Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DJ Double R- Best Of #20 & #21 (1995-96)

DJ Cinema strikes again!! Merry Christmas to all yall out there. U know i gotta leave u a treat!! Here another dope classic mixtape for u!! Its been a crazy up and down year but i appreciate all u guys sticking around!! Im still here and there aint many of left! I seen many started this year and wasnt able to make it towards the end. U gotta b dedicated to this, i like a artform. I love providing music to people out there and if they appreciate it, it makes all the better!! Still got more tapes post up so stay thirsty my friends!

DJ Double R

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Double R- Vol. #19 (Late 1994)

More heat from my man Cinema!! Man....remember when Dre & Cube dropped a video that looked more like a mini-movie? Remember when K. Murray started a new trend of rhyming on top of fly rides in ur videos? Remember when 'Pac told us the best way to pay tribute to a lost homie is pour out a little somethin for him? Remember when BIG told wack MC's to rethink ur day job and apply at UPS? Remember when AZ & Nasir kinda broke down how life was for young black teens? Remember when MJB just wanted to b happy? Remember when Common Sense told us about how he felt about a female named hip-hop? Remember when Method Man invited us into his world of pain? Remember when Outkast told all dem lazy ass niggas living in ur moms crib to get up & get out and do something? Remember when The Chef asked us what do we believe in? Well........do you remember?

Double R

Monday, December 9, 2013

Double R- Best of Vol. #18 (April 1994)

And another one from DJ Cinema......  As u can see its around this time that hip-hop started to b a way of life for me. It firmly supplanted a stance in my life! In '92-93 it was just a hobby or recreational but in 1994 it was all real. If u look at the tracks on this tape u will see that there are certain songs that actually changed peoples lives on this thing. I know many people can tell many stories on how these tracks changed their life one way or another. For me the one track on here that did it for me was Nas' It Aint Hard To Tell! When i came home from school one day in the 7th grade and flipped thru the channels and came up on BET and saw this video on.....it changed everything for me music wise. I never heard a song like that, never seen a video like that and never felt that type of way about a song since Run DMC's Down With The King a year earlier. That Run DMC had me mesmerized but that Nas record was life altering for me. So in 1994 it all became real and i didnt even get into ATCQ, WuTang & Biggie that would turn my world upside down in the coming months of 1994. I would love to go back and relieve it all over again!

Double R

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Double R- Best Of Vol. #13 & #14 Pt. 2 ('92-"93)

More classics provided by DJ Cinema!! Hope u guys are enjoying these dope tapes!! There is more in store so stay tuned!!

Double R

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Double R- Best of Vol. #12 & #14 Pt.1 ('92-'93)

Happy Thanksgiving to u all!! As i am in the spirit of giving, here's another classic tape from u and yours + DJ Cinema!! Some of the younger cats think that Rump Shaker was a pop joint...naw b that track is a classic track for sure. I used to jamm that joint hard, Teddy Riley most def. did his thing on that. Redman went straight hard on that Time For Some Aksion, but when I 1st heard it I had no idea who Redman was. Why??.. cause that track was Mike Tyson's entrance song. So everytime Tyson fought during that time period this track was his intro, and I thought it was the hardest song in the world at that point! Wow...great times indeed!

Double R

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Double R- Best Of Vol. #11 & #12 (March & June 1992)

Here's another classic donated by DJ Cinema!! Looking at these tracks on here bring back memories man. '92 in my opinion was the beginning of the golden era to me. In '92 man hip-hop started to grow on me a little. That was the year i begged my moms to buy me my 1st album which was....Kris Kross Totally Krossed Out! Kris Kross was like rock stars to us kids back then when i was in 5th grade in '92. I started to sag my pants cause they did it and it looked kool. But i didnt wear my clothes backwards..u can take that to the bank. I started dancing like them and everything man. People that was from my era back then know how it was. '92 those were the days.....

Double R

Monday, November 25, 2013

Double R- Old Skool Reggae #2

More Double R...more Reggae!! Dont really have much else to say. Bombaclot...Rastafari!!

Double R

Friday, November 22, 2013

Double R- Old Skool Reggae #1

Here's one for my reggae heads out there. Reggae as yall may know by now is not really my thing but i know it is always in demand around these parts. So here yall go...more fiyah..booyakah!!

