Monday, May 27, 2013

The Source Magazine Fat Tape- August 1994

As we all know '94 was the year hip-hop entered the golden era!! Damn near everything that was released is considered a classic nowadays!! And once u listen to this Fat Tape u will see what im talkin about!!

Aug.' 94

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DJ Boogie Boy- Search & Destroy (1996) (Mixtape)

Thats right im back and here to bring u guys a treat from '96!! I hope u guys enjoy this tape cause it will be awhile before i post another one. I have plently more of other things in store so stay tuned peeps!!

DJ Boogie Boy

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A New Proclaimation & A Beginning Of A New Day

Well guys im glad to say im back off my hiatus. And it was a hiatus that i had to take cause i was on the verge of burn-out and wanting to quit this blog. But i remember a couple years ago that i actually quit and wanted to end this blog. I was virtually done but after awhile i slowly came back cause the love i have of providing my people with classic dope hip-hop. Thats how i communicate with people, its thru music. I just love classic vintage hip-hop, mainstream or underground.

But the lesson i thought i had learned before was not get caught up in number of downloads and lack of comments. That killed me a couple of years ago cause i was expecting it in droves. I had received so much when I 1st started this blog, so i thought thats how its always gonna be but once it trickled away i was kinda fed up about it. And that very thing reared its ugly head again a couple weeks ago and i was kinda fed up about it. Nobody was commenting on what i was doin and the DL numbers was kinda low for what i posting every day.

So i fell back in the trap and it got me, so i had to tell u all that i had to take a vacay from here for minute to clear my head before i make a wrong decision. I came in this blog game in '08 and it wasnt that many of us back then doin this. People like Tapemasta, S.O.U.L & Marioka are the OG's of this thing. They came before me and schooled me on how to do it the right way. Then when i came and did my thing it was alot of love that came my way and i knew then i was doin something right. Those guys are still doing it til this day and their doing it their way. They dont care about comments or DL numbers, all they care about is providing people with the music.

So thats the steez im on from this day on out. Im only gonna post what i want. I not gonna meet others demands of what they want from me. You gonna get what u want regardless anyways cause this a classic vintage hip-hop blog. So if u like that kinda music u will always get that here. There will b no more requests for anything. Im gonna post what im gonna post, if the that link dies then hey im sorry. The link will never die if people is DL'ing it, when people dont DL the link sooner or later it will die. Just gotta get it while its hot. I will not be always restricted to vintage mixtapes, i have plenty of ideas to get music out to the people and i will go about my way in doin that. So when i do post a vintage tape i hope u appreciate it cause it will be awhile before i post another. All im asking people is let me do me.

A Proclaimation was made today and i hope u guys understand that. I will post what i want and do what i want. If u not kool with that then im sorry and i hope understand. Just look forward to the future of this blog and what i do. If u dont find what u want here then there are plenty of blogs out there posting classic stuff all the time u just gotta find it. I have my spots of where i go myself but im not telling u where or who but its out there. So no more requests and demands, just chill and come thru & get ur music. Leave a comment or 2 if u want, holla at me and just stay tuned!!

Im back and im forward ever backwards neva!! (How many of yall remember that quote?)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Source Magazine- Singles File August 1999

By no means am i back but i just wanna put up a feeler post and see how you all the public feels about it and like it. If the response from this is great it will b really telling to me. The world is yours peeps.

Aug. '99