Friday, January 16, 2009

A Timeout For B.I.G.

i just seen the Biggie movie today, and i was purely satisfied with it. Gravy killed it!! He had BIG's voice down packed. And the lady who played Faith did a great job, heck she even sings just like her! It was just sad to see the ending, cause we all know how that ends. But i just wanna take timeout to let yall know that BIG was my man b, growing up he was just easy to relate to on all levels. He made great music and his whole style was great! He had gotten respect from the whole rap game in a short amout of time, cause when u said his name u already knew what time it was! When he passed away i was in the 10th grade and i was heartbroken but it just didnt sink in yet. But now as i look back over the years, it finally sinks in like damn... i aint never gonna see this man again. To this day i just think what the game would be like if he was still alive! But im glad i have mad footage of him on location in different spots. Pure legendary footage that i will hold close to me! But thats all i wanted to say man, BIG forever my dudes!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Video of the Day: Wu-Syndicates- Where Was Heaven

What up peoples, Happy New Year to all!! Its now 2009 and my site will be now entering a full calendar year, so that means a whole lot of work on my part to keep u all entertained and maintain my #1 spot!! So right now im just gearing up and thinkin some things out on what im goin to do, but please expect more tapes on the way! When? Well when i know, u will know!!

But for now lets take it back to 1998, this track to me was one of the most underrated tracks of that year, this group was real and what else do u expect from a sub-division of the WU? When i 1st seen this vid i was mind-blown, the track was hard but images was real! And me livin in TX couldnt relate to what he was talkin about and livin that NY street life, until i went to NY myself and saw 1st hand on what he was talkin about. So please check this out and remember how real hip-hop used to be!!