Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let Me Clear Something Up

You all know that everything i do on this site is for u all!! I do everything the right way just like Tapemasta taught me to when i 1st started this. But i hate it when people want to question me at what i do. Im sure everyone that has been successful has suffered some hate, but i just want to clarify things so i set the record straight. Everythng i post on here is mine, and mine only. If i received it from someone i always let the people know on that post where i got it from. Awhile back people know Mixtape Torrent was jackin from me, but thanks to yall they stopped. I dont care if other blogs get stuff from my site, as long as u say where u got it. Now the stuff i received lately is from my fam on this blog like Mike, Olskool4real, Todd, deejay manifest, Wordman, Gildog32 and my man Brooks from NYC-Brooklyn. So they know right off the top that they help supply heat for this site for u the people. Just because they dont give me a tracklisting doesnt mean i jacked it from somebody else, it means they dont have the tracklisting. Listen to the tape and make the listing on ur own. The only person i know who always let me know they get stuff from me is SOUL, and thats my right hand man, so it dont matter. If anyone thinks im jacking from them or whatever, thats absurd. I always make sure that person gets the credit where im getting it from. If i see tapes that has already been posted on many other sites i dont post that tape if i have it. Thats too repetitive, i only post stuff that no one else has. Ask urself if u see the someone with the same stuff i have, ask urself where did they get it from? It was probably me, but do i care , no i do not. If anyone thinks im a fraud or a fake, then thats u i cant help u if u feel that way. If u want to talk to me or if u want my assistance, im willing to do that. I dont hate on anyone, i was just a regular dude just like everyone else so i know how it is, i just glad i am able to help people out there find these joints. So please people, lets stop the hate. And congradulate.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Year End Review

Well the end of the year is almost upon us, and i want to say what great year its been for me. I think i met the girl i might spend the rest of my life with. Im doing great in school, my LA Lakers is off to a great start and this Blog is making great progress. I never thought when i started this blog in August that it set off the kind of response it has. I just wanna thank everybody that contributed to the success of this blog. Especially the 2 people that were there from the beginning, Olskool4real & Mike. Yall 2 been holding me down since day one, and i wanna thank yall very much. As long as i got yall on my team ill be ok. To the man that gave me inspiration, Tapemasta, thanks for ur guidance and advice on knowing how to do this, i appreciate it!! To my partner in crime SOUL over at Original Underground Hip-Hop, u doing great over there man, i appreciate what u do! And mad props goes out to other blogs such as Phila TROY, Thimk & Time 4 Sum Aksion. They get the props for real, keep doing yall thing. To my man Todd reppin Conneticut, thanks for the drops homey, hopefully we can hook up again!! And to my new upcoming supporters Deejay Manifest, Gildog32, Mulatt & Wordman, thanks for support and enjoy the ride!!
Now in the next few days im gonna get ready to do mad posts, consider it a End of the Year blowout type of thing. Its just gonna be non-stop posts of the rest of the tapes i have left to put up. So i know yall will be waiting anxiously for that. So be on the lookout for that!! I havent thought about what new stuff i might do next year, hopefully some ideas might come to me. But when they do, yall will be the 1st to find out! Thats it for now my peoples, thanks so much for the love yall, keep it real!! ONE!!

i know i might have ruffled a few feathers with my last post, letting some things off my chest. But thats what i wanted to say, so if u say anything in response to that trying to dis me, it dont work. Thats why i said what i said so i can see what ur responses be, remember im not the only one reading ur responses, millions of other people are as well. So if u wanna say something to get off ur chest go right ahead, it wont bother me or hurt me one bit. Remember we talkin about hip-hop not polictics! So thats it, One Love yall!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Some Things To Let Off My Chest!!

Yall remember how Mase went off, saying things he needed to get off his chest from a skit on Camron's "Confessions of Fire" LP? I think it was called "Fuck You"? Well im not gonna go that far and say that, but im about go off on some things i been reading on other blogs for the past year about some things about hip-hop from the golden era. So like Mase "Im gonna go in son, im feeling it from the heart now b...."

- Why people b always hating on Diddy? I dont understand it. This man did alot for hip-hop, alot! But i always hear from people that he messed this up or he ruined that or that he jipped people and all of that. Man, Fuck that. Back in '93 when he was runnin Uptown to the top of the charts with Mary J, Heavy D & Jodeci where was the hate? In '94 when he came out with Bad Boy and dropped BIG & C. Mack where was the hate? In '95 when Faith & Total was tearin shit up, where was the hate? In '96 when 112 , Mase & the LOX 1st came out where was the hate? In '97 when he took over the rap game with his 1st LP, where was the hate? In '98 when Mase was that nigga where was the hate? In '99-'00 when Black Rob came out, where was the hate? I agree in '99 when he dropped his Forever LP, it was too much Diddy at that time. But that LP went 2x plat!!! So stop hatin on this man for his previous shit, go back and see that everything this man touched at one point went plat or gold!

