Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Memory Of My Man Guru

One Love To Guru

As yall may know, one of the dopest emcees on the planet has passed away. And as u see by the pic i put up, i wanted to show both premo and guru cause they was a team.
I will never know what happened between the two and why things turned out the way they did but they made history together. Guru's rhymes was perfect for premo's beats cause of the way his voice sounded. Like he said himself he had that monotone style.
The 1st time i heard Guru rhyme that i remember was on a episode of Rap City Ol' Skool Wednesday back in late '95 when they showed the "Mass Appeal" video. I blown away by that, Guru definetly ripped that joint. Everything he spoke on that track was real!! But i became a bonafide fan when i heard "Watch What U Say". That song will always remind me of how Guru was. He was a very laid back style of rhymer, and on that track he really flowed right along with the beat. But when he wanted to get a point across he can go extra hard like he did on "U Know My Steez". His flow was incredible on that.
So Guru will be missed by me and his music will always live on by me. I read his final letter he wrote and he never mentioned primo in it. but im not gonna blame that on him, i dont pay that no mind. Him & Primo will always be a team no matter what. I know in his heart he still had love for Primo, i know he did. So remember Guru for what he did on tracks not none of this other drama, he is still Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal!!