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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 14: MTV- High School High Movie Premiere Party (1996)

The vault always stays open it never closes!!

Now this was a movie i only seen once and i thought it was kool nothing more than that. But this movie isnt known for the actually movie, it known for having one of best sdtk's u can have for a movie!! There is alot of classics on this sdtk that everybody should know about if u are a real hip-hop fan. I remember back in 10th grade a friend told me about this sdtk, and i was like u talking about a sdtk? Not a album....but a sdtk? are u kiddin me? But hey once i popped that bad boy in , i was beyond shocked how dope it was!! Now MTV decided to do something for the premiere of this movie coming out! The bill for this show is insane!!! U bout to see performing live: KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest, Junior Mafia (no Biggie , but DJ Clue is one the wheels) & The whole Wu-Tang Clan (minus Ol Dirty)!! It gets no better than this!! Now the only thing i had a problem wit is the crowd wasnt always hyped at times!! That irked me cause i dont think those teens know that they witnessing history and hip-hop isnt like this anymore!! If they knew what hip-hop would become i think they would been a lil bit more amped!! They just took it granted which is understandable cause back in 10th grade i nevr thought hip-hop would b where it is now! This another gem people, MTV never ever aired this again, this was a i told u guys my rec button was always ready!!!

High School High MTV Premiere Party 1996 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

KaySlay- The Predator (2001)

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 13: BET Teen Summit- The LOX (1998)

Back to the vault, lets get rowdy for a bit and peep The Lox cats tear it down wit some of their hits up to that point!!

The Lox on BET Teen Summit 1998 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show WKCR 89.9 (2/9/95)

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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 12: MTV Retrospective- LL Cool J (1996)

Lets keep it goin yall as we enter the vault once more...

Real talk back in '96 my friends asked me who is your fav rapper of all-time is...Now i started listening to hip-hop seriously around '92-'93, so my history wasnt that great on it. I only listened to what was on TV and a album here and there. And remember u had Biggie & Nas & Pac was already out there! So when my boys asked me that question i gave them a answer: LL Cool J! Now they looked at each other and kinda laughing but they couldnt say nothing negative cause at that time LL's rep was already set as a all-timer in the game. But it was one album by him that had me hooked and it was Mr Smith!! Im tellin yall right now, i loved this album so much i used to listen to it!! Its in my all-time 15 best albums list for sure!! So when i saw MTV was showin this i had to record it!! Very well put together piece right here and actually this was part of the celebration of LL's All World Best Of album that came out in '96 as well!! I loved that joint too cause of that Summer Luv joint!! Hope yall love this one and we just we gettin started in the vault plenty more in store!!

MTV: LL Cool J Retro 1996 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show WKCR 89.9 (1/19/95)

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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 11: MTV Def Jam Survival Of The Illest Tour (1998)

Gave yall some more treats tonight, hope u enjoy them, hope u guys had a great christmas!! Lets continue the Christmas spirit with a trip the vault!!..............

Back in the 80's a Hip-Hop tour was all good. U would actually go to a show to enjoy music and have a great time, u know like thats what a tour/ show is all about!! But down the line in the late 80s and into the 90s that line got blurred. Then when u went to a tour/ show u had to watch ur back, watch ur surroundings and hopefully everybody got along in the audience before fights and shots rang out! This reckless violence almost completely wiped out hip-hop tours to extinct status!!! It had gotten very bad!! But around '98 things started turning back into hip-hops favor. Def Jam setup this Survival Of The Illest tour wit some of the label's hardest acts to perform in certain spots artists will never perform at!! It was a crazy idea, but crazy enough that it worked. There was no reported violence that happened on this tour. I mean a lil bit people got out of hand but it was on them not towards others. This was a live tour by the way wit DMX, Redman, Keith Murray, Onyx as the headline acts. Peep this footage right here as MTV gets the inside scoop how everything was at the time of the tour, the sad thing is hip-hop will never b like this having a street team and goin to record store signings and doin radio promo!! These were the founding things artists did to get there name out there. It was like i go rambling again...just watch the flavs!!
One more thing, just remember this if this tour did not do well there would not have been a Hard Knock Life Tour and a Cash Money/ Ruff Ryders Tour and a Up In Smoke Tour that followed that!!