-Stop with this Nas flip flopping!! People b sayin Nas dropped a not so good LP with It Was Written?!! WTF, are u kidding me? That LP went double plat!! When that dropped, he was the illest MC. People was like he went mafioso on us. Hello people, it was 1996. That was the new style coming in!! Big Willie Style!! BIG originated it, Jay did it and Nas did it as well. It was the sign of the times!! And stop killing Nastradamus, that was a dope LP as well!!

-Masta Ace "Sittin On Chrome" LP is 10x better than his 1st LP "Slaugatahouse", to me its not even close!!

-Jay Z's 2nd LP is not garbage!! WTF?? Do yall see the tracks thats on there?? Its nothin but hit after hit!! Imaginary Player, A Million & 1 Questions, Real Niggas, Streets Is Watching, Where Im From!!!! If yall think In My Lifetime Vol.1 is not good, yall niggas are just stupid!!

-There 3 certified bangers i heard this year. Out of this whole year i only heard 3 hard tracks. 9th Wonder & Buckshot "No Future", Ludacris "MVP" & Jay Z "Jockin Jay Z"!! I dont even listen to new stuff, but those 3 songs caught my ear!!

-Jeru lost mad props with me over the years cause he disssed Bad Boy & Puff back in '96 when the East Coast was makin mad noise! Why in the world u diss somebody on ur own coast which at that time was unheard of. East Coast niggas stuck together at that time, why would he do that? Yall noticed he didnt diss BIG, cause he knew the outcome was not gonna be good if that happened! BIG sent a shot at him tho on "Life After Death" LP.

-1997 was a ill year in hip-hop, if think that year was all about Puff & Mase or Wu-Tang Forever, u all are sadly mistaken. Go back and check out all the classic material that came out that year!! You will be surprised!!

-And if yall dont think DJ Clue was that nigga back then, people do ur homework. I mean Justo wouldnt name an award after a DJ if he wasnt puttin it down in a major way. Nuff said!

-How can a MC fall off so badly over the years. Prodigy to me was one of the illest MC's on the planet from 1994-2000. This man had so many hip-hop quotables its riduculous!! Just go back check out what this man said on some tracks back then. He was droppin some of the hardest rhymes known to man. Everytime i hear "Keep It Thoro", i turn into somebody else, that track just brings out the grimy in u!!

-And yes Mase is in my all-time 10 greatest MC list!! U damn right i said it. Forget the tracks he did for the ladies. Listen to "Niggas Done Started Somethin", Listen to that freestyle he did with Jadakiss, and the one he did for Angie Martinez B-day with BIG in da house. Listen to that freestyle he did with Puff on Funk Flex vol.2. Man i can go on and on. He rhyme style to me was one of the best. And when he went hard, he went hard!!! Just go back and listen!!

Ok, im done. Im sorry people but i had to go in one time. I know i can think of more, but thats all i have for right now. Now i know this is gonna spark off alot of comments, but fuck it. This is me!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

What Would of Happened If........

As I was driving back home again from school today, i was thinking to myself about 2 scenario's that i think what might of happened if....? Its 2 scenario's in which i know that will trigger alot of responses. And hopefully you all will fully understand what im talkin about unlike the last topic i brought up (dynamic duo's, in which i asked for 2 rappers not groups!!). So here we go!:

Would Bad Boy still be on top if Biggie was still here? Interesting question isnt it? My answer would be a empahatic YES!! Why? Check the steez, If BIG was still here, Puff would still be focused on music not Hollywood. He would of made sure his label would of never fall off like it has. Mase would have never retired, BIG's death played a major part in his thinkin and thats why he decided to retire and turn his life over to God (a decision in which i have no problem with). The LOX would still be on Bad Boy, BIG had a major influence on those dudes man, they loved BIG so they would have stayed. The only person that would still be gone is Craig Mack, cause he left while BIG was still there. Also if yall think Craig Mack & BIG was cool, yall might be mistaken cause i have a interview from BIG in '96 sayin the only reason he was on Flava In Ya Ear was because of a favor. From who? who knows, probably Puff. But thats another story. Also Black Rob, Total, Faith Evans & Carl Thomas would still b doin they thang. So now i pose u the question, would Bad Boy still be on top if BIG was still here?

What would Rocafella be like if Big L was still here and signed with them in back in '99? Im tellin u right now, The ROC would be the shit cause Big L would took that label to the next level. We already know Jay & L has excellent chemistry so it would only be a matter of time before he woulda developed it with Beans & Bleek. Also i think Jay & Dame would still be cool, cause L was from Harlem and Dame would be proud. Plus Jay was already kool with L. The downfall of the ROC to me was back in '02 when they signed Camron. Cam was kool with Dame and u already know that was a Harlem thing. But Cam & Jay never saw eye to eye. And things got worse when Jay went on vacation in mid '02, and Dame was talkin about Cam runnin the ROC. Me and my peoples was like WTF? And before u know it, when Jay came back he started hiring different staff from Dame's staff and so on. It was never the same. If L would of signed then there would of been no need for Cam, plus Dame & Jay woulda been happy cause L was nigga they both liked. Thats my take on it, so whats urs? Would the ROC still be on top if Big L was still here and would of signed with them back in '99?

