Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Capone N Noreaga- Thugged Out Milantainment (RTR Mini's)

Wow, man.....umm....im just thinking that at 1 point in time i did not pay attention to this group at all.
Can u believe that???? For some reason i just wasnt feelin them like that. I did like "LA, LA" when i 1st heard that but that was more of Mobb Deep than anything. I didnt even know who CNN was at that time. Now what was the cause of my disliking of CNN at 1st? It was NORE's track "What What" back in '98. I flat out right hated this record!!!! Hated it!!! I thought it was real annoying and Rap City played the hell out of this joint everyday!! Everytime this song came on Rap City i used to turn the TV until the song was over then flip back. I just didnt like it. So u know now that i didnt even pay attention to NORE's 1st 2 LP's. I just blew them off really. So lets fast forward all the way to 2000. CNN's 2nd LP just came out and i didnt even know they was even droppin a new album cause i never kept up wit them like that. My friend asked me "u like CNN?" I was like naw never really pay attention to them. He asked me "so u like DJ premier right?" I was said u damn right i do!! So boom, he played me the "Invisible" track off that 2nd LP, and at that moment i had a come to Jesus moment with this group! That song single handedly changed my whole outlook on this group. That track was so hard, i must replayed it like 6 times!! My friend asked me then "u heard their 1st LP?" I said nope. The look he gave me was priceless, he couldnt believe i never heard it. He told me i had to listen to that ASAP to get a better grip on this group! So i went back and studied the manuscripts and found out that i was very wrong about this group man. I couldnt believe i made that big of a mistake. And when i heard NORE's 1st 2 LPs i felt even more of a idiot. So the valuable lesson is never judge a book by its cover. Yall know these guys montra, its always on some thugged out shit always. It was nothing more and nothing less. So on this joint i made sure all of u is getting ur thug on with some their most hardest tracks. Trust me that u will be getting ur east coast stomp on wit this mix i cooked up! We gon thug this shit out, we gon thug this shit out!!!

CNN Channel 10

Def Squad- Cosmic Slop Funk (RTR Mini's)

I know people thought that when EPMD broke up they didnt expect much from Erick Sermon goin forward. PMD took Das Efx wit him and formed the Hit Squad. E-Double at the time was going thru some struggles there for a minute but he took Redman wit him and he had the lyrical lexicon Keith Murray in his back pocket. Together they formed Def Squad, a group of which that featured a comic slop funk type of style. Each one of them could rhyme and wit Erick providing those spaced out funk-style beats, everything was a perfect match. To me this is one of my all-time fav. groups, i loved everything they did. Still kind of wondering why Prodigy sent a shot at them on Mobb's 1st LP talking about their style, but we all know Keith handled that beef. A matter of fact i found out about that beef in a issue of Vibe magazine back in '96 cause i had no idea that Prodigy was dissing them when he said that "space shit that makes no sense". Crazy. But Def Squad was a group that gave us many classics and took advantage of their success wit their group LP that came out in '98. Most groups dont even drop a LP and they did so u gotta give them props on that. So here's my gift to u all, which is a mix of this group most definite cuts they had ever laid down. This is jam packed all the way thru and i hope u guys love it!! Remember Def is da Squad!

My Squad stays Def

Friday, January 25, 2013

Terror Squad- Terror Era (RTR Mini's)

This crew was a crew to b reckoned once upon a time in hip-hop! It was unheard of that a crew of latinos can put it down the way they did it. And they wasnt comin wack they was comin hard! I loved them and i def. thought they was dope. But wit one exception....im talkin during the Big Pun era. When Pun was still alive in the squad they was a supreme team. But soon as Pun passed things wasnt the same. Triple Seis left when Pun died, then Cuban Link & Joe got into a huge dispute and fight and he was gone, then you incorporate Remy Martin who was recruited by Pun then after a while her and Joe had a fallen out and she ducks out, and lets not forget Tony Sunshine was around when Pun was there but eventually left the group case Joe was not payin him money he earned. Then "Lean back" drops and its the biggest song on the country but the LP only goes gold?????? Cmon son! (Ed lover voice) That album was poor at best but they didnt drop it when the single was out they waited too long to release and killed them. No way in the world that album should have only went gold with a single like that. Like I said before when Pun passed the squad was not the same. Pun made everybody better, he made Joe a heck of alot better. Joe went downhill to me after Pun passed. Joe's last best LP to me was Joe Cartengena and that was way back in '99!!! I just didnt think the squad would fall apart they way it did when Pun passed. Very similar to how Junior Mafia went apart when BIG passed. So lets go back for a minute when it was Terror Era! When these niggas was makin true hardcore hip-hop tracks. This is the Terror Squad i know pictured above, now lets reminsce to when it was all good and make it Terror Era all over again. Please rock out to this concoction i made up and blaze it up! TS baby!

Terror is the Squad

Hov & Beans Collabos (RTR Mini's)

Its kinda of shame of what happened wit these 2 over the years. I never thought it would get to that point. But at least they almost patched things up at Jay's Philly show he did last year that featured Young Chris & Freeway, Beans was supposed to be there as well but he had gotten arrested and is now facing jail time. So at least its well to hear that these guys kind of buried the hatchet. Cause these two together was quite the duo when they was rhyming together. Other than Jaz O, Sauce Money or BIG, i dont know any other person that rhymed together well wit Jay. Ok, so just incase u forgot this mix will get u re-acquainted with how well these two were together. I took tracks from Jay's & Beans' LP's wit them featured together and created a lil mini mix plus other songs included. I hope u all will enjoy this and embrace listenin to these 2 spittin side by side! Its still Rocafella yall......

