Thursday, November 28, 2013

Double R- Best of Vol. #12 & #14 Pt.1 ('92-'93)

Happy Thanksgiving to u all!! As i am in the spirit of giving, here's another classic tape from u and yours + DJ Cinema!! Some of the younger cats think that Rump Shaker was a pop joint...naw b that track is a classic track for sure. I used to jamm that joint hard, Teddy Riley most def. did his thing on that. Redman went straight hard on that Time For Some Aksion, but when I 1st heard it I had no idea who Redman was. Why??.. cause that track was Mike Tyson's entrance song. So everytime Tyson fought during that time period this track was his intro, and I thought it was the hardest song in the world at that point! Wow...great times indeed!

Double R

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Double R- Best Of Vol. #11 & #12 (March & June 1992)

Here's another classic donated by DJ Cinema!! Looking at these tracks on here bring back memories man. '92 in my opinion was the beginning of the golden era to me. In '92 man hip-hop started to grow on me a little. That was the year i begged my moms to buy me my 1st album which was....Kris Kross Totally Krossed Out! Kris Kross was like rock stars to us kids back then when i was in 5th grade in '92. I started to sag my pants cause they did it and it looked kool. But i didnt wear my clothes backwards..u can take that to the bank. I started dancing like them and everything man. People that was from my era back then know how it was. '92 those were the days.....

Double R

Monday, November 25, 2013

Double R- Old Skool Reggae #2

More Double R...more Reggae!! Dont really have much else to say. Bombaclot...Rastafari!!

Double R

Friday, November 22, 2013

Double R- Old Skool Reggae #1

Here's one for my reggae heads out there. Reggae as yall may know by now is not really my thing but i know it is always in demand around these parts. So here yall go...more fiyah..booyakah!!

Double R

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Double R (DJ Rei)- Old Skool Hip-Hop & R&B: Best of #12 Pt. 1

Remember what i told u guys long ago, if i get tapes people wanna contribute i will post them. I posted everything i have years ago! So if there are people out there who contribute to the cause please feel free. There are plenty of people out there who grew up in this era that love this music we call hip-hop...not rap, but hip-hop! And recently we had a person who stepped up to the plate and decided to give to the cause! So fashouts goes out to my man DJ Cinema!! To most that name might b familiar, he's a dope DJ who was a few mixtapes circulating out there so please feel free to check this man out. He has donated a nice chunk of vintage mixtapes for me to share to my peoples out there! So please feel free to show this man some love in comments box or or chat box when u can. Its people like this that can keep this blog alive. Without that im basically on life support, cause i will only post stuff that never been posted before anywhere. And this blog one of the very few that still post vintage tapes.
Now as for the DJ on this specific mixtape, Double R. It is actually 2 people: DJ Rei & G-Bo The Pro. I 1st got put on these guys by Tapemasta i think back in '08 or '09. There tapes had me blown away by their own style. It wasnt too plain but wasnt mixed out this world either. Its basically just right and thats the way i like it. If u wanna know about these guys, my man Nick at For All Masters interviewed these guys a couple of years ago. It was greatly done. These guys have tons of history in this mixtape game in the 90s. So if u wanna know their story please check that piece out. Ok guys well all i can say is stay tuned for the next couple days cause i will be posting tapes that was donated by my man DJ Cinema!! Im not all the way back yet, but for this brief moment ill take my title back. One!

Double R