Sunday, June 26, 2011

If I Had Mic Geronimo's Career, Ill Be Happy Wit That

U kiddin me, if i had Mic Geronimo's career when he was hot ill take it in a heartbeat. Did he sell mad records? Not Really. Was he a very huge big hip-hop artist? Dont think so. But was his career respectable and somethin i would cherish? Darn skippy. Still dont understand? Let me break it down and see if u agree.

Lets see, the person who manages me is Irv Gotti. The same person who would individually save Def Jam by bringin over DMX, Jay Z & Ja Rule and run a successful record label (Murder Inc.). My 1st vid (Shits Real) is directed by Hype Williams which happens to be one of the 1st videos he done. My 1st Lp features a-list producers like Da Beatminerz and Buckwild. My 1st LP features all-time classics like Shits Real, Masta IC, The Natural & Lifecheck. By many, my 1st Lp is considered a classic. I did a song with Jay Z, DMX & Ja Rule (Time To Build) before anybody knew who they were. I am well acquainted with Jay Z & Biggie. I did a live freestyle along Biggie at a live show. I was in Jay Z & Foxy's vid (Aint No Nigga) along side Biggie and other prominent members in the hip-hop game. After a falling out with my former manager, Puff Daddy helps me out on my 2nd LP by executive producing it. I caught alot of flak by going jiggy with my 1st single of my 2nd LP (Nothing Move But The Money) but the song is a hit. I gain my street cred back with a underground joint off my 2nd LP (Usual Suspects) featuring Tragedy, The LOX, Ja Rule, DMX & Fatal Hussein. And MTV gives me some shine by givin me a 1hr special about how i am living tryin to maintain a career in hip-hop along with keepin a relationship with girlfriend at the time.

Now all this happened from '94-'97. In that 4 year span look at what Mic Geronimo did and was able to do. I dont know about yall but if my career was that short and i accomplished that much in it ill be happy with that. Being on stage with Biggie? Hangin wit Jay Z? Rhymin side by side wit DMX in his prime? Havin Hype Williams direct 2 of my vids with me being a new artist with nothin to go on? Gettin Puff Daddy to executive produce my LP in '97 when Puff was dominatin the game? Hey, thats a career ill be happy with. No complaints at all. I would love to hear what U all think. I know i might get critizied but hopefully some yall will be realistic and think about what im talkin about. Havin a career in hip-hop is hard man, it usually dont last to long. So when u are hot, u have to maximize it as much as u can. Just gotta be thankful for the opportunity u do get whether its short or long. And I promise u, Mic G's is ok with how his went. I would be.

Dont Forget About Akinyele

Thats right, dont forget about him. Akinyele to me was one of the illest rhymers out there in golden era of hip-hop. His style was crazy!

Yall should know his story......dont you? Back in 1993, him and Nas was shoppin for a deal. We all know how Nas turned out, and Akinyele soon got his chance to shine. His 1st Lp was a pretty solid one. With the classic " The Bomb", he showcased his ill rhyme skills over a phat dope beat. Then other joints like "I Luv Her" and the controversial "Break A Bitch Neck" further drove his name out there as one of hip-hop brightest newcomers. My fav. joint off that Lp was "No Exit", but the version im talkin about was not on the LP it was a remix and i was only able to get that off a Stretch & Bobbito Show. By late '95 Akinyele was a legit hip-hop artist, he was featured on many joints with other emcees and did countless joints for mixtapes. But the track that put him over the top was "Put It In Your Mouth"! I remember when i started hearing about this track was through other people singin it. I was confused at 1st, i kept askin people what the hell yall sayin? is this a new slang term? WTF? Thats when i knew that this track was one of those underground joints that only way u would know about it is to keep your ear in the streets. It was a huge underground track cause remember there was no vid for this song. Thats crazy if u think about it, that this song was so huge with no vid and it spread like wildfire with no internet as well! Crazy! But my joint of the EP was the classic "Fuck Me For Free"!! I used to bang this track non-stop!! The vid was a classic as well using a pajama party theme, very creative! So these 2 songs alone further put his name out there as a real dope emcee. Also dont forget about " In the World (orig. version) or (LP version". Those 2 tracks was on many mixtapes.

In '96 he still kept things movin with a classic track he did for Funk Flex Vol. 2 wit Sadat X "Loud Hangover"! U talkin about a banger! Man, i used bump this track daily! I couldnt wait for the video to come on Rap City & Yo! MTV Raps so i could bang it some more! So now Ak had enjoyed real great success with classic tracks already under his belt. But to me, sadly enough this was the beginning of the end. From '97-'00 Akinyele kinda scaled back a little bit and u barely saw him and the LPs he was puttin out at that time was strictly XXX. Now i have no problem wit XXX, but Ak to me had more potential than that. He didnt have to fully go that route. Then what shocked me was his appearance on a Heather Hunter rap vid on BET Uncut a couple years ago. Im still stunned by that.

All in all just remember the Ak from '93-'96. His flow and delivery was one of the dopest. Its sad people seem to forget how dope he really was and how he used the underground to his advantage! Very rare for a emcee to do that back then. So whatever u want to call him...Aki, Akneyel or Aka-fella just remember the name and check his resume!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tracks That U Would Lose Ur Mind To #3: Busta Rhymes- Everything Remains Raw

Man do i remember when this came out! Back to '96 in the 10 grade it was all good. Matter of fact u could argue that 1996 is one of the best years of hip-hop! Go back and check the classics that came out that year, go ahead and check.......u will be surprised! Now I was watching BET Rap City and the new video of the day gettin ready to pop off. It was Busta Rhymes- Woo! Hah Got U All In Check, at the time that was 1 of the hottest tracks out but the vid wasnt out yet. So here I am watching the vid, but i recognize that the beginning dont sound like Woo! Hah. It sounded like something else i never heard of before. When that beat popped off and Busta said "Yo, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo! All the time....." I was maddd open, i was like what is this???@! Then Busta and his boys get rowdy in the car while he driving down Times Square in NYC. Simply mesmerizing, i was very amped watchin that. Then the joint switched to Woo! Hah, and i was like what happened? I realized, this is the vid for Woo! Hah i almost forgot!
Hype Williams did a great job directing this joint, he was the 1st director to do 2 in 1's. Which is 2 vid's in 1. Nas's "If I Ruled The World" is a prime example. The word spread quickly about Everything Remains Raw! Me and my friends was like yo, Woo! Hah is dope but that track Eveything Remains Raw is mad hype! And we all agreed. Easy Mo Bee was feelin it when he produced that joint!! That will get any party rowdy! Through out the years that song stands out cause i remember how hyped i got watchin Busta & crew gettin mad rowdy in the car in the video! Its one of those tracks that would lose ur mind to without a doubt!