Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Im glad u guys are enjoying the rebirth, im not gonna harp too much on it so lets move on. I just hit u guys off with some dope Future Flavas shows that used to air on Hot97. Now lets keep it on the Hot97 side of things and enter Stretch & Bobbito. Their show was aired on Hot97 on Sunday nights from the middle of '96 to '98 late '99. It wasnt fully like their 89.9 WKCR homebase show but it was fitting for NYC airwaves. The show was actually called The Boogie & The Barber Show, but the basis was artists who was the hottest out whether mainstream or underground go on there to promote whatever they got goin on and spit hot 16's. Hope u guys really dig these joints and lets go!

Pete Rock & Marley Marl Hot 97 Future Flavors: Heltah Skeltah 1998

PR & MM '98 HS

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hot 97 Future Flavas: KRS-One 1994

Another tid bit is that KRS-One was the host of Future Flavors on Hot 97 before Pete & Marley came over from 105. And this show features one of the most classic freestyle sessions u will ever hear featuring KRS, Scarface & MC Serch!! The person u at least expected straight up murdered it, thats all im gonna say!!

The T'Cha Hot 97 '94

Monday, September 1, 2014

105.9 Pirate Radio 1994: Pete Rock & Marley Marl

Before it was moved to Hot 97, it was on 105.9 also it was called Pirate Radio originally before they re-named it. Just a bit of knowledge...

Pirate Radio '94

Pete Rock & Marley Marl Hot 97 Future Flavors: June 1997


Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Source Fat Tape: May 1991

As we move on the year is 1991. And to say the least Hip-Hop isnt on my mind yet or not as much, im still rippin running around playin wit friends, playin nintendo and just livin life. But in 1991 i was introduced to Tribe Called Quest by my Dad's best friend's son. He way older then me at the time and i was chillin by his car and he asked do i know who they were. I had no clue then he showed me the The Low End Theory tape and played me Its Like Butter! I was mesmerized cause i never heard nothing like that before. So that kinda set me in motion to pay attention to hip-hip a tad bit more but that wouldnt b in motion until '92. Anyway there are some solid tracks on this Fat Tape as u can see so peep the flavor and ill holla at yall next week!

Source Fat Tape 1991

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Source Fat Tape: May 1990

Yes people the Source Fat Tapes are back! And for this one we gonna go way back to 1990! Now around this time i was just a youngin and hip-hop wasnt in the equation at the time so u already know how that goes. But as u can see there are plenty of jams to go around, different styles for different folks!
One thing i do know is that if u was a rap artist on a label back then, ur video will get played on TV. Back then Yo! MTV Raps, Video Music Box, BET & Pump It Up was playin any hip-hop videos they could get. So u was actually gettin worldwide exposure! Compared to now where TV stations are barely any videos and the internet has made it to where rap artists not even on labels can get worldwide exposure. Kinda of crazy isnt it? Ok well keep it locked and i have more to come just peep the flavor next saturday!! Word to ur mother!

Source Fat Tape May '90

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tony Touch- #60: Power Cypha 3 Pt. 2 (1999)

Ok peeps here is part 2 of this dope tape. It features more crazy freestyles to get open too. This tape as a whole is must for ur collection. Remember...these tapes are hard to find nowdays man, they are damn near extinct. There are songs and freestyles on these tapes u cant get no where else. So if u are a hip-hop music lover like myself u can appreciate these things and dont take them for granted! Hope u jam this joint and stay tuned saturday for more vintage hip-hop treats!

Tony Touch

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tony Touch- #60: Power Cypha 3 Pt. 1 (1999)

If u are a true mixtape aficionado like i am then u know that Tony Touch changed the game wit his tape #50. On that one he had 50 of the most prominent mc's in the game to rhyme on his tape. It was ground braking and very innovative! The response from it was crazy and everybody had to have it!
Then on his tape #55 he upped the ante wit 55 mc's rhymin on his joint. And the response from that was crazy as well and i think Touch knew that he was onto somethin wit this. So when it was time for his tape #60 to drop he raised the stakes even higher wit 60 mc's kickin flows on his tape!
This right here is part 1 of this epic tape, so please peep the names of who is rhymin on this tape and u will see that he had the best of the best of on this! Kick back and feel the flava on this and stay tuned for part 2 next week!! Tony Toca!!

Tony Touch

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whoo Kid- The Best Of Murda Mixtape Freestyles (2000-01)

What up world, my bad that i was gone for awhile but thats what bad internet does to a brotha. It hampers things but im back on the scene now. Do u remember the series of classic mixtapes Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong put out from '99-2001? They were classic right? And they are pretty rare nowadays too. Well on this tape Whoo Kid put together the dopest freestytles from those joints onto one tape! There is tons of classic rhymes on this joint so i advise u to not pass on this or u will b sorry in the long run! I am back and i have more treats to share so please stay tuned! Sada Pop!!

