Wednesday, September 28, 2011

World Renown- How Nice I Am (Video)

Back around i wanna say '05-'06, i was scrolling thru Youtube finding old school or rare hip-hop joints i never heard yet. Trying to find some hidden gems was my goal and i stumbled on a few and they was ok. But then i scrolled up on this group and i saw 2 videos for them, "Take A Ride" and the track that is featured. I clicked on that 1st track 1st and was bangin that 1 hard (pause). I never heard of this group at all and i never heard this song either up to that point and these joints dropped way back in '95! So im jammin "Take A Ride" like crazy then i decided lets take a listen to the next track.......and to say when i 1st heard this song i was in heaven is a understatement! I just fell in love with this track man. It quickly became one of my all-time fav. hip-hop tracks instantly, like i was ranking this song up there wit Group Home "Supastar"!

Thats how i feel about this track! The crazy thing is, back then some artists was releasing tracks with videos but had no albums to ever come out. But the tracks they released was classics tho! Its different from today when someone released a track with a video and its just another ho-hum track with no album. World Renown never officialy released a LP, it was put on the shelve but u can now get it thru the internet and its a great album. Its a shame it never came out. And i gotta give props to K-Def & Marley Marl on the production of the LP! That Phife sample is crazy! I love this record, i once listened to this 15x straight and never got tired of it! Thats ill!

The Source Fat Tape: August 1999

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Willie Stubs- MONEY w/ Heavy D- On Point
Capone N Noreaga- N 2 Deep w/ Noreaga- Oh No RMX
The Lox & Eve- Shotgun Style w/ Lil Cease- Play Around

Aug. '99

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Stretch & Bobbito Done For Me

When I 1st started taking hip-hop seriously back in '94, i was fully entrenched in it. Even tho back then i was still young and ripping around i still tried to make time to watch Rap City, Yo! MtV Raps and recording the newest hits on radio.

And when u look at it, I was fully immersed in mainstream hip-hop. Whats mainstream hip-hop? Everything that is played on the radio and on TV. Thats all I knew that was out. Also what i read in the Source magazine kept me updated as well. So from '94-'99 which to me was the golden era of hip-hop, thats all i knew which was being played on the radio & TV.

Now Stretch & Bobbito had their show from '90-'98. And during that time i didnt even knew they existed. Being from texas, had no idea who they were or what they did. But in '99 i read a article of them in the Source magazine in which they voted them the top radio show of all-time! Now im thinking wow, who are these brothers? What made them so special for a radio show? Well in '99 their show didnt even come on no more, they broke up. So im thinking will I ever get to hear any of their shows?

Fast forward to '08 when i 1st started this blog, i expected this blog to do big things for me but i didnt expect it to open doors musically the way it did. In '08 i also discovered other blogs postin up classic 90's hip-hop mixtapes and radio rips. And i wanna give props to Dirty Waters for providing me the opportunity to actually hear one of their shows. As i was listening to their shows one thing stood out to me....Underground hip-hop!

Stretch & Bobbito did not play mainstream hip-hop, they specialized in underground hip-hop. Its like a whole new world of hip-hop music that existed all throughout the golden era that i had no idea about. So now as i look back during my childhood years of '94-'99 listenin to mainstream hip-hop, Stretch & Bob was playin these underground joints i didnt even know existed. Just thinking about that is crazy!

As the years gone by since '08, my Stretch & Bob collection as grown and im still amazed that people are looking for joints Stretch & Bob played on their show thats damn near hard to find. They was playin joints on their show that they might of played one time and thats it. They introduced a whole 'nother world to me, and there was alot of classic music to go round during the golden era that people dont know about. That is what made the golden era so golden, its still giving us gems now in 2011!!

Stretch & Bobbito opened my mind and gave me a greater appreciation for underground hip-hop and what made it so great. I never knew that kind hip-hop existed back then, no clue about it. But as i look back now, it was always there just wasnt able to hear it. I remember Bobbito saying that 20 years from now (back in '93) he wishes people would appreciate what they done for hip-hop and people will remember them. Well its been 20, and people still love them for what they did. They earned their own niche in hip-hop for life! With many Aye-yyyyo's to follow!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: June 1998

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Souljah Boy- Mighty Mo Thug w/ Mo Thugs- Ghetto Cowboy

Jun. '98

Saturday, September 10, 2011

LP Thoughts: Camp Lo- Uptown Saturday Night (1997)

Just another regular day of me coming home from school and flippin the channel straight to BET to watch Rap City, then a new video comes on and im likin the vibe right away. The year was mid '96, and this video does has some early visions of Big Williezms in the infant stages but im feelin it tho. The beat to the track is real laid back and its knockin! And this group's flow is very complimentary to each other. "Coolie High" was my introductory to the duo known as Camp Lo and ill never forget it.

Now my mission was that i have to find this song! By any means neccessary! I bugged my friends at school to see if anybody had the single or somethin and nothin came up. But really it did and one of my close friends had the single but told me he didnt have it! Why? Cause he got tired of people borrowing his singles and not givin it back. And he had a point cause guess what? Right after he told me that, a friend of his stole the "Coolie High" single he had. So now im back at square one, but the word got out that this track is on the Great White Hype Soundtrack! It was just my luck cause a another friend of mine had the joint right down the street from me! Man once I got the track, I was jammin that joint like 10x straight a day! It was that real!

