Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mista Rello & Jadel- Blendmasters (1999)

In the mixtape world when it comes to blends the same ol names always gets brought up. Ron G, Doggtime, Grandmaster Vic, Juice or Dirty Harry, but these guys kinda get forgetten. Well at least i know i forget them, and partly because i didnt actually listen to one of their tapes until this year!! The others i heard from this duo was always 90s R&B cds/tapes not their actual blend tapes. But i must say i was very impressed with them. Their blends sound very complimentary not one fighting the other so i give them a A + in that regard. And u know what else ill give them a A+ plus on? This tape right here, its full of dope jams and fly blends! Please check it out!!

Mista Rello & Jadel

Cutmaster C- Cutmaster's Birthday Pt. 2 (1999)

Dont stop wit the 1st tape, go ahead and complete it by getting this one too. More exclusives by Nas & Mobb Deep on this one as well. Just remember this, the orig. version of Nas' I Am was gonna b a monster classic but it got bootlegged so had to record new joints and some of them was included on Nastradamus and the fillers was left on The Lost Tapes.

Cutmaster C

Cutmaster C- Cutmaster's Birthday (1999)

Very dopes tapes right here from Cutmaster C. And it came out in great timing cause this tape is the 1st of many exclusives from Nas (I Am album/ leftovers) & Mobb Deep (Murda Muzik) in this series. This is a cant miss right here!!

Cutmaster C

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Envy- Live '99 (1999)

Back again with another Envy banger from '99!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cutmaster C- Summertime Warning (1996)

Had to take a lil intermission, but now i continue one with a dope tape by this queens DJ.

Cutmaster C

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Envy- Summer Splash (1997)

Envy didnt get his fame from being on the radio, he got his fame strictly off of mixtapes! Mixtapes put him in the driver's seat to do big things. Clue put him on showing him the game. He got on and started getting his name known. Even had a little tiff wit Kay Slay. When Clue blew up and had formed his Desert Storm record label, he signed Envy. Envy dropped his Desert Storm Mixtape album in '03 to some success and the rest is history. Just to show u that mixtapes can make u a star!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Kool Kirk- Money Train Pt. 2 (1997)

This DJ here is another veteran in the game that has dropped countless tapes!! Enjoy this one!

Kool Kirk

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Uneek- Mary J Blige, Im Feeling You (1997)

Brooklyn's own DJ Uneek professes his love for Mary J on this tape. This one features some dope Mary joints that u have heard or not. Mary J was on a roll up to this point, she had just dropped her 3rd straight classic album in my opinion that year. Another thing about this DJ was his dope artwork covers for his tapes. Some times thats all it takes to draw us in to copp ur tape. If u dont know the DJ thats understandable but once u see the dope cover art it kinds of draws u in cause u get curious at that point. It was a very important selling point.


King Original- Vol. 9 (1995)

I want my blog to to b like a record store back then that u used to go to copp ur tapes. U had a wide variety to choose from and lots of DJs had tapes that u didnt know, so maybe back then u passed on them. But now u have that chance to go back and get these tapes that u might not know and give them a shot! If u are a true mixtape head then u need to add this one to ur collection!

King Original

DJ Enuff- Planet Brooklyn (1995)

Now this this DJ been around for years and no he wasnt always just a radio disc jockey. If u didnt know he was Biggie's DJ, so that meant he had easy access to his tracks before anybody else did. But Enuff's tapes are always solid wit dope concepts, and this one doesnt disappoint!! 

DJ Enuff

Billy Bill- School's Out (1995)

There was alot of DJs who came out wit dope tapes! Now some of their names might not be brought up alot like others but if u are a fan of this culture then u would know. And if u dont know that is what this blog is for, to put u on other cats as well that dropped tapes as well that might b ur new favorite! This tape offers both worlds of blends and hot jams. Enjoy!

Billy Bill

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Big Bill Adventure- #3 (1995)

Another mixtape DJ who's tapes was available back in the day in the Source Magazine Ads. And this tape was a adventure for sure with dope blends and other jams as well. Very nice!

Big Bill

Silva Sir-fa- Pay Day #26 (1998)

Another veteran mixtape DJ who been around for awhile. And has some dope tapes under his belt as well!!

