Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Tunnel Documentary (Trailer)

This is what im talkin about right here, this is that real hip-hop shit right here. This is what we all came up on! For yall that dont know, The Tunnel was the hip-hop night spot in NYC. Every dope and prominent hip-hop MC from 1994-2001 performed there even some R&B acts (including Aaliyah!!) This was not a spot to get ur shine on and all of that, u had to keep ur 3rd eye on every minute u was there cause anything could pop off!! I never been there, but i heard endless stories about it! Funk Flex held it down every Sunday and kept things jumpin off all night! Im definetely coppin this DVD when it comes out, this will be an excellent addition for my vintage hip-hop collection! Legendary footage right here man!!