Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: October 2000

The songs that was replaced off this was:
DJ Muggs-You Better Believe w/ Real Life (off same LP)
Operation Survival- NY Gangsters w/ Nature- Ultimate High (circa 2000)
Armareda- Come Better w/ Field Mob- Project Dreamz (circa 2000)
Smith Bros.- Watch Dem Niggas w/ UGK- Belts To Match (circa 2000)

Oct. '00

The Source Fat Tape: September 2000

On this one a couple of tracks was replaced cause i didnt have some of these, so here we go:
that Bowtie track is replaced wit Royce Da 5'9- The Throne Is Mine ( circa 2000 track)
that Ced Sinatra track is replaced wit Nelly- Luven Me (its off Nelly's 1st LP)
that Rasheeda track is replaced with "Do It", off the same LP
that Bad Azz track is replaced wit "We From The LBC", off the same LP
that Major Figgas track is replaced wit "Yall Cant Fuck With The Figgas", off the same LP
that Puerto Rock track is replaced with "On The Rocks" (circa 2000 track)
that Diezzle Don track is replaced wit "Thug Passion" (circa 2000 track)

Sept. '00

The Source Fat Tape: November 1998

I dont have that Method Man track so i replaced it with "Step By Step", its off the LP that was released that year.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: April 1997

I introduce to u a new feature on my blog dedicated to my old Source Magazine heads out there. I have plenty myself, so i wondered why not put them to use. So every couple days or so or whenever i feel, i will put up a Source fat tape from my collection. I know people will enjoy these cause they might be put on some songs they didnt know about or never heard. I hope u enjoy these cause i love puttin this together.
On a side note on this one, i do not have that Heavy D track so i replaced it wit "Big Daddy", its a joint off that same LP.

Apr. 1997

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nas & Raekwon's Fashion Education

Whats crazy is that i was gonna do a post on how emcee's dress game was flyer back in the golden era than it is now. Think about that for a second. Look at all the high end brands thats out there now, do u see any rappers dressin flyer than the usual? Not really. But go back to the 80's or 90's, niggas was on a whole 'nother level. Dapper dan suits, Polo, Coogi, Girbaud, Vanson's, 5001 Flavors....nah mean? Emcees back in the golden era always was dressed to empress. To me Grand Puba was the 1st elite nigga since i started gettin into hip-hop was fly on the dress tip. He was rockin Tommy Hill before anyone. Like he said "Girbaud hangin baggy, Tommy Hill be the top gear." Just was ill wit his. So to further educate u on how niggas was doin it back then, I present u Nas & Raekwon. 2 niggas that was partly responsible for the dress game to reach new heights in hip-hop. Take out ur pen & pad and take notes. Their will be a test on this...just joking!!! Naw Seriously....

RAE/NAS PART 2 from LRG on Vimeo.