Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- September 1994

Back atcha still in '94! This issue right here i like to name "Before Everything". Even tho at this time 'Pac was goin thru it in the court rooms and all other legal matters, everything else was cool hip-hop wise. This was before 'Pac got shot at the studio NYC. This was before his prison stint. This was before him & BIG started beefing. This was before Suge bailed him out to join Death Row. This was before changed his whole steez to fit into Death Row. This was before he felt all the stresses of a high profile celebrity and rapper where people was hangin off his every word. 'Pac dont even know how much his life would change later on in '94 but for this moment lets just cherish it for what it is. And dont forget to give this Fat Tape a listen by the way!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- November 1994

 '94 was just year that just kept on in hip-hop classics! Man i remember when I 1st heard Redman's 2nd LP Dare Iz A Darkside and i was just drawn in man! I loved that album, to me personally that was best LP!! I remember we had a basketball tournament at a rec center in late '95 early '96 and this dude brought a big ass boombox and was jammin some pregame tunes before the game. And when he played that Sooperman Luva II niggas was jammin they ass off. The real hip-hop niggas knew that track and what it was. It was a moment man and that just stuck wit me and that LP is very special to me man!

Nov. '94

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- June 1994

1994 continues on and what u see here are the kings of reality rap. Not gangsta rap, reality! These MC's told u for years what was goin on in the hoods across america and try to inform our government on how to change it! I mean these guys are OG legends in the game. Scarface is from my way, he is a living legend down here. Spice 1 is a bay area legend, he has many classic albums under his belt. MC Eiht is another legendary west coast MC and we know how many that coast already has. So this is a iconic cover in many ways! So please peep the flavor this fat tape has to offer!

Jun. '94

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- December 1994

We still in '94 and all that it had to offer! As u look above u see my man Scarface reppin my hometown Houston TX! In '94 Scarface played a integral part in my life as in choosing what decisions  to make in life as a teen. If u seen his video for " I Never Seen A Man Die", that video really stuck in my mind about the choices u make that can decide ur fate. That dude in that video just got out of jail and tried to start over in life but wasnt catching any breaks. So he resorted back to robbin and stealing. But then he robbed from the wrong people and they ended up killing him. When he went into the afterlife he saw reaper and saw that he was in hell and his reaction pure sadness and dropped to his knees. Then the reaper picked him up and he went on to spend the rest of eternity in misery. That video just changed my life and Scarface lyrics was powerful. So that proves that hip-hop preaches and teaches as well!

Dec. '94