Def Jam Survival Of the Illest Tour '98 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show WKCR 89.9 (3/2/95)

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show WKCR 89.9 (11/??/95)

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show WKCR 89.9 (5/26/95)

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle (May 2000)

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle (February 2000)

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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 10: BET Rap City- Ghostface Killah (2000)

Happy Holidays to u all, hope u enjoying ur time wit family & friends!! I know these joints i provided for u guys today is the soundtrack for ur christmas eve.....(hopefully)!! Now lets relax by the fire for another episode from my vault shall we??.......

There is alot of history behind this episode right here. Alot of rumors got started with this one that carried on for a couple years. Now the basis for this show was Ghostface comin thru promoting his now 5-star classic Supreme Clientele album! It was another dope show as usual until something crazy happens during the middle of it. Now i know they was trying to have a certain storyline playout for this episode. Just to make it more fun (kind of) and crazy like a movie or something like that. But for some reason it went wayyyyyy left than what it was supposed to. Big Tigger stayed on the script but Ghost i guess u can say took a lil too far! After this show Ghostface would come back on Rap City throughout the years but everytime he was on the show mysteriously Big Tig was not there or a guest host was there to fill in. Call it what u want but obviously something went awry during this show that was not in the script at all. Once again when i 1st posted this going on 6 years ago it made it rounds everywhere including Youtube, so yes thank me once more for this gem! I always kept my finger on that record button people, BET wont ever show this again!!

Ghostface on BET Rap City 2000 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle (December 1999)

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle (June 1999)

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle (April 1999)

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle (September 1998)

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle ( September 1997)

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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 9: MTV The Diary- Kanye West (2004)

Hope u guys loved today's uploads, gots more coming as's is todays vault gem!!.......

Remember as i stated on the Jay Z Diary that- that Jay do not longer exist, he's corporate now. Well the same can b said for Kanye! When he first came out he was strictly hip-hop and a true to form beatmaker! He was the alternative to 50 Cent who killing it in the gangsta rap department. 50 had cats mimicking his style and sound, so Kanye went far left and kept it hip-hop! But after those first couple years Kanye as a artist went far left and as a person. To me he had alot that happened in his life that caused this change. When his mother unexpectedly passed away that was when Kanye changed his whole steez. And i get that, i understand. Now tho he's on a whole nother level. Its not even about the music anymore, its about the product, its about the clothing line and is just the latter now when it used to b the forefront. So please enjoy this and remember that kid from the Chi who spit his hard rhymes Through The Wire!!

Kanye West MTV Diary '04 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle (October 1998)

XXL Magazine Spin Cycle (October 1997)

The Source Magazine Fat Tape (July 1998)

The Source Magazine Fat Tape (May 1998)

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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 8: BET Rap City- Nas (1996)

Upped a couple more treats for u guys today, hope u enjoy them and got plenty more coming!! Time to re-open the vault....

At this time in 1996 Nas was undoubtedly THE man !! His 2nd LP just dropped and on its way to double platinum!! He set the bar for every rapper at that time, even the great Notorious BIG!! Biggie said he wanted to achieve was Nas did on his own 2nd LP!! Thats a lot of praise coming from another great MC! On this one Big Lez interviews Esco about coming up in the game, what the fans can expect on It Was Written and where he wants to go in his career! Plus we get a bonus appearance by Nas's daughter Destiny who is all grown up now...once again i always kept that record button handy and a VHS tape in the deck!! Gems people, straight gems!!

Nas on BET Rap City '96 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 10 (2002)

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 9 (2002)

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 8 (2002)

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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 7: Yo! MTV Raps- Big L (1995)

Hope u guys enjoyed today's uploads!! Got more coming tomorrow, so until then we return to the vault!!

I always said sadly enough it took L's passing for me to go back and peep the legend's catalog. When L was in the game I really didnt pay that much attention to him, but its not on him , my hip-hop knowledge just wasnt on point like it is now. Im just ashamed at myself for that! But really its ashame the way he died man, he did not deserve that at all!! He was on his way to do big things!! I can just imagine how him and Hova woulda changed the game lyrically together!! Peep him out here when he was beginning to b on the rise!! FYI: i knew this vid was a classic because when i first upped it 5 years ago somebody ripped this and put it on youtube!! So thank me for that!!

Big L on Yo! MTV Raps '95 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 7 (2002)

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 6 (2002)

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 5 (2002)

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 4 (2002)

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 3.5 (2001)

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 6: MTV The Diary- Jay Z (2000)

I told yall i had some tapes coming down the pipe, got more to upload tommarow!! So lets return to the vault shall we....

