Monday, November 24, 2008

Jay Z , Memphis Bleek & Nas Live at The Tunnel 2000

Thats right, u read right!! Jay Z & Memphis Bleek performing live at the Tunnel! This was around late '99 early 2000! We all know at this time the ROC was da shit, Hov couldnt be touched and even Bleek was makin noise! They perform 2 songs, which was "Coming of Age" & "Get My Mind Right". And when u look at when they did the Coming of Age joint, Hov & Bleek took a page from Biggie for what he used to do at shows. When i look at this i just remember how powerful the ROC was at that time man. And they was about sign Big L, now imagine that!!

Next is Escobar with his swag in full effect, with the Jewels out and Hoodied up! This was late '99 early 2000 and he lettin niggaz know its about to go to Nasty Nas to Nas Escobar to Nastradamus! Now i like the 2000 version of Nas when he went into Nastradamus mode, alot of people killed that album but to me i liked it!! And im not gonna front, i did like "You Owe Me", the joint he did with Ginuwine. And thats when the hate came, alot of people killed him for that, but fuck that. That joint was a damn hit, it helped save that album cause he sold alot of copies. And remember yall "Oochie Wally" was right around the corner!

I hope when yall see this u will realize how exclusive and hot hip-hop was at that time. I mean thats when hip-hop was real hot!! Like hearing Clueminatti!!! out of people rides and hearing Funk Flex dropping bombs on hit records on Hot 97. Thats why i said '99 was the final year hip-hop was on point, after that its been slow decline! So please check this out, and let me know what u think! This is beyond classic footage here!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dynamic Duos In Hip-Hop

As i was in my car today comin back home from school, "Victory" came up next in my ipod. And as i was jammin my ass off to that track, i started to think.... who was or is the illest duo in hip-hop all-time? Im talkin about two rappers that shared instant chemistry together, back 2 back on tracks and straight body them!! On that "Victory" track we all know Biggie smashed that, but Puff ripped it as well (probably with a little help from Big or Sauce Money). So a few names i came up with i think makes the cut:

Biggie & Puff
Puff & Mase
Biggie & Jay Z
Mase & Camron
Jadakiss & Styles P
Ghostface & Raekwon
Redman & Method Man
Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes
Nas & Nore
Nas & AZ
Jay Z & Beans
Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigga Tha Gambler
Dr.Dre & Snoop
Redman & Keith Murray
Fat Joe & Big Pun
DMX, Jay Z & Ja Rule (The Original Murder Inc.)

Well those are a few, but i think thats a good list!! So i ask u my fellow hip-hoppers, which of those duo's is the one for u! Please choose 1 and put why u chose them!! Leave ur remarks in Comment Box or Chat Box. Im gonna let this question ride for awhile so i can see what yall think!
This is a good one people, give it some thought. Me personally i cant just choose 1 right now, but the obvious choice would be Big & Jay, but my darkhorse choice from outta no where would be ...... (i know im gonna get killed for this, but this is how im feelin at this moment) Mase & Camron!! Im sorry people, but these 2 niggaz was just ill together for a brief period of time. Now let the atonement begin!