Monday, February 16, 2009

You Are About To Witness A Blog Like No Other!!

Ok people, yall remember how i shut down the game last year with those exclusive tapes i was dropping back to back? Im not even talking about my year-end mixtape blowout! Well guess what, my man Todd reppin CT just hit me off with some of the most exclusive tapes known to man! DJ's ranging from Selecta Bam Bam to DJ Juice, to Dirty Harry to DJ Lazy K to Doggtime to Capone to Chill Will and etc!!!! Were talkin about almost 50+ tapes people!! Seriously!! But yall gonna have to wait awhile before even one tape is posted, there's alot of things i have to do before this gets jumped off. But im lettin the public know of this annoucement, cause its major. And if yall dont think Recognize the Real is #1, you'll'll see. Ha Ha Ha!!!