Holla back people!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jay Z , Memphis Bleek & Nas Live at The Tunnel 2000

Thats right, u read right!! Jay Z & Memphis Bleek performing live at the Tunnel! This was around late '99 early 2000! We all know at this time the ROC was da shit, Hov couldnt be touched and even Bleek was makin noise! They perform 2 songs, which was "Coming of Age" & "Get My Mind Right". And when u look at when they did the Coming of Age joint, Hov & Bleek took a page from Biggie for what he used to do at shows. When i look at this i just remember how powerful the ROC was at that time man. And they was about sign Big L, now imagine that!!

Next is Escobar with his swag in full effect, with the Jewels out and Hoodied up! This was late '99 early 2000 and he lettin niggaz know its about to go to Nasty Nas to Nas Escobar to Nastradamus! Now i like the 2000 version of Nas when he went into Nastradamus mode, alot of people killed that album but to me i liked it!! And im not gonna front, i did like "You Owe Me", the joint he did with Ginuwine. And thats when the hate came, alot of people killed him for that, but fuck that. That joint was a damn hit, it helped save that album cause he sold alot of copies. And remember yall "Oochie Wally" was right around the corner!

I hope when yall see this u will realize how exclusive and hot hip-hop was at that time. I mean thats when hip-hop was real hot!! Like hearing Clueminatti!!! out of people rides and hearing Funk Flex dropping bombs on hit records on Hot 97. Thats why i said '99 was the final year hip-hop was on point, after that its been slow decline! So please check this out, and let me know what u think! This is beyond classic footage here!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dynamic Duos In Hip-Hop

As i was in my car today comin back home from school, "Victory" came up next in my ipod. And as i was jammin my ass off to that track, i started to think.... who was or is the illest duo in hip-hop all-time? Im talkin about two rappers that shared instant chemistry together, back 2 back on tracks and straight body them!! On that "Victory" track we all know Biggie smashed that, but Puff ripped it as well (probably with a little help from Big or Sauce Money). So a few names i came up with i think makes the cut:

Biggie & Puff
Puff & Mase
Biggie & Jay Z
Mase & Camron
Jadakiss & Styles P
Ghostface & Raekwon
Redman & Method Man
Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes
Nas & Nore
Nas & AZ
Jay Z & Beans
Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigga Tha Gambler
Dr.Dre & Snoop
Redman & Keith Murray
Fat Joe & Big Pun
DMX, Jay Z & Ja Rule (The Original Murder Inc.)

Well those are a few, but i think thats a good list!! So i ask u my fellow hip-hoppers, which of those duo's is the one for u! Please choose 1 and put why u chose them!! Leave ur remarks in Comment Box or Chat Box. Im gonna let this question ride for awhile so i can see what yall think!
This is a good one people, give it some thought. Me personally i cant just choose 1 right now, but the obvious choice would be Big & Jay, but my darkhorse choice from outta no where would be ...... (i know im gonna get killed for this, but this is how im feelin at this moment) Mase & Camron!! Im sorry people, but these 2 niggaz was just ill together for a brief period of time. Now let the atonement begin!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thanks For The Love!

Yo, its been a month into this and i never thought that this blog will successful as it is right now. I also realize more than ever now, how much these old school classic mixtapes affects people's lives and makes them feel good. And all i wanted to do, is to share what i have to the masses. I know people for years been looking for what i have, so i feel its only right to give back. Thats what im here for, for all the true hip-hop heads to try to keep that feelin of the golden era of hip-hop still alive and to make sure it doesnt die. Cause thats what i grew up to and i want to keep that feeling of old school hip-hop spirit alive for everyone that visits this blog. So i appreciate the love and i still have more to post. I still have more Clue's to post and i havent even started to get to my Stretch & Bobbito shows yet! Like Puff said " I Aint Gonna Stop, Cause I Dont Know How To!"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Props to Tapemasta

Yo! i just wanna give props to this man at what he does and what he has. He has shown mad love and support to me in this, and i just want to say that i did get that DJ Camillo joint from him. So for all you that want DJ Camillo joints holla at Tapemasta for them.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Please Leave Feedback

i just wanted to let yall know that i will appreciate it if you leave comments on the posts i put up. Just so that i can get a feel of what im posting from my viewers, or what you think about it, or any requests.
So if u can, just let me know what's on your mind on what im doin! Im doin this for you!

The Update

Right now, im getting everything situated so i can post some of these mixtapes i have. Just getting all the proper software i need so i can do this. Its alot of work, but im gonna do this for yall. You all deserve this.
So in the meantime, get ready for more treats in my 2nd post of those rare gems. It will be up in a few!
Hang in there with me!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Be On The Lookout!

Be on the lookout, cause right now im getting ready to post some classic mixtapes i know you all been searching for! From all your favorite DJ's such as Clue, Craig G, S&S, Tony Touch, Ron G and etc. Im going to post in no particular order, just whatever comes 1st. The Revolution has just began!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Intro

Hi to all, i decided to start my own blog so i can show all people all over how much i love classic hip-hop. I have so many thoughts and so much music to share with you all. Trust me, and give me time because this blog will be the spot to go to for your fix of classic golden-era hip-hop. Just bare with me, cause you are about to witness a dynasty like no other!