Hov & Beans

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of DJ Screw Vol. 11

And the beat continues on.......Screw will live on down here in TX! His legacy will never b forgotten in this city and music is still bangin in cars til this day. Please rock on to this and others i have coming in this series! Screwzoo!! (what yall know about that Fubu outfit he has on??? back in the day if u had that couldnt nobody tell u shit! classic!)

Screw Vol. 11

Recognize The Real presents A Medley Of DJ Clue Pt. 5

Well here it is people the final chapter in this series. I wanna say thank you to all the people out there that supported this series. It was a great idea on my part and im glad u all liked it! Clue to me was a great mixtape DJ and he had many classics on his joints that most people dont know about if they wasnt a big name. So i just wanted to shine light on those other artists that was mainstays on mixtapes around that time that didnt get the props they deserved. I hope yall enjoy this last one right here and stay tuned for other ideas i have up my sleeve for this year! William M. Holla!

Clue Pt. 5

Friday, January 11, 2013

Class Act Soundtrack (RTR Version)

Another one of all-time favs, this joint was def. a classic. I remember when i saw this for the 1st time in '92 in the 5th grade and i wondering why our school didnt pop off like that. But anyway, this movie epitomizes what school was like in the 90s. Believe it or not school at that time for me was actually fun. I mean school was actually cool in the earlier years and towards the end u just cant wait to get it over with. But Kid & Play made school look like fun in this movie! It was very funny and hip-hop was kind of incorporated in this film. And for the record Hilary (from Fresh Prince) was fine as hell in this film and even finer in Major Payne.
Now the soundtrack for this very lacking to say the least. So i had touch it up a bit. For the most part only a couple songs i kept from this cause they played a role in the movie. The songs i added played a part in the film and sort of relates to it. So i tried my best wit this and i think the finished product came out well. So lets go back to '92 and relive this movie in audio form. Enjoy it people!

Class Act (RTR Version)

Monday, January 7, 2013

House Party Soundtrack (RTR Version)

This right here is my #1 movie of all-time, i just love this film. It captures a moment in time in my younger years of all it was about. Hanging out wit ya boys in school, organizing a party at the crib, setting up all the parameters, making it happen, then reliving the moments at school Monday morning. Plus this was a time when hip-hop was all about fun, It was all love back then. People having dancing contests and all of that. I remember those dance contest days and groups used to go at it and being madd creative. Its a shame the younger generation wont know anything about this and how things used to b. Every time i watch this movie it automatically brings me back to '90-'92 when i was in the 4th-5th grade and what hip-hop meant to me at that time. I just love it!
Now the soundtrack to this was ok, but it def. was lacking. It was not as banging as it should have been. So u know i had to spin my flavor on it. I kept some songs on here and omitted the others. Now i think i did a great job on this, it was only 11 songs on this soundtrack so i had to keep in the time frame of that. I didnt want to mess it up but i know this will bring u back to '90 when this movie came out. They dont make them like this no more!

House Party (RTR Version)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Funkmaster Flex- Hot 97 Mixtape (1996)

Yall know yall lucky if i post back to back rare mixtapes! This takes me back to how i used to kill em with posting mixtapes everyday......great memories. Anyway, Funkmaster Flex has been on Hot 97 for over 20 years! He can honestly say he seen it all up there...seriously! He was up there when BIG used to come thru, he was there when Mase called in to retire, he was there when Nas & Jay went at it, he was there when Junior Mafia & Foxy's Brown's crew got into that shootout, he was there when Jay & The ROC tookover the station in '01, he was there to drop bombs on records that ended up being classics. I mean damn the man did it all and seen it all. So on this tape u get to hear this man all in his glory tearing it up on the 1's & 2's on his Street Jamz show he used to do every weekend on Hot 97 in the early to mid 90s. We goin back to '96 on this and i hope yall enjoy it, Once again shouts out to my friend Johannes from Germany for another one! And no, this is not already on the net!

Funk Fliggity

Evil Dee & Funkmaster Flex- Hot 97 Mixtape (1996)

Wow, i cant even tell u the last time i actually posted a vintage mixtape. Like i said, if somebody sends me stuff i will post it. I posted all my mixtapes years ago so anything i can get that hasnt been already on the net, im upping it! For people living in NYC right now they think Hot 97 has always been like it is now and that is far from the truth!! Hot 97 in the 90s probably hands down was the best radio station for hip-hop ever!! So many moments happened there thats its too many to count, so many classic freestyles and on & on. If u wanted to listen to real hip-hop u listen to Hot 97, thats how it was in the 90s in NYC. Now Hot 97 has fallen into the trap to play what everybody else is playing just like BET and so many other outlets. Its the same ol crap and nobody wanna hear that, so thats why Sirius XM & Satellite Radio is winning right now. If u think about it, Hot 97 used to b runned like a Satellite Radio station cause they used to play hardcore hip-hop with cussing in it and live freestyles unfiltered! On this rare mixtape u cats can hear what Hot 97 used to b like, Evil Dee & Funkmaster Flex holdin it down for the '96 on this one! Thanks to my boy Johannes from Germany for this!

Where Hip Hop Used To Live

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of DJ Screw Vol. 10

It only gets more intense the more this goes on! And im far from finished!

Screw Vol. 10

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of DJ Screw Vol. 9

U already know what it is, Screwzoo is back in the house!! Still got more to go on this chapter!

Screw Vol. 9