Monday, August 20, 2012

The Source Magazine Fat Tape: October 1992

People seem to forget that DJ Quik was a dope rapper in early 90s plus is nice producer as well. His 1st 2-3 LPs are considered classics. He was one of the 1st west coast rappers to rock a perm! Before Snoop & Dru Down, Quik had that perm goin! Heck he even put on Fab 5 Freddy to get one when he came to the west coast to interview him on a episode of Yo! MTV Raps! Now back then i really didnt pay attention to Quik, but i did know he was apart of that gang culture and back in my younger days that was no joke so i stayed away from that. But as i got older i heard some of his early joints and i was impressed! He can say also that he produced a track for Pac & Jay Z, not too many people can say that.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Source Magazine Fat Tape: July 1991

Around this time in '91, hip-hop wasnt pretty much on my radar. It was very casually at this time. We was all jammin Hammer, i dont care what yall say back then Hammer made u want to dance. You just couldnt resist it. And yes i liked Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice when it 1st came out. We was all singing it at school when it 1st came out but over time it became evident not to be liking him and i remember u would clowned if u did. Plus me and my friends was comin up wit our own versions of OPP and still wondering what the hell it meant. Last but not least, it was around this time when I was 1st introduced to Tribe Called Quest. I was over my dads friends house, and i was chillin wit his son in his ride (he was older than me), i asked what was he jammin in his car? He handed me over a tape and it was The Low End Theory . He said they were dope and he let me hear "Butter" and the rest shall they say is history!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Source Magazine Fat Tape: January 1993

The year of 1992 was a memorable one to me. It was my 5th grade year and all i wanted to do is play basketball, watch the Chicago Bulls on WGN (only certain cities was gettin this channel back then and i lived in Tx! Far away from Chicago huh?) and chill wit my friends at the Rec Center. But this was the year i started picking up on hip-hop music. What i mean by that was actually gettin a walkman and jam a tape. The 1st tape i begged my mother to buy was Kris Kross' 1st LP that came that year. At the time if u was in my age bracket, we was all jammin Kris Kross! I learned how to dance a little bit from them (just that one dance move they did all the time, watch the vid for Warm It Up and u know what im talkin about), and i got saggin from them. I abused saggin my pants back then man, i used to do it hard all the time until my moms caught me one time and it stopped momentarily but i was right back on it soon after. But i never, i repeat, i never wore my clothes backwards! No sir, not ever. Around this time everybody kept the tag on their Starter hats & kept the Nike tags on their sneakers, it was mandatory style back then. But the music of hip-hop changed me that year and it wasnt only Kris Kross, "TROY" by Pete Rock & CL gave me a certain feeling. Das Efx came out wit a crazy style that was just too ill, i remember thinking to my self i never heard nothing like this before. Redman came wit "Time 4 sum aksion" and if u watched boxing back then Tyson came out to this record, and u know what that meant for the opponent! EPMD had my head bobbin hard to "Crossover"! That track had me goin nuts, that bassline and that Troutman sample had a nigga feenin. I remember when that track came on the radio i begged my parents to leave it there so i can listen to it then tell them to scan the stations so i can hear it again. Man '92 was a memorable one for me no worries and loads of fun. I miss those days! On a side note, while i was making this Fat Tape my PC was actin up so i apologize for any pauses during this tape. Im sorry but i couldnt scan the tracklisting for this tape from the issue i have but trust me its a dope one! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Source Magazine Fat Tape: November 1988

So as we continue on we keepin it in '88. Just look at the songs in this #2 issue of the Source, yeah there are some one-hit wonders in there but why people who did one-hit wonders in the 80s & 90s always more remembered than the 00s or present? I mean its crazy to think that those one-hit wonders from the 80s & 90s became classics that would last forever, u cant call it, its just how things worked out. So its all good, i love the 80s and im still on my hunt to own all of the episodes of Yo! MTV Raps from that era as well. If u can, help a nigga out, u know my info! Peep the tracks yall!

Nov. '88

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Source Magazine Fat Tape: August 1988

There are times when i wish i would have went to high school in the 80s. I know it would have been ill cause hip-hop at that time was crazy! I know would have been making mad tapes just off the radio! I remember how my uncles loved hip-hop around this time when i was just a young dude, thats how i got the hip-hop bug from them around '90. So here's the hottest joints that was out in Source's 1st issue!

Aug. '88

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of Ski Beats

The average fan of hip-hop just listen to the songs and never read the credits or etc. So when they like a song by a certain rapper they never know who produced it. So sometimes when i ask do u this like this producer? They answer, i never heard of him who is he? Then I tell them what they did and they b like really? He did that? And i think that same scenario can b played into this man career. Ski has done some of the most phenomenal production a producer can do. He can do hardcore gutta joints, some uptempo club joints and just some jazzy joints with a swing to it. I mean this man can cover all formats of hip-hop! Would Jay's 1st LP sound the same with out him? would Camp Lo 1st LP sound the same without him? Think about that for a second. So as u take a listen to some of this man's production, you will see for urself that this dude was certainly underrated. And i know for a fact that while u listen to this u will b askin urself he did that???!!