Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LP Thoughts: Canibus- Can-I-Bus (1998)

I first heard of Canibus on Wyclef's "Gon Til November" and i quickly dismissed that track cause i didnt like Wyclef at all. So i pretty much didnt pay attention to him on that one. The next time was on Lost Boyz "Beasts Of The East" and thats when my radar was up on him. He spit one of the most memorable verses on a hip-hop track. His whole rhyme that he kicked was fire! I was like damn ok, he iight! But the joint that put on notice wit everybody was LL's "4321". It was his verse and all that went on because of it that put him on blast.
If u heard the orig. rhyme he spit on that, he asked LL if he could borrow that mic that is tatoo'd on his arm. Canibus wanted to get one on his arm as well. I guess LL didnt like that too much and went off him on his verse of the track. The two had a dispute and had a talk, Canibus said he would change his rhyme and LL said he would as well. Well Canibus changed his but LL didnt. And LL's verse was one of the hardest i ever heard him spit (had to throw that in there).
Un-beknown to LL he would now be involved in a battle that could threathen his career. I first heard 2nd Round TKO on the radio down here late night on a show called "Straight From the Streets" where they premier the latest songs thats poppin in NYC. And what i heard on that track was mind-boggling!! He straight ripped on LL this track! Then the video just put the icing on the cake! It had my man Tyson on there and the whole thing was dope. I bought the single to the track the day it came out! I was blasting that song damn near everyday!! Everybody was anticipating this man's LP to come out! Plus he was killing it on mixtapes from everyone! So the only debate was how ill would his LP be? Will it be a classic?......
In '98 when his LP dropped i was all geared up to buy his LP. I had my sights set on it! But suddenly i started to hear some not so good feedback from my friends about the LP. I was hearing, "No so good", "wack beats", "very average if that". I was like this cant be, they gotta be lying! I gotta hear this myself, so i was able to buy it used at a store for a low price (had to take it). And what i heard was very depressing man. "Get Retarded" was dope, cant front on that and props to Salaam Remi on the track. "I Honor U" was the 2nd single from the LP and i liked this one too. Real stuff he was speakin on that one. Then u got a banger wit "How We Roll", which was the b-side to 2nd Rd TKO. And this track is hard and i cant believe Clark Kent did this!! Then sadly enough thats it yall. 4 tracks is all i can rock to on this, thats it.

I gave this CD away to a friend of mine back in '03, i just had no use for it no more. Still questions linger for me about Canibus......why nobody took him in their camp i.e. Def Squad or Lost Boyz? Why in the hell did he hook up with Wyclef? Why did he go at Eminem? Dont get me wrong, this man can rhyme his ass off and he still droppin joints today but why didnt he go the way we thought? All in all this LP was kinda of a fail. Defintely a let down on my end.

Whats ur thoughts on this LP?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: August 1995

The tracks replaced off this was:
Dove Shack- Freestyle w/ Dove Shack- Summertime In The LBC (off same LP)

Aug. '95

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LP Thoughts: Beanie Sigel- The Truth (2000)

Well i started to hear about Beans on Jay's 2nd LP on "Reservior Dogs" and the smash hit "Money, Cash, Hoes" RMX. Those joints was ok to debut on. Then in '99 u saw him on the Hard Knock Life Tour kickin that same ill freestyle every night at every show. I know yall saw the movie about the tour, he was a lil grimy nigga straight from the street but u know that he could rhyme his ass off. Later on that year I heard him on Puff's 2nd LP and Biggie's Born Again. So the buzz is kinda goin. A friend of mine while i was in Boot Camp A-School (US NAVY) who was from Philly asked me, u heard of Beanie Sigel? I was like yeah he's pretty kool. He then told me yo, check this out! It was a cd called Best Of Beanie Sigel! I was like a Best of??!! This man dont even have a album out yet and he has a Best Of? I was like ok this dude is somethin else. Then word got out that his LP is droppin early 2000, i was ready.
I copped the LP the day it came out and i was eager to hear what he was comin wit! And he got me goin right away with the 1st track, "The Truth" which was produced by a early Kanye. Then the 2nd track was "Who Want What" by a early Just Blaze! So right away i was pleased wit what i was hearing! "Remember Them Days" was nice track for the family and all that. A song that dont get much recognition was "Stop, Chill"!! I used to repeat that song alot and it was produced by Rockwilder. It shocked me cause that beat do not sound like a Rockwilder track at all. Buckwild keeps things movin wit "What A Thug About". And the motion picture sounding "What Ya Life Like" is like the icing on the cake for me. That song there is so theatrical thats its insane! Jay-Z finishes things off with "Anything" which is one of my all-time fav. Jay tracks! I love the sample and everything plus the video was dope! The crazy thing about that song is that Jay thought that it was gonna blow up like "Hard Knock Life"cause of the same familiar sample and it didnt do that. So he considered it a fail. I gotta correct him on that, it was a epic win to me! I very much love that record!
All and all this LP was a banger man, u can say its semi-classic!!? Maybe? I dont know.