Double R

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Double R (DJ Rei)- Old Skool Hip-Hop & R&B: Best of #12 Pt. 1

Remember what i told u guys long ago, if i get tapes people wanna contribute i will post them. I posted everything i have years ago! So if there are people out there who contribute to the cause please feel free. There are plenty of people out there who grew up in this era that love this music we call hip-hop...not rap, but hip-hop! And recently we had a person who stepped up to the plate and decided to give to the cause! So fashouts goes out to my man DJ Cinema!! To most that name might b familiar, he's a dope DJ who was a few mixtapes circulating out there so please feel free to check this man out. He has donated a nice chunk of vintage mixtapes for me to share to my peoples out there! So please feel free to show this man some love in comments box or or chat box when u can. Its people like this that can keep this blog alive. Without that im basically on life support, cause i will only post stuff that never been posted before anywhere. And this blog one of the very few that still post vintage tapes.
Now as for the DJ on this specific mixtape, Double R. It is actually 2 people: DJ Rei & G-Bo The Pro. I 1st got put on these guys by Tapemasta i think back in '08 or '09. There tapes had me blown away by their own style. It wasnt too plain but wasnt mixed out this world either. Its basically just right and thats the way i like it. If u wanna know about these guys, my man Nick at For All Masters interviewed these guys a couple of years ago. It was greatly done. These guys have tons of history in this mixtape game in the 90s. So if u wanna know their story please check that piece out. Ok guys well all i can say is stay tuned for the next couple days cause i will be posting tapes that was donated by my man DJ Cinema!! Im not all the way back yet, but for this brief moment ill take my title back. One!

Double R

Monday, September 23, 2013

Recognize The Real presents- On Some Real Hip-Hop S**t: Underground Compilation

Like i said before, coming up listening to hip-hop all i knew was what was being shown on TV. I didnt grow up in NYC, we didnt have access to mixtapes like they did up there. All i had is what was being shown on MTV & BET and that was it. So basically it was mostly mainstream hip-hop that i came up on.
Now behind the scenes there was a thing called underground hip-hop happening that i had no clue of. Didnt know it even existed. Now i did hear most artists back then say we came up thru the underground and etc. And i thought i knew what that meant but obviously i didnt. My meaning of it was totally different the actual. Underground means puttin out music yourself by any means necessary. Underground means independent record labels puttin out music by artists that arent household names. Underground means artists puttin out great music that u will never see on MTv or BET or big time multimedia. And in the 90s this was happening and it slowing started gaining a great following. A following that i knew nothing about.
College radio stations started to pick up on this and started having shows dedicated to this kind of music. Stretch & Bobbito was kind of the front runners in this category. Their show was from '90-'98!! The crazy thing is during my middle school & high school years Stretch & Bob was it puttin down playing underground music that i had no clue of!! I didnt even know who Stretch & Bobbito were until late '98-early '99!! WNYU Halftime Show is another platform to where underground music was played! They started in '98 and still goin on til this day!! Big time magazines like Source & Vibe magazine started realizing how big underground hip-hop around '97. Thats when they started having little articles on it to tell the masses.
Myself didnt start paying attention to underground music until i stated this blog in '08!! 2008!! So i started wayyyy behind the 8-ball and had alot of catching up to do! But now in 2013 im all the way in and know more about underground NYC hip-hop then most more new yorkers! So i decided to make a compilation of underground tracks so people can hear real hip-hop at its finest!! These are artists that never made it big but their music is something u can jam to for years to come. It gives u perspective of what hip-hop used to sound like and tells u that u dont have to make it big-time to get music known decades from now. I hope these joints puts a new perspective of hip-hop that u never knew about and probably put u on some new discovered  classics u can add to ur rotation! Its 60+ tracks deep so u got more than enough to keep u goin! Like DJ Premier said, Underground will never die its just like roaches, never dying just keep living!

Underground For Life

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Source Magazine Singles File- July 1995

Wow....do i even have to go any further on this. First of all, if yall out there dont own this issue please go out and find it and add it to ur collection. This is a must have for true hip-hop heads like my self. Now, the first time i heard BIG was at a car wash wit my moms and over the radio they played Juicy. The lyrics that stuck wit me was "Super Ninetendo, Sega Genesis/ When i was dead broke man i couldnt picture this!" At the time i was in the 7th grade so any time a rapper could include SNES or Sega Genesis in their raps...im all ears! When i heard Big Poppa for the 1st time i was all in. The way the video was shot was incredible. Like to me that was the next level of living to get to or aspire. In the club wit ur peoples, living the life poppin bottles and hanging wit the ladies and ur gear proper. Me being in the 7th grade, ur mind wasnt about those things yet (except the ladies part at least) but i knew as i get older thats the type of things u kinda look toward more. When i seen that Warning video man i was hype! BIG had me amped up watching that cause he was rhyming so hard with aggression!! I remember hearing his 1st LP from a friend and it was like listening to a motion picture movie! One of the few times when i didnt skip a track on a album. Man o man great times. We always love BIG around here and it will always continue! Please check out what else was crackin that month as well!!

