Saturday, May 12, 2012

Recognize the Real presents The Best Of DJ Screw Vol. 5

Yall thought i forgot about this series huh? Well you are wrong, i have to represent for all the Screw heads out there. With my blog i try to cover all bases. Once again if u havent given this music a shot, please check it out one time and form your own opinion from afterwards. Im just tellin u that u might like it then wonder why u slept on it. So please cop this and check some of DJ Screw's best work!

U Better Watch Yo Screw!

Friday, May 4, 2012

BET: Rap City Tha Bassment Best Of The Booth Pt. 2 (Video)

As we continue on with the next installment of this series, here's part 2 that i cooked up myself. Like i said before this is when Rap City was Rap City. It will never be like this again especially in today's hip-hop which is down right trash! Here's who featured on this go round....Sheek Louch, Ludacris, Da Band, 50 Cent & G-Unit, Jay Z, Memphis Bleek, Camron, Keith Murray, David Banner, Juelz Santana, Mase, Fabolous & Ja Rule. Enjoy peeps!!

Best of the Booth Pt. 2 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

BET: Rap City Tha Bassment Best Of The Booth Pt. 1 (Video)

Well this is a compilation i put together of past freestyles from Rap City Tha Bassment with Big Tigger. Not Rap City with Mad Linx or Big/Fat Nicks or DJ Q (or whatvever his name was). BET passed the paton to Big Tigger from Big Lez & Joe Clair in Sept. 1999 and he held it down until the middle of 2005. Big Tigger was a great host of the show cause he was cool wit everybody and he did not show no bias's to anyone. Plus he always killed it in the booth and sometimes outshined most emcees who was in there. I missed the early years of him hosting the show cause of my military duties, so from Sept. 1999- beginning of 2001 i only caught like 2-5 episodes. Which kinda sucks but times were movin fast at that time. But now im on the hunt for those episodes so please holla at me if u have any of them!! E-mail me at!! Ok, so here's the MC's featured in this segment.....Mobb deep, Major Figgaz, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Doggy's Angels, Redman, Method Man, Nelly & The St. Lunatics, WC, 50 Cent, DMX, Drag-On, Eminem & D12, Shyne, Mystikal, Bow Wow, CNN & Beanie Sigel. Part 2 comin next week!! Holla!

Best of the Booth pt. 1 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.