Monday, December 13, 2010

BET: Nas On Rap City 1999 (Video)

At this time Nas is one hottest rappers on the planet. I mean it was him, Jay & X. That was the line up with Nore, Ja & Pun comin up next. Nas' at that time was comin off hiatus from his last LP, doin things with the Firm, clothing line Willie Esco (which was dope but i never had any) & and a dope actin debut in Belly. I dont care what yall say for a actor makin his 1st film, him & DMX did damn good job. Creatin classic lines like "One" & "Thats ya man", those were the days. On this episode Nas talks about his new LP which was I Am at that time, state of hip-hop at that time and future projects. I remember hearing "Nas Is Like" for the 1st time and losing my mind. I couldnt believe Premier did it again with a classic joint, that track was crazy when it came out! Ok yall lets go back to '99 in which to me was the last year hip-hop was still hot and exclusive.

Nas on BET Rap City 1999 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.