Whoo Kid

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whoo Kid- Hydro (2001)

Well folks this is the last of the goodies that Cinema has provided me. As u can see he contributed alot and i wanna thank him for giving rare tapes that many people enjoyed!! Remember people that these tapes are no longer around even in NYC!! Can u believe that...NYC pretty much dont have any more old mixtapes being sold at any bodegas or anything like that. I have no idea why, when my boy in Brooklyn told me way back in '05 that he couldnt find no '90s tapes around i was shocked. The oldest he could find was from '03 and that was back then in '05 so what u think whats the oldest now?
I dont think people know how rare these tapes are to find nowadays man, its like treasures u have to dig up to find them now. So please appreciate what u have and what im diggin up for u! And again if there are anybody out there that want to contribute to the cause please holla at me at! I still got other solid treats coming for u stay tuned weekly on saturdays!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Whoo Kid- Escape From New York (2001)

More rarities provided by Cinema! Whoo Kid's place in the mixtape game is very solidified! Just like how S&S then Clue was able to get them early exclusives before they dropped...Whoo Kid was able to do the same! S&S x Clue was able to get joints that would b on albums before they came out, most of them even sounded a little different cause they was either un-mixed or a demo version. Whoo Kid was able to get joints that was supposed to b on albums but never made the final cut. Around '99 & '00, bootlegging was starting to become insane! So insane that Nas had to re-do Nastradamus cause the orig. album was getting bootlegged, so there was many joints that was supposed to b on there that made their way to the mixtape circuit and Whoo Kid was the beneficiary of it. Then Mobb Deep had to re-do Murda Muzik cause the orig. album was getting bootlegged crazy and they had to go back to the lab. So many tracks that was supposed to b on that album made their way to the mixtape circuit and Whoo Kid scooped some of those as well. These 2 artists wasnt the only ones that suffered from that but they are prime examples. Whoo Kid's tapes have so many rare joints is crazy, so go back and listen to the rare gems he had!!

Whoo Kid

Saturday, February 1, 2014

DJ Envy- World Wide Pt. 1 (2003)

Cinema is a gift that keeps on giving isnt he? And on this one we take it back to 2003, in which to me was a dope year for hip-hop. Alot of dope albums and tracks came out dat year. I was living in VA at the time so it was very poppin and it was alot of fun!! So peep this tape and see if it takes u back to that time frame as well!!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

DJ Envy- Im So Focused Pt. 1 (2002)

Cinema always on point! It seems there aint too many people like me left in this game to provide u gems like this. My kind are almost extinct, so please appreciate what i do cause u really cant find these tapes anywhere. Envy is the DJ of the moment right now, dont sleep cause he's on the radio now...back then this dude put in work and dropped some amazing tapes. So sit back and rock ta dis in yo stereo systems!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

DJ Envy- The Rocafella Mixtape Vol. 3: State Property (2002)

Cinema returns! I remember the day this film came out man, it was an event around our ways! Rocafella to us was more than a was a way of life!! This movie was just that ill man, we stole certain slangs and other stuff in this movie that me and boys started doin just messing around wit each other but it as fun. Yes Jigga made a small cameo in it and his scenes was kinda crazy but it was ill tho!
Dame acted a complete fool in this movie and it was funny as heck. Beans was hard as hell in this joint and he did his thing. Just all around man State Property was a major movement at that time. Crazy times and great memories!!


DJ Envy- The Rocafella Mixtape Vol. 1: The Empire Strikes Back (2001)

Cinema strikes again!! And this is the ROC striking back! This tape provided by DJ Envy came out when mixtapes was on fire but just about on its last legs. I say 02-03 was when mixtapes started becoming over saturated and very cluttered. But in 2002 when this tape came out the game was still all good.And the ROC was doin it majorly around this time. They was showing other labels on how to do it the right way! Man around this time me and my boys swear we was on Rocafella. We was Rocawear'd up including the belts!! We was always throwing up the ROC all the time and jamming Rocafella music everyday!! Those were the good ol days when Jay and his team was killing it and Dame was doin the most craziest dances on video. Plus me and my boys was poppin major tags back then, we had to stay fresh with the nicest gear then hit up Music City in VA every other weekend to cop the hottest mixtapes out!! It was our ritual and we followed it! So when yall listen to this i hope it brings u back to that time when hip-hop was still hot and exclusive!!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Double R- Best Of #22 & #25 (1997-98)

And the giving keeps on giving wit more from DJ Cinema!! Still got more to come so please stay tuned and touch that dial!!

Double R