Thursday, April 23, 2015

IROC- Mix #8 (1995)

IROC- Mix #7 (1995)

soundcloud actin up, so its gonna b like this until they get it straight...


IROC- Mix #6 (1994)

soundcloud wont let me upp this one, so its sharefiles for it. once again dont sleep on this one! wipe those tears away.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ron G- Streets Is Mine (1998)

Ron G- Hate Me Now (1999)

Ron G- The King Pt. 2 (1998)

Ron G- Thug World Pt. 2 (1999)

dont worry folks, im not goin back to the old style. just for this one i had to upload on solidfiles cause Soundcloud wouldnt let me upload this one on there. dont cry dry ya eye. but i hope yall enjoy this one! real dope tape!!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ron G- Penitentary (1996)

Ron G- Ride Or Die (1999)

Ron G- Mixes #16 (1997)

Trying some new things out, i wanna give yall the best quality visually and musically. I always wanna strive to b the best in what i do!! Hope yall like it, and i have tons more to go. I wont stop cause i dont know how to!! The DL button is right underneath the "soundcloud" icon in the top right corner!

Ron G- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (1997)

Ron G

Ron G- Blast From The Past Pt. 3 (?????)

Ron G

Ron G- Race Against Time (1998)

Ron G

Monday, April 13, 2015

Funkmaster Flex- Live @ The Tunnel 7 (1999)

These Tunnel tapes bring back alot of memories man. Funk Flex had that club rockin every Sunday night!! Thats right...Sunday!! I dont know any other spot would be able to rock on a Sunday night nowadays! There are so many stories about this spot that are still being told til this day!! So much energy, so much history!! Its mos def part of the golden era of hip-hop that is long gone but these Tunnel tapes kinda help keep it alive thru the times!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

DJ Clue- Im A Show You How To Do This Pt. 1 (2002)

DJ Clue

Fatman Scoop- Hot 97 Hot Hits Vol. 2 (2000)

its Vol. 2, not Vol. 3..typo

Fatman Scoop

DJ Clue- Stadium Series Pt. 4 (2002)

DJ Clue

DJ Clue- Stadium Series Pt. 1 (2001)

DJ Clue

DJ Clue- Back To School Pt. 1 (1994)

DJ Clue

DJ Clue- Dedication Pt. 2 (1996)

DJ Clue

Silva SirFa- #27 (1998)

Silva SirFa

Selecta Bam Bam- ?????? (1994)

Hey something must b in the water for me to like these reggae tapes, but once again this tape is more fiyah!!! Real nice joints and some fly blends on it!! Like i said i loved the reggae joints of the past and this tape has it all!! Dont sleep!

Selecta Bam Bam

DJ Kysheem- Reggae #190 (1994)

As yall know once again, im not a friend of reggae but ill tell u what...ill vouch for this tape!! This tape has all the reggae i liked over the years all on one tape!! Back then i could actually tolerate reggae, it was some dope jams back in those days. Then later on i couldnt deal wit no more but this tape is straight fire!!

DJ Kysheem

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Grand Imperial- Grand Slam (1998)

Grand Imperial

Billy Bill- #23 (1994)

This tape is stacked all the way thru!! Very classic!!

Billy Bill

DJ Do It All- ?????? (1999)

Real nice tape here, but i dont know the name of this joint. Dont sleep on this one tho!

DJ Do It All

Sunday, April 5, 2015

DJ Capone & Dave O- Untouchables (1998)

DJ Capone & Dave O

Dream Team- Best Of Cormega (1997)

Cormega always been one of my all-time fav mc's!! I love the way he rhymes on top of the beat!! His style is just dope and him & Nas was a great duo!! I hope u guys enjoy this one!! A rariety for sure!!

Dream Team

Redhanded & Technician- The Sequel (1996)

Another action packed tape from top to bottom!!

Redhanded & Technician

Skillz- Pinocchio (1998)

Nice blends on this joint....


Chill Will & Ice Pac- King Pins Pt. 2 (1998)

Time to get fruity yall!!

Chill Will & Ice Pac

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

DJ Clue- Summatyme Shootout (1995)

Dope rare tape this is!!! Please enjoy!!

DJ Clue

Doggtime- 7/1/94 (1994)

Very very rare tape right here!!! Dont b sleepin on this one!!