Fast forward to beginning of '97, it was another day back from school and im watching Rap City and again a new video is playing. It has a 70's ish vibe to it and im like whats this? But then that beat strikes outta nowhere and the sample is knockin! By this point im jammin my ass off and once again this same duo is killin the track wit exquisite rhymes! It dont hurt that the other track in the video is jammin too wit Ish (from Digable Planets), he had the ill line "I play my cards shark style: kings, queens and aces, welcome to New York the illest of all places!" I was like Yo!!! he ripped that joint!! Its safe to say "Luchini" & "Swing" had me amped man! I was ready for Camp Lo LP to drop!! Also it was brought to my attention that the same person who produced "Dead Presidents" by Jigga also did "Luchini" and the majority of the LP, he go by the name of Ski! So i ready to hear some new flava.

Later on that January of '97 the LP drops. Now at this time i wasnt buying LPs like that, i had to find a friend to borrow it from. And if my memory serves me correctly, my boy Nate let me borrow the joint in our Home Economics class! Once i took it home and got my jam on, I was like wow this LP was on some other shit!! It was melodical, the samples was great and it all flowed together! "Killin'em Softly" was a hard joint. "Sparkle" was a very melodical joint. "Black Connection" had a sample that i never even heard before or even thought of. "Say Word" is a hard joint as well with a little swing to it. And "Sparkle (Mr Midnight Mix)" had somethin i never knew that could rock, all it was is a bass line & the sample!! No beat or hi-hat or none of that, and joint jammed!! It tripped me out but it was live tho! Thats a couple joints that i was rockin on the regular on this LP. Yall better be glad that Jay Z didnt rape all these beats on this LP cause he wanted alot of them! Matter of fact, he did take some for his 1st LP. The beats that was done by Ski on Jay's 1st LP was for Camp Lo except "Dead Presidents" (i think). Jay even wanted "Luchini"!!! But Ski had to draw the line somewhere!

So this album is a 5-star classic in my book. They introduced a new vibe to hip-hop, which was a 70s style even down to the clothes they wore and the old vintage samples they used on they records! Its called being innovative and coming up wit ur own style and not biting off something else and re-using it. Back then everybody was innovative and creative! I still remember that feeling I felt when I 1st heard Luchini and dying to get the single! Its times like that u dont forget man!

So, Whats ur thoughts on this LP??

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: May 1997

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Gutter Ratz- Cops & Robbers w/ Dr. Dre & B-Real- Puppet Master

May '97

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My New Mission

When i 1st started this blog back in '08 i just wanted to provide people with classic music and hard to find mixtapes. And i done that.

In doing so it became a mission of mine to start hunting for other hard to find mixtapes by DJ's that i liked or heard of but never actually listened to any of their tapes. And i done that 10 fold.

Then Stretch & Bobbito became my new passion, i wanted all the shows i can get from them. And i done that with alot of help and assistance from others!

Now a new challenge is on the horizion. I want to consider myself i a classic Hip-Hop preserver. I want to obtain or try to obtain damn near every episode of BET Rap City from 1994-2001 and Yo! MTV Raps from 1994-1997. I had minor success in doing this for the past 10 years obtaining some episodes from local friends here and there.

But now i need my friends help that i made on this blog and worldwide, i know there is people out the sitting on goldmines of VHS tapes full of what i need. I am willing to pay or make trades to obtain the episodes i need. Please people i need ur help in this, i have confidence that u can help me and not read this over and pay it no mind. I have provided alot of material for u over the years for the love of hip-hop now i hope u can give it back.

So please if u have any BET Rap City episodes from 1994-2001 & Yo! MTV Raps episodes from 1994-1997, please e-mail me at or leave a comment at the chatbox below. This is my next mission right now to do this and i have faith that with the help of u the people, i can do this.

Much Love & thanks. I will not rest until i can make this happen!

The Source Fat Tape: February 1995

Feb. '95

Saturday, September 3, 2011

BET: Mase & Camron on Rap City 1997

In '97 Mase was my nigga, still is, but his whole style and flow was da shit to me! Its a shame how his career went and the choices he made but it is what is. Looking at this man brings back memories. When Cam & Mase was together they was a ill duo, i loved the joints they did! I wish they could have took advantage of what they had and made a LP together or somethin but all i can do at this point is dream on. Also if u look closely u see a scruffy face dude in the background trying to pose for the camera. Ill let u say his name, i wont.
But looking at this just brings back memories man of what hip-hop was once like.
One day i will own every Rap City episode from '94 to '99!!! I hunt everyday tryin to find people who has them, so if u can help me out u can e-mail me at!! Your contribution to my collection will be appreciated!
Ok, yall lets go to Harlem World!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: December 2002

The tracks replaced off this was:
Baby- Baby We Can Do It w/ NORE- Full Mode
Inalej- What The World Needs Now w/ 50 Cent- Wanksta

Dec. '02