July '95

The Source Magazine Singles File- February 1997

Kim & Foxy....man how have times changed. At the time these 2 was the hottest female rappers in the game (wit Missy Elliott included). They set the standard for what a female emcee supposed to sound like in modern times. And every female tried to follow their style since. Some has excelled while a whole lot has not. Its kind of a hard standard to follow cause these females changed the game for every female to follow. But also it doesn't hurt to have on the job training by some of the all-time greats in the game. Kim learned from BIG. Foxy learned from Jay, Nas & Cormega. I mean thats some very big names there. Not every female emcee has been afforded that type of opportunity to work with greatness. For me, i miss these 2 females in the game. Not only were they very raunchy and sexy, they could rhyme their ass off. They do have classics in their books. Its ashamed the way their careers have gone but ill always remember the good times. The time i seen Kim's promo ad for her 1st LP in 10th grade in a issue of Vibe and people literally fighting for it to have it. If u dont know what ad im talking about, u better ask somebody. And the time I 1st heard Foxy on LL's I Shot Ya remix. I was blown away with what she was saying but she was spittin that raw hot fiyah tho. Those are the times ill remember and i know the rest of u will think the same way. Every time i see this cover ill always remember that. Please check out what else was on fiyah that month as well!!

Feb. '97

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Source Magazine Singles File- February 1996

Ummm....i wish i can tell u guys more about Luke hip-hop wise but i really cant. For me, he had a couple of joints i liked wit 2 Live Crew. And solo wise he had a ill joint that year wit a young Trick Daddy called "Scarred"! That was my shit, im not even gonna lie. Also around this time he had a X-Rated TV show that u had to order on PPV to watch! I seen clips of some of the interviews he had on there wit Lil Kim, Jay Z, 'Pac & BIG. Very classic stuff and x-rated, the footage is out there u gotta search for it! Another thing is Lord Finesse's LP had dropped not too long before this issue came out and to me thats one of my all-time fav. LP's!! I absolutely love that album, its a classic from top to bottom. I can go on & on about that LP. Please check out the other dope joints that was banging that month as well. Dont let the Luke cover fool u!

Feb. '96

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Complex Magazine: DJ Premier's 25 Best Beats

Recently on Complex.com they complied a list of DJ Premier's 25 best beats. And it was a very nice list. Now we all have our own personal 25 best beats that Premier has done so its kind of interesting to read what others have listed. 
I remember my 1st time ever listening to a Primo beat and if my memory serves me correct it was in '95 wit D&D All-Stars "Pass It 1,2". When I 1st seen the video for it i was hooked in. I was asking myself i wonder who this dude is wearing a Prairie View T-Shirt thats in NYC! Prairie View is a college that is down here in Houston, TX! So i was shocked by that, but I was hooked on that track. I used to jam that joint like 20x times straight!! Then later on in '95 i was looking at a episode of Rap City which was a old skool Wednesday show. And for the 1st time i seen the Mass Appeal video and i was hooked again. I never heard a beat like that, plus i made it my duty to remember Guru's lyrics as quickly as possible cause he was spittin fire all over that track! From that point on it was kind of easy for me to figure out a Primo track if i heard it cause his boom-bap sound with a crazy ill sample was just something that i fell in love wit. Plus one more thing is the way he does hooks on records. Most people would just get somebody to do the hook whether singing or rappin. He was like hey...hip-hop has already done the hook for me! There are thousands of hip-hop records that has some notable lyrics on it and if u sift through them u can piece together something nice and thats what he's done time and time again. Like Jay Z said to Premier one time for a hook for one of his tracks, "just do the primo thing". 
I made it my duty to provide for yall all 25 tracks that was in this list into a mix. I hope yall love it and jam it in ur rides. I cant see how u guys wont like it..i mean this DJ Premier we talking about here! Rock on my peeps!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- September 1994

Back atcha still in '94! This issue right here i like to name "Before Everything". Even tho at this time 'Pac was goin thru it in the court rooms and all other legal matters, everything else was cool hip-hop wise. This was before 'Pac got shot at the studio NYC. This was before his prison stint. This was before him & BIG started beefing. This was before Suge bailed him out to join Death Row. This was before changed his whole steez to fit into Death Row. This was before he felt all the stresses of a high profile celebrity and rapper where people was hangin off his every word. 'Pac dont even know how much his life would change later on in '94 but for this moment lets just cherish it for what it is. And dont forget to give this Fat Tape a listen by the way!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- November 1994

