Monday, November 26, 2012

Recognize The Real presents Who's The Best MC? Pt. 3

The question still exists! Who is it? Anybody knows? The trilogy continues....

Who's The Best MC #3

Recognize The Real presents BET After Dark Pt. 3

You already know what it is! R&B that u know to love from yesteryear! Enjoy and reminisce!

BET A.D. #3

Recognize The Real presents A Medley Of Clue Pt. 3

Yall already know, it dont stop. It just keep goin & goin! Keep ridin wit me!

Medley of Clue #3

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- October 1994

There is no remix of that Beatnuts joint, i just stuck with the reg. version.
Oct. '94

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boyz In The Hood Soundtrack (RTR Version)

When you young the only movies u wanna watch was kiddie movies like Walt Disney or some type of space galactic joints. Thats how we all were back then. But in '91 when i was in the 4th grade that changed. I always thought the world was peachy and all good. My neighborhood was a good one and barely no crime so i didnt think of any ill will. So when i 1st seen New Jack City, all that went out the window. That movie showed me that hey there are some messed up places out there thats not so peachy. It was called reality and it took me by surprise. That movie opened my eyes to see how things were on the east coast. Then later on in that same year u got this movie here. And this one threw me for a doozy. I had no idea the west coast was like this! Remember, this was before the LA riots and it was that bad. This movie again opened my eyes on how things were on the west coast and it wasnt a game out there. This was back then when gangs was too real and they wasnt messin around. Thats the 1st time i seen that in a movie. I mean when Colors came out in '88 i was still a little kid but i remember when i got a little older in '90 that movie was treated like a horror film, it was that real. But the acting in this film is was just top notch! Nobody knew Cube could act like that! He was a natural! A little tid bit tho was that they had to be careful filming in some areas in LA cause cats was jealous of Cube and the directors was fearful of somethin happening. Cuba Gooding did a great job as well, this was before his coonery ways. And we all felt bad for Morris Chestnut in the film. Til this day im still mad of what happened to him in the film.
Now unfortunately some people in this film arent here with us today. The dude that was Cube's homeboy with the baby sucker in his mouth is no longer here. How he died i dont know. And the dude that shot Cube's brother in the film aint here no more either. From what i read he was living out that role a little too much in real life and people out there already felt a certain way about him from what he did in the movie to Cube's brother. So he got caught up in that and was killed in jail i think (read up on that if u can but i think im right). So ya some cats got caught up out there like that over this film. This movie was powerful cause nobody seen a story told like this before, it was too real.
The soundtrack to this though was wack plain and simple, im not gonna sugar coat it. There is only like 3 tracks on it that was worth keeping. Back in '91 rap was simple especially for soundtracks. All u had was the one solo track that defined the movie and tons of fillers that had nothing to do wit the movie. So u know i had to spin my take on it. Its pretty much has a west coast feel to it '91 style with a drop of east coast (a drop as in 2 tracks). But i think my version coulda been sold in stores as the official version, im just sayin. Ill let u guys b the judge. Check it out!

Boyz in the Hood (remixed but still jingling)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Source Magazine Fat Tape- February 1994

Do not sleep on the Pos K & D.U.M.E joints....just sayin.

Feb. '94

Friday, November 9, 2012

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of Buckwild

Now here is a producer who's production pedigree is up wit there with anyone! He's done tracks with all the greats u name it..from BIG, Jay, Nas and etc. He's done it all. And dont forget he is a disciple of Lord Finesse. Finesse taught him the art of producing but Buck took it to the next level with his own style. Also this man has classic mixtapes he put out in the early 90's that are considered collector's items. I remember when I 1st heard Mic Geronimo's "Masta IC"!!! I was blown away by that song, i never heard a beat like that, it was very entrancing. It was very dark and gloomy but that was NYC hip-hop at the time at its finest plus Hype did a great job on the video. I bought that single after like 2 weeks of hearing that joint, and I read the credits and it said produced by Buckwild. At the time I had no clue who that was cause my hip-hop knowledge wasnt that up to par yet. Heck, i just discovered who DJ Premier was that same year after i heard & saw the D&D All-Stars "1, 2 Pass It" video. So '95 to me was very great year in hip-hop cause i was discovering new acts and producers that brought great stuff to the game. Buckwild to me is a very prestigious producer in the same categorie as a Premier & Pete Rock cause his catalog is damn near flawless with hip-hop gems! This man did "Whoa" for god's sake, thats right this man produced "Whoa"! And guess what, Black Rob was not the first person to get that beat. It went from Jay Z to Memphis Bleek to etc. and they passed on it!! They passed on it!!! So im kinda glad BR was able to get that joint cause to me thats one of the last NYC hip-hop anthems to come out. That track has so much energy and electricity behind it its crazy! Ask anyone and I bet u they can tell u a story behind that song and what it does to people or a crazy scene in a club behind that record. I bet u!
On this Best of i kinda went in a different direction with it cause so many people out there has a Best of from this producer and i didnt want to repeat what they done. So some tracks i chose are familiar but others are joints I bet people didnt know he did. U will be surprised that this man has many bangers u probably never heard. So trust me u will love this mix and it be in rotation in ur car!

Gettin' Buckwild

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Source Magazine Fat Tape- August 1993

Aug. '93

Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack (RTR Version)

The previous hip-hop doc. The Show brought you a inside glimpse of how hip-hop was in late '94- early '95. And it opened up alot of peoples eyes of how the game was back then, especially when Wu-Tang got into that heated argument that prompted people saying they was gonna break-up (i know yall remember that rumor!). I love that documentary and this hip-hop doc. takes it a step further to show how the game was in '96. It takes u even deeper into many issues in hip-hop that was never really spoken about or broken down. I remember when I 1st saw this and it had me blown away to how the game was workin at that point. The hip-hop game was still pretty simple at this point in '96 even tho it was starting to grow in to a money making machine.
The doc. dives into many topics which includes the 5 elements of hip-hop (yall should know that), art of freestyling (which was critical at that time that u should b able to do), record companies (this was the 1st time i actually saw how the corporate world works in hip-hop, to where now that they have a huge impact on), hip-hop blowing up ( in '96 hip-hop was on the cusp of blowing up and money being flown everywhere and they elaborate more on this), marketing (back then hip-hop was pretty simple in marketing, all it was is magazines and commercial ads every now and then), promotion (how many of yall remember Jack the Ripper convention in Miami back then? You wanted to promote ur shit? u had to go there and pass out flyers and demos and talk to radio stations to put urself out there to b known. There was no internet or intricate cell phones back then, u had to go out and grind) & violence in hip-hop (u know hip-hop didnt have major tours for the majority part of the 90s, the way u made ur money was doing shows at clubs or small venues. And most cities didnt want to do that cause hip-hop was just too violent back then. We didnt know how to act. Unlike today where we have more sense back then we just didnt get it and the game was hurt for a bit cause of it).
Now this soundtrack was pretty solid and certain tracks stood out more than others. But to me once again it coulda been more hotter tho. So i had to put my spin on this and revise it a bit. Some tracks i kept and others i discarded. Now every artist on this soundtrack has a tie into this movie somewhat or another, its all related. I hope yall liked what i did and if u havent seen this movie please go and check it out. Rock on yall.

My Rhyme & Reason