Thursday, November 10, 2016

Diggin In The Crates: The ReVamp- Doce (Twelve) Treats (Volume 1)

As u can see here Questlove is goin thru his Record Collection constantly looking for gems! To me , sometimes that what i do...i have such a extensive music collection that i think there are certain records / joints that people might have slept on or dont know exists that i want to put them up on! Its just something that i love to do!! So the people that has been following me for years on my blog know that i had a Diggin in The Crates series goin on for quite awhile. And it was pretty successful..but now its time to revamp it up a lil bit and try to something a bit new. Im gonna provide yall 12 (Doce in spanish) joints i think u might digg every month. provide some artwork and some personal info about each track. Try to b a bit more professional and see how this goes!! Hope u guys enjoy this new series!!