Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thanks For The Love!

Yo, its been a month into this and i never thought that this blog will successful as it is right now. I also realize more than ever now, how much these old school classic mixtapes affects people's lives and makes them feel good. And all i wanted to do, is to share what i have to the masses. I know people for years been looking for what i have, so i feel its only right to give back. Thats what im here for, for all the true hip-hop heads to try to keep that feelin of the golden era of hip-hop still alive and to make sure it doesnt die. Cause thats what i grew up to and i want to keep that feeling of old school hip-hop spirit alive for everyone that visits this blog. So i appreciate the love and i still have more to post. I still have more Clue's to post and i havent even started to get to my Stretch & Bobbito shows yet! Like Puff said " I Aint Gonna Stop, Cause I Dont Know How To!"