompson, Stevie J, D-Dot & Mario Winans!!

e. Teddy Riley circa 1987-1998- Does this man need introduction? He brought in New Jack Swing, which is to him meant yeah it can be R&B but that doesnt mean u cant get down to it! He made music that u can get ur jam on to but u forgot its R&B! Guy, Wreckx N Effect, Black Street, Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown and tons more!! This man has countless classics!! If u dont know, then do ur research and step ur game up!

*bonus* Whoever produced those joints for Bell Biv Devoe- They had some of the hardest R&B beats known to man. They were beyond classic, i just remember how me and friends felt when we 1st heard Poison!! Its a feelin u cant replace, it was just phenomenal!! I would track that person down in a heartbeat!!

Well the choice is urs people, its not hard is it? this further proves my point on how ill R&B was back then!! Great times!! Well call ur A&R and get this LP rollin!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Major Breakthrough!!

Thanks to Vincent over at THIMK, he hooked me up with a dope program so i can now convert my tapes!! Im starting on them as we speak, so when i get a few done i will put them up immediately!! Its on like Donkey Kong now!! Im gonna shut yall down myself, remember u been warned, get ready for ur final thrill!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mini Update

What up peoples, i just wanted to give yall an update on whats goin on!
Remember i told yall that i had tons of mixtapes from '02-05 that i have gave away to a friend of mine. It included a whole lot of stuff from kaySlay to Big Mike, to G-Unit stuff to some Diplomats stuff to some Best of's to some..... well yall get the point. Well the great thing is i was able to get that stuff back! I was kinda lucky he still had this stuff cause he coulda gave it away to somebody else. Like i told yall many times before i do this for yall, not me. Me personally, the mixtape game went to crap after '01. Thats why i gave way all the ones i had after that, but also some of these artists thats on these tapes u wouldnt catch me listenin to today cause my whole focus has changed since then. But just because i dont like it doesnt mean i wont post it, i know there's plenty of u out there that needs or listen to this so its my duty to provide it to yall.

I see my man Tapemasta at his spot puttin in OT work, i gotta uphold my end so he wont carry too much of the load. So im doin my part right now giving back. It might not be classic stuff but it was somethin that hittin back at that time!

Also remember people, i still have over 50+ classic mixtapes that i still need to post, but i have to get the tapes converted. And it costs a pretty penny to get all those tapes done, but im workin on it and when i drop that bomb my name will reign all over this mixtape blog world! Believe that!! So i have one Selecta Bam Bam joint to put up then im gonna get into those mixtapes i just got back from my friend. Believe me these joints will bring u back and u will glad i posted these.
Holla back and remember Recognize the Real is here to stay! Look out for the click which includes me, Tapemasta, Gildog, Soul, Olskool, djpos2, Marioka!! We comin like the Wu son!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Do You Have Any Of These Episodes?

People out there know that this blog is only for musical purposes, but right now I need help from yall out there. By now u people know that im an ol' head and i love classic hip-hop. But also im an collector of things of hip-hop like old Source, XXL, Ego Trip & Rap Pages magazines. But right now im in dire need of old Yo! MTV Raps and BET Rap City episodes!
If anyone has any old YO! MTV Raps episodes from '88-'96 or any old BET Rap City episodes from '94-'99, please people holla at me ASAP!! E-mail me at or tell me in the chat box or get at me some how so we can get at each other and make this happen! I know there is people out there that has episodes of these shows and they might think people dont be checkin for this stuff, but let me tell u that I do!! Im trying my hardest to get all that I can, im going to attack this with the same spirit i had going after hard to find mixtapes. Hopefully this will be more easier though. So please people if u can help a brotha out, i came thru for yall many times before so please try to come thru for me!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

You Are About To Witness A Blog Like No Other!!

Ok people, yall remember how i shut down the game last year with those exclusive tapes i was dropping back to back? Im not even talking about my year-end mixtape blowout! Well guess what, my man Todd reppin CT just hit me off with some of the most exclusive tapes known to man! DJ's ranging from Selecta Bam Bam to DJ Juice, to Dirty Harry to DJ Lazy K to Doggtime to Capone to Chill Will and etc!!!! Were talkin about almost 50+ tapes people!! Seriously!! But yall gonna have to wait awhile before even one tape is posted, there's alot of things i have to do before this gets jumped off. But im lettin the public know of this annoucement, cause its major. And if yall dont think Recognize the Real is #1, you'll'll see. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Timeout For B.I.G.

i just seen the Biggie movie today, and i was purely satisfied with it. Gravy killed it!! He had BIG's voice down packed. And the lady who played Faith did a great job, heck she even sings just like her! It was just sad to see the ending, cause we all know how that ends. But i just wanna take timeout to let yall know that BIG was my man b, growing up he was just easy to relate to on all levels. He made great music and his whole style was great! He had gotten respect from the whole rap game in a short amout of time, cause when u said his name u already knew what time it was! When he passed away i was in the 10th grade and i was heartbroken but it just didnt sink in yet. But now as i look back over the years, it finally sinks in like damn... i aint never gonna see this man again. To this day i just think what the game would be like if he was still alive! But im glad i have mad footage of him on location in different spots. Pure legendary footage that i will hold close to me! But thats all i wanted to say man, BIG forever my dudes!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Video of the Day: Wu-Syndicates- Where Was Heaven

What up peoples, Happy New Year to all!! Its now 2009 and my site will be now entering a full calendar year, so that means a whole lot of work on my part to keep u all entertained and maintain my #1 spot!! So right now im just gearing up and thinkin some things out on what im goin to do, but please expect more tapes on the way! When? Well when i know, u will know!!

But for now lets take it back to 1998, this track to me was one of the most underrated tracks of that year, this group was real and what else do u expect from a sub-division of the WU? When i 1st seen this vid i was mind-blown, the track was hard but images was real! And me livin in TX couldnt relate to what he was talkin about and livin that NY street life, until i went to NY myself and saw 1st hand on what he was talkin about. So please check this out and remember how real hip-hop used to be!!