Silver Sir-fa

TDK- Party Time (1995)

If u are in the know of mixtapes then u know this DJ been in the game for minute and has dropped many tapes. This tape is exactly what the title says, a party tape! Its filled with blends and party jams to things poppin for the '95!! Party on!


L.A. Luv- 5th Year Anniversary: Ready To Mix

Now if u know ur mixtapes u know that this DJ has many classic tapes under his belt. He was dope on the hip-hop side & r&b side. He covered all bases!! And u can put this tape right up there wit the best. Very sought after tape right here, im glad to provide it to u all first!

LA. Luv

Friday, February 20, 2015

Shogun- More Beats, Less Talk (1998)

Im only gettin started people!! Now this is another DJ who's name was mentioned in the ads in the back of the Source Magazine where u could order mixtapes from. Dont know much about him but this tape is pretty dope!


Doggtime- Doggday #26 (1996)

I always loved Doggtime's blends. He put alot of hard work into what he did, and blends complemented each other! He's right up there wit Grandmaster Vic & Ron G! Please enjoy this treat!!


Lil Bee- Spring 95 Blends (1995)

Now this a DJ a rarely heard of. But i do remember seeing his name in the Source Magazine back in the days in the back of the advertising section. They used to have all the spots where u can get and order mixtapes from and i saw his name in there a couple of times. If u love blends then this tape is right up ur alley!!

Lil Bee

Whoo Kid- Club Shady Pt. 2 (2000)

I love all of Whoo Kid's older tapes before the G-Unit fame. His tapes back then was always dope and the artwork was very clean as well. But he had alot of dope concepts for his tapes as well. And he did some stuff to promote himself that others wouldnt have done. Like for instance, on his tape covers back then he had countries that his tapes were circulating but actually they wasnt. Like Japan, London and etc...he did that to help the illusion that his tapes was worldwide but actually they wasnt just yet. But it helped cause us the customer actually thought his tapes was known every where! So that was a great marketing tool he used!

Whoo kid

Thursday, February 19, 2015

KaySlay- Player Hater Elimators: Freestyle All-Stars

KaySlay had to grind his way to the top of the mixtape food chain. When he first started he was strictly on R&B and R&B blends, that was it. By the end of the 90s he started moving to hip-hop. By early 2000s he brought raw hood energy to his tapes mostly brought on by beefs that was goin on in the hip-hop game at that time. Then by 2002-03 he became the Drama King aka Slap Ya Favorite DJ! So like i said, it was a slow grind but he eventually got his shine when he reached the pinnacle. This is a rare tape right here, please enjoy!!


Cutmaster C- Imaginary Players Pt. 1 (1998)

Cutmaster C has always made some dope tapes in opinion, and his covers was pretty kool as well. Here is another banger for u to enjoy!!

Cutmaster C

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DJ Clue???- Frostbite Flava (1994)

At this time Clue was a new guy in the game still trying to get his name known. But on his joints he was playing exclusives nobody else had except S&S! Slowly but surely he will start moving himself ahead of the pack!

DJ Clue???

Tony Touch- #62 (1999)

Tony Toca for that azz again in '99, phat tape even more phat flava!!

Tony Touch

Doo Wop- #5 Round Up (My Niggaz) (1998)

Always Doo Wop's energy on tapes, it felt like a live party or a event! And this tape doesnt disappoint!!

Doo Wop

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DJ Enuff- The Premier Collection (1997)

The first time i heard a Premier beat was in '95 on 1, 2 Pass it. I was like wow, this beat is crazy!! But at the time i didnt know much about him. Then later on that year i heard Mass Appeal on BET Rap city Ol Skool wednesday, i was ok ok this dude is crazy on these beats. Then in '96 i heard Bring it On off Jigga's 1st LP, after that i was hooked on Premier! Anything he was doin i was trying to check for him. To me he is the greatest producer of all time in my book, and when u listen to this Dj Enuff masterpiece u may agree...