Man when i see this it almost brings a tear cause i know we will never see this Jay again!! This guy is long gone! The guy that wore a du-rag to your so called awards is no more, he's corporate now. But hey lets remember the great times. This was when Jay started to separate himself from the competition to Hova status!! On this show u will see him promoting, chillin in the nightlife, dispelling rumors, dealing wit ignorant niggas and just being the same ol Shawn that we grew up with. This brings back memories every time cause i remember how i was living at the time in NJ & Philly, and me and my team jammin Clue tapes on a nightly basis and rocking the latest albums in our cars!! Rocking the newest sneakers & freshest wears all along the way....ahhh man the good times. I miss it!! Enjoy yall!!

Jay Z MTV Diary '00 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 3 (2001)

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 2 (2001)

KaySlay- Renegades Pt. 1 (2001)

KaySlay- R&B World (2000) (disc 2)

KaySlay- R&B World (2000) (disc 1)

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 5: BET Rap City- Notorious BIG (1997)

Almost done upping more tapes, still working on it, dont worry.....back to the vault shall we?

Now this is a rare treat!! Biggie made a appearance on BET's Rap City about a month before he passed out in LA. I do remember seeing it. Sadly enough after he passed BET re-aired the interview couple weeks after. I remember catching it at night when they re-showed it, all i could do is just stick a tape in the VCR and record it before i went to bed for school the next day. Once again thank god i recorded this cause its so rare!! It just makes me sad cause i know Biggie had plans for the Life After Death album. Many questions i wish coulda been answered...did he & Jay got started on the Commission album? what was gonna b the next video planned for Life After Death after Hypnotize? did he feel like he was being watched out there in LA? what was Puff's Hell Up In Harlem (it was not named No Way Out originally, Puff changed it after Big passed) really was gonna sound like and what he was gonna add to it? So many questions man, i just wished he would have left LA unharmed....

Biggie On Rap City '97 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 4: BET Rap City- Notorious BIG Tribute (1999)

Still uploading tapes for u guys, just gonna take a lil time. Bare with me, but in the mean time lets go back into the vault!!

This was one of those times im glad i was channel surfing the right way. This was sometime during the middle of my senior year (1999) and i was flipping channels to see what was on and i stumbled across this on BET. So i missed the beginning part but i hit that record button real fast! Back then BET wasnt re-running stuff like this, it was neither u saw it or u didnt! One this day they gave a tribute to the late great Notorious BIG interviewing people that he was close to plus others that worked at Bad Boy. Real classic how this was put together and im happy i decided run across this on TV!

Biggie Tribute on Rap City '99 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 2: BET Rap City- Best Of The Booth Pt. 1 (2000-2003)

So while im still trying to upload new mixtapes for u guys lets keep rollin in my vault shall we?

BET Rap City used to b one of the dopest hip-hop shows around! Im talking about from the origins wit Joe Clair & Big Lez during the 90s to Big Tigger in the 2000s. In the 90s it used to come on 2wice a day, so if u missed it at 4pm u could catch it again at 9 or 10pm!! I missed those days man!! When Big Tigger took the reigns for his Bassment in late '99 he introduced a new feature which was a actual booth when the guest of that show can show off his rhymin skillz!! Some was nice, some was wack but it was what it was. Believe it or not the man dude that was consistent in the booth all the time was Tigger!! And yes he freestyled better than some of ur favorite rappers on the show!! So lets take it back with part 1!!

Best of the Booth pt. 1 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage: BET- Legend Of 106 & Park Freestyle Friday (2003)

If u guys was a supporter of my blog from years ago then u know i had uploaded a ton of vintage vintage hip-hop vids from my collection to share wit u all. I know i gained many more followers since then so lets re-open that vault and go back to the good ol' times!!

People need to know that when 106 & Park first started in 2000 it was the first live show ever on BET! And it was pretty darn good but the highlight of the show was The Freestyle Fridays!! The dude that got the hype started was PostaBoy!! His rhymes was all of that and he was really nice!! The crazy thing was after winning 6-7 in a row he stopped!! Like he retired cause he was getting offers from labels so he just hung it up. The Legend was born from there and many people got their shine on from this show but i will always say the best ones was from 2000-2003!! It didnt get no better than that!!

The Legend of Freestyle Friday 2000-03 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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