 '94 was just year that just kept on giving...as in hip-hop classics! Man i remember when I 1st heard Redman's 2nd LP Dare Iz A Darkside and i was just drawn in man! I loved that album, to me personally that was best LP!! I remember we had a basketball tournament at a rec center in late '95 early '96 and this dude brought a big ass boombox and was jammin some pregame tunes before the game. And when he played that Sooperman Luva II niggas was jammin they ass off. The real hip-hop niggas knew that track and what it was. It was a moment man and that just stuck wit me and that LP is very special to me man!

Nov. '94

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- June 1994

1994 continues on and what u see here are the kings of reality rap. Not gangsta rap, reality! These MC's told u for years what was goin on in the hoods across america and try to inform our government on how to change it! I mean these guys are OG legends in the game. Scarface is from my way, he is a living legend down here. Spice 1 is a bay area legend, he has many classic albums under his belt. MC Eiht is another legendary west coast MC and we know how many that coast already has. So this is a iconic cover in many ways! So please peep the flavor this fat tape has to offer!

Jun. '94

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- December 1994

We still in '94 and all that it had to offer! As u look above u see my man Scarface reppin my hometown Houston TX! In '94 Scarface played a integral part in my life as in choosing what decisions  to make in life as a teen. If u seen his video for " I Never Seen A Man Die", that video really stuck in my mind about the choices u make that can decide ur fate. That dude in that video just got out of jail and tried to start over in life but wasnt catching any breaks. So he resorted back to robbin and stealing. But then he robbed from the wrong people and they ended up killing him. When he went into the afterlife he saw reaper and saw that he was in hell and his reaction pure sadness and dropped to his knees. Then the reaper picked him up and he went on to spend the rest of eternity in misery. That video just changed my life and Scarface lyrics was powerful. So that proves that hip-hop preaches and teaches as well!

Dec. '94

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- August 1994

As we all know '94 was the year hip-hop entered the golden era!! Damn near everything that was released is considered a classic nowadays!! And once u listen to this Fat Tape u will see what im talkin about!!

Aug.' 94

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DJ Boogie Boy- Search & Destroy (1996) (Mixtape)

Thats right im back and here to bring u guys a treat from '96!! I hope u guys enjoy this tape cause it will be awhile before i post another one. I have plently more of other things in store so stay tuned peeps!!

DJ Boogie Boy

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A New Proclaimation & A Beginning Of A New Day

Well guys im glad to say im back off my hiatus. And it was a hiatus that i had to take cause i was on the verge of burn-out and wanting to quit this blog. But i remember a couple years ago that i actually quit and wanted to end this blog. I was virtually done but after awhile i slowly came back cause the love i have of providing my people with classic dope hip-hop. Thats how i communicate with people, its thru music. I just love classic vintage hip-hop, mainstream or underground.

But the lesson i thought i had learned before was not get caught up in number of downloads and lack of comments. That killed me a couple of years ago cause i was expecting it in droves. I had received so much when I 1st started this blog, so i thought thats how its always gonna be but once it trickled away i was kinda fed up about it. And that very thing reared its ugly head again a couple weeks ago and i was kinda fed up about it. Nobody was commenting on what i was doin and the DL numbers was kinda low for what i posting every day.

So i fell back in the trap and it got me, so i had to tell u all that i had to take a vacay from here for minute to clear my head before i make a wrong decision. I came in this blog game in '08 and it wasnt that many of us back then doin this. People like Tapemasta, S.O.U.L & Marioka are the OG's of this thing. They came before me and schooled me on how to do it the right way. Then when i came and did my thing it was alot of love that came my way and i knew then i was doin something right. Those guys are still doing it til this day and their doing it their way. They dont care about comments or DL numbers, all they care about is providing people with the music.

So thats the steez im on from this day on out. Im only gonna post what i want. I not gonna meet others demands of what they want from me. You gonna get what u want regardless anyways cause this a classic vintage hip-hop blog. So if u like that kinda music u will always get that here. There will b no more requests for anything. Im gonna post what im gonna post, if the that link dies then hey im sorry. The link will never die if people is DL'ing it, when people dont DL the link sooner or later it will die. Just gotta get it while its hot. I will not be always restricted to vintage mixtapes, i have plenty of ideas to get music out to the people and i will go about my way in doin that. So when i do post a vintage tape i hope u appreciate it cause it will be awhile before i post another. All im asking people is let me do me.