DJ Enuff

Shazam X- The Best Of Boot Camp Clik (1997)

DJ Shazam X specialized in making Best Ofs of certain hip-hop artists who was poppin at that time! And they were mos def on point and very dope!! Boot Camp Clik was a force in hip-hop man. They had a strong movement. The fatigue wear & timb boots was the normal dresss code for these guys. All parts of the Boot Camp Clik got classics no matter if its Black Moon, OGC, Heltah Skeltah or Smif N Wessun. I mean u gotta have clout for 2Pac handpicking u to work with, now thats respect!!
This tape will make u appreciate how dope BCC was and the classics they have under their belt! Im still trying to find a BCC jacket and shirt!

Shazam X

Tony Touch- #54 (1997)

Tony Toca hittin the people off wit dope jams from 1997. A great tape right here!!

Tony Touch

Kid Capri- RIP Gigga G (1989)

A rare tape from the mixtape pioneer kid Capri. This tape is a tribute to one of friends that had passed, but its more like a celebration going by the tracks on here. This tape jams to me and i hope u like it as well. Lots of songs he selected u might not know about but u will grow to love!!

Kid capri

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ron G- Mixes #14 (1995)

Like i said, im gonna do my part in providing classic tapes to the masses. No need to hold stuff back or use these tapes for a financial gain. I received lots of help over the years in accumulating these tapes, so i have no choice to help others!!
This is a real dope tape right here and Ron G in his prime! With 2 surprise guests droppin classic freestyles on here, cant ruin it for ya until u here it! Peep the flavor people, i got lots in store!!

Ron G

Mixtape Culture For Me: Each One Teach One!

Mixtapes to me are hip-hop artifacts of how hip-hop used to b like. Its like time capsules! For each tape it tells a different story in time. And i love it. But i got on the train a little late. I didnt copp my first tape until 2000!! Thats right 2000!! I first srted reading about mixtapes in the Source Magazine as early as '95! But i never had access to one back in TX around that time. DJ Screw took over Houston and mostly other cities in Texas. So there was no way i was gonna hear a actual mixtape right??
In '96 when i moved to El Paso (out of all places) was the first time i actually heard a mixtape by a known DJ!! My father was in the military so the school i went to u socialize with other kids that wasnt from the area. They were from all over. And i had a friend who was from New York, and he had a DJ Goldfinger tape. I asked if i could borrow it and check it out, he let me and my world wasnt the same after that. That tape was the first time i heard Lil Cease "Crush on You"!! I must have rewinded it like 20x time when i heard it!! I had no clue that track was on Lil Kim 's Hardcore album!! After that, another friend of mine from the east coast had Bad Boy Mixtape Vol.3 hosted by Stretch Armstrong (i think it was vol. 3??). Once again my mind was blown cause on there was tracks on there that wasnt on albums and no videos for, so that opened my mind up to a whole nother world!!
So In '96 i heard only 2 tapes that just had me open for mixtapes!! But i didnt hear another one until 2000 when i was in the service . And a friend let me hear Dj Clue's The Rulers Back & The Best Of Beanie Sigel (i forgot who the DJ was on this). I knew then that i had to hope on this train before it passes me by.
I say all of that to say this. Its all about each one teach one! Many friends of mine just didnt keep them tapes to themselves and never told me about them. They let me hear them, copy them and rock them. And little did they know those tapes schooled me even more on hip-hop. They helped me out tremendously! back in '08 i started this blog to help out others that was looking for tapes nobody wanted to give up. 2 years before starting my blog i had only very little tapes from the 90s. All the tapes i had was from '01 til about '06 (present date at that time). The blogs that was puttin up tapes was Dirty Waters & S.O.U.L & Tapemasta! Those blogs was the only ones doing it. So i decided if i do this im help out others trying to get these tapes just like my friends did for me. I like to share and help out others. Now i know there are leechers out there that like to get what u put up and sell them, but hey thats gonna happen anyway. But neither than that it all about each one teach one. And as i see on my IG account there are people out there that love vintage mixtapes and take it seriously!! And i love that cause they care about the culture of this thing. We have to preserve these tapes and share them cause these are artifacts of hip-hop that are very sacred and rare. And i will not sit on what i have, i like to share with others.
So please people in this mixtape game, lets each one teach one. And I promise u i will do my part!!