Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whoo Kid- The Best Of Murda Mixtape Freestyles (2000-01)

What up world, my bad that i was gone for awhile but thats what bad internet does to a brotha. It hampers things but im back on the scene now. Do u remember the series of classic mixtapes Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong put out from '99-2001? They were classic right? And they are pretty rare nowadays too. Well on this tape Whoo Kid put together the dopest freestytles from those joints onto one tape! There is tons of classic rhymes on this joint so i advise u to not pass on this or u will b sorry in the long run! I am back and i have more treats to share so please stay tuned! Sada Pop!!

Whoo Kid

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whoo Kid- Hydro (2001)

Well folks this is the last of the goodies that Cinema has provided me. As u can see he contributed alot and i wanna thank him for giving rare tapes that many people enjoyed!! Remember people that these tapes are no longer around even in NYC!! Can u believe that...NYC pretty much dont have any more old mixtapes being sold at any bodegas or anything like that. I have no idea why, when my boy in Brooklyn told me way back in '05 that he couldnt find no '90s tapes around i was shocked. The oldest he could find was from '03 and that was back then in '05 so what u think whats the oldest now?
I dont think people know how rare these tapes are to find nowadays man, its like treasures u have to dig up to find them now. So please appreciate what u have and what im diggin up for u! And again if there are anybody out there that want to contribute to the cause please holla at me at! I still got other solid treats coming for u stay tuned weekly on saturdays!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Whoo Kid- Escape From New York (2001)

More rarities provided by Cinema! Whoo Kid's place in the mixtape game is very solidified! Just like how S&S then Clue was able to get them early exclusives before they dropped...Whoo Kid was able to do the same! S&S x Clue was able to get joints that would b on albums before they came out, most of them even sounded a little different cause they was either un-mixed or a demo version. Whoo Kid was able to get joints that was supposed to b on albums but never made the final cut. Around '99 & '00, bootlegging was starting to become insane! So insane that Nas had to re-do Nastradamus cause the orig. album was getting bootlegged, so there was many joints that was supposed to b on there that made their way to the mixtape circuit and Whoo Kid was the beneficiary of it. Then Mobb Deep had to re-do Murda Muzik cause the orig. album was getting bootlegged crazy and they had to go back to the lab. So many tracks that was supposed to b on that album made their way to the mixtape circuit and Whoo Kid scooped some of those as well. These 2 artists wasnt the only ones that suffered from that but they are prime examples. Whoo Kid's tapes have so many rare joints is crazy, so go back and listen to the rare gems he had!!

Whoo Kid

Saturday, February 1, 2014

DJ Envy- World Wide Pt. 1 (2003)

Cinema is a gift that keeps on giving isnt he? And on this one we take it back to 2003, in which to me was a dope year for hip-hop. Alot of dope albums and tracks came out dat year. I was living in VA at the time so it was very poppin and it was alot of fun!! So peep this tape and see if it takes u back to that time frame as well!!