A Proclaimation was made today and i hope u guys understand that. I will post what i want and do what i want. If u not kool with that then im sorry and i hope understand. Just look forward to the future of this blog and what i do. If u dont find what u want here then there are plenty of blogs out there posting classic stuff all the time u just gotta find it. I have my spots of where i go myself but im not telling u where or who but its out there. So no more requests and demands, just chill and come thru & get ur music. Leave a comment or 2 if u want, holla at me and just stay tuned!!

Im back and im forward ever backwards neva!! (How many of yall remember that quote?)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Source Magazine- Singles File August 1999

By no means am i back but i just wanna put up a feeler post and see how you all the public feels about it and like it. If the response from this is great it will b really telling to me. The world is yours peeps.

Aug. '99

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DJ Boogie Blind- Definitive D.I.T.C (????) (Mixtape)

I dont know about u guys, but i am a huge DITC fan. Each one of those members got classics in this game we call hip-hop! And on this tape, DJ Boogie Blind really represented in giving the real spotlight on what this group accomplished!! This is a real definitive look at this group in a major way. I wish tho that they would have came out wit a LP during the 90's and not no unreleased & b-sides like they did in '97. Yes they did a album in 2000 and it was dope (and i still have my OG copy) but it shouldnt have tooken that long. That was my only gripe about this group and now u cant even get all the members altogether in one room. But just reflect a bit on this tape and recognize the real!!

DJ Boogie Blind

Saturday, April 27, 2013

DJ Bazarro- R&B Spring '96 (1996) (Mixtape)

More Bazarro comin up here but its on the R&b side of things. So u fellas this is a tape u play in ur rides wit yo ol' lady! Trust me this will work in the long run, just put it in the deck and let it run!
Sondula heres another one!

DJ Bazarro

Thursday, April 25, 2013

DJ Bazarro- Vol. 28 (1996) (Mixtape)

We now enter Dj Bazarro and he offers more of the same great turntablism and underground funk that i love!! Plus he flips a crazy Street Fighter II (thats right, u read correctly) sample into a crazy beat!! U just gotta hear it for ur self!

DJ Bazzaro

Sunday, April 21, 2013

DJ Avee- Yeah But Does He DJay (1996) (Mixtape)

Yup, it seems im not the only one who enjoys this DJs' tapes. So lets keep it movin wit another one from '96. It never gets old for me people, im always gonna b here droppin mad classics!

DJ Avee

DJ Avee- Only V (1998) (Mixtape)

I dont know about yall but i love this world of DJ Avee, and i dont wanna leave so we staying right here and goin back to '98 on u. U already know what to expect....more skills and more underground funk!

DJ Avee

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dirty Harry- Tommarow Never Dies_Day 1 (1998) (Mixtape)

As we wind this down, one more Dirty Harry joint to part u wit and go to '98 for dis!!

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry- Hang'em High (1997) (Mixtape)

Another Dirty Harry masterpiece for u right here, '97 flavor!! Let's Go!!!

Dirty Harry

Friday, April 12, 2013

Dirty Harry- Ghetto Heaven (1996) (Mixtape)

As we keep movin on to '96 flavor Dirty Harry style!

Dirty Harry

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dirty Harry- From Dusk Til Dawn 2 (1998) (Mixtape)

Yall already know who it is man, just more flavor this time from '98!!

Dirty Harry

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dirty Harry- DHNY Rapid Fire II (2000) (Mixtape)

We move forward wit another musical artistic piece of work by Dirty Harry. New millennium flavor for the 2000!!!

Dirty Harry

Saturday, April 6, 2013

D-Demo- R&B '92 (1992)

We keepin it on the Hard Pack side of things wit more D-Demo. And he really outdid himself on this one. Yo Sondula u wanted R&B and u got it on this one! This tape automatically brings me back to 5th grade when the music was great and it was all good. Alot of dope jamz on this tape and it gets my stamp of full approval!


D-Demo- 9/9 (1993) (Mixtape)

For all my true mixtape heads out there u should know a crew of mixtape DJs from the early 90's called Hard Pack! They originated out of Rock n Wills' music shop out of Harlem and they was a crew to b reckoned wit. If u dont know who they were or want more info all u gotta do is google them and u will b more informed. Here is a tape from one of those members and its none other than the legendary D-Demo! We goin back to when things was real, the year is '93 and this is a hard hitting tape from top to bottom! Bass in ya face!!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Cutmaster C- New York Undercover Pt. 2 (1997) (Mixtape)

This a dope tape by C from '97, some rare freestyles and nice tracks on here!

Cutmaster C

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cutmaster C- Hell Up In Queens Pt. 2 (1999) (Mixtape)

U just heard Pt. 1....so lets move on to Pt.2!! As we move on....

Cutmaster C

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cutmaster C- Hell Up In Queens Pt. 1 (1999) (Mixtape)

More C, more Queens and still on that '99 ish! Dont change that dial!!

Cutmaster C

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cutmaster C- Fortune 500 (1999) (Mixtape)

Still ridin wit C and we still on that '99 shit!! We just rollin along!

Cutmaster C

Cutmaster C- Birthday '99 (1999) (Mixtape)

Got lots of goodies packed on this one. This right here was a double tape set!! So i hope u enjoy this joint. Queens is represented very well on this especially Nas.

Cutmaster C

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cutmaster C x DJ Uneek- The Unforgivin (1998) (Mixtape)

Once again more Cutmaster '98 flavor! Sit back and pop this in ur decks!

Cutmaster C

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cutmaster C- 24th Birthday (2000) (Mixtape)

Still ridin wit C into the new millennium from 2000! Dont change that dial!

Cutmaster C

Cutmaster C- Last Man Standing (1998) (Mixtape)

This train stops for no one, u neither on or u off. I gots to keep movin forward and now we stop at Cutmaster C. To me, he made some dope tapes especially during the end of the 90s into the 2000's. On this one we go back to some '98 flavor so lean back and enjoy folks!

Cutmaster C

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cut Killer- Hip-Hop Summer Jam (1995) (Mixtape)

Im gonna say this, if any of yall thinkin about passin over this tape...Do Not Do It!! There are real dope underground & rare joints on this tape!! It was a very well put together tape and one of the best i heard in a minute back then!! Dont just take it from me, listen ur self!

Cut Killer

Craig G- Winter Jamz (1997) (Mixtape)

Aint nuthin better than in the winter time jammin a Craig tape wit ur north face on and timbs tied to the top! Its not a option it was required!

Craig G

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Craig G- R&B For That Ass (1995) (Mixtape)

Now this what R&B supposed to sound like, this is what R&B truly is! Not nowadays when its considered pop music.

Craig G

Craig G x Precise- Top Floor 2000 (2000) (Mixtape)

We move in the new millennium for this one wit some 2000 flavor!

Craig G

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Craig G x P-Nice x DJ Precise- We Got Next (1998) (Mixtape)

I miss '98 i really do. Those were the days to where u can listen & watch BET all day long with no problem! I would love to go back and relive it again!

Craig G

Craig G x S&S- Back To School Shit Pt. 1 (1993) (Mixtape)

Back when i was a youngster, goin back to school sucks. U wish the summer could last forever. But it seems the kids in NYC was goin back to school with some treats provided by mixtape DJs! What beats goin back to school with a mixtape that has the newest joints on it that u can jam on ur walkman! Man, them NYC cats had it made didnt they? Thanks to Craig G and S&S, kids wasnt that mad returning back school after all.

Craig G x S&S

Friday, March 22, 2013

Chuck Chillout on 98.7 Kiss FM (1987) (Radio)

Here's another oldie but goodie gem! In '87 things was starting to change in the rap game, it was more about reppin where u came from and showing skills on the mic. That was when it was in its purest form! Lets take it back again for a sec.!

You All Chillout

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chuck Chillout- 98.7 Kiss WRKS FM Mastermix (1986-87) (Radio)

I grew up in the era of which real hip-hop used to get played on the radio. In the 90's gutta hip-hop tracks was gettin played on the radio like it was nothing cause they were singles! Matter of fact they used to b played in clubs and people was dancing to it!! Thats right u read it! But it all started in the 80's, the radio DJs at that time had the responsibility to spread hip-hop all over the world cause all the others thought this was a fad and wasnt gonna last too long. It was them that opened the flood gate and we pay them all the respects for that. Its amazing tho that right in the beginning of the 2000's we lost sight of that and started playing tracks that labels wanted us to hear which was songs that were made to strictly for the radio. But i digress, lets take it back to '86-'87 and u can see what im talkin about!

Just Chillout

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chubby Chubb- Whatever (1994) (Mixtape)

I miss '94, it was alot of great times and even greater music! Lets go back!