Whats ur thoughts on this LP?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Source July '95: DJ Screw

In '97 i moved from El Paso to a hr away from Houston. About a couple weeks or so living down there i met a friend of my cousin. One day we all ridin in his car and he was jammin Scarface's Untouchable LP. But the one thing i noticed immediately was why in the world does it sound all slowed down? Its ur tape deck broke? WTF? He told me its screwed down. I was like what? I hated screw music for almost a year after living down there and i was catching a lot of flack. But in late '98 and early '99, i learned to appreciate it and now loving it. I will always have a NY State of Mind but i cant forget about my city. So read the article above and find out more about a man who gave TX its own signature sound.

Holla at me if u wanna hear one if his tapes and ill post one up!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: September 1994

The tracks replaced off this was:
Nice & Smooth- Sky's The Limit w/ Nice & Smooth- Old To The New (off same LP)

Sept. '94

LP Thoughts: Big L- The Big Picture (2000)

I know yall might kill me for this, but if Big L didnt pass away when he did i would have known barely nothin about him. When he was alive i just considered him just another rapper out there tryin to make it. My hip-hop knowledge up to that point in 1999 was ok but no where near what it is now.
So when he died i had study the manuscripts and do my research on him. And man was i so off on him. This man is one of the few ultra talented MC's ever, i mean he had it all rhymin wise. So much talent man, and its a shame how he died cause i wouldnt wish that on nobody.
In 2000, i remember watching Rap City and seeing the 1st single for this LP which was "Holdin It Down". I was feelin that real hard, everything was dope about that track (a big surprise when i found out that Pete Rock produced the joint).
When the LP dropped a couple months later i knew i had to cop this, i had to hear what this man was sayin and bringin to the game. And i was surprised on how dope this man was.
The intro into the LP had me hyped, DJ Premier did a great job piecing that together. Then that '98 Stretch & Bob Freestyle was off the hook! At that time i never heard a actual Stretch & Bob show, so to hear that was incredible! Another classic track was "The Enemy", Primo again served up another hot one. The story wit that track that was that L & Joe was arguing about somethin that had to deal wit MLK & Malcolm X. It was very intense, but when Primo dropped the beat and they both went into the studio and magic was made. Crazy. Last but not least we get to "Platinum Plus", Big Daddy Kane wrecked shop on this and the beat was bananas. A little known fact on this was that Primo said Jay Z was supposed to be on the song but couldnt get him on there due to scheduling. Imagine that if he was on it!!
All and all this LP was all that and it was learning session for me to study up on L. Matter fact, later on that year I copped his 1st LP and listened to that and ill give my take on that one soon!

Whats ur thought's on this LP?

The Source Fat Tape: September 2002

The tracks replaced off this was:
Baretta- Real Chicks Do Real Things w/ Flipmode Squad- Just Chill (circa 2002)


Monday, August 15, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: February 1997

Feb. '97

The Source Fat Tape: August 2002

The tracks replaced off this was:
Blam & Lo Man- Let Me Know w/ Swizz Beats- Guilty (circa 2002)

Aug. '02

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: May 1999

The tracks replaced off this was:
Cool Breeze- We Get It Krunk w/ Cool Breeze- Cre-A-Tine

May '99

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: May 2001

The tracks replaced off this was:
FT- FB High w/ Cappadonna- Supermodel (circa 2001)
Boogie Man- Just Wait w/ Beatnuts No Escapin This (circa 2001)
Littles- Hallwayzz w/ Afura- Big Acts, Little Acts (circa 2001)
Tru-Life- Rock Wild Out w/ DMX- Aint No Sunshine (circa 2001)
Da Beatminerz- The Extreme Situation w/ Da Beatminerz- Open (off same LP)

May '01

The Source Fat Tape: March 1999

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Cool Breeze- I Got People w/ Cool Breeze- Butta (off same LP)

Mar. '99

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: March 1998

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Mia X- Soldier Funk w/ Jermaine Dupri- The Party Continues (circa 1998)

Mar. '98

The Source Fat Tape: March 2000

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Barkim- Cash Money w/ Choclair- Lets Ride (circa 2000)

Mar. '00

Thursday, August 11, 2011

LP Thoughts: Big Pun- Yeeeah Baby (2000)

Pun achieved great success on his 1st LP. So when word spread around that he was gettin ready to drop his second LP in 2000, i was thinkin how can he follow it up?
Well sadly enough he passed before the LP dropped. So we kinda never know how the LP was supposed to come together orig. or what other tracks coulda been recorded to add on to it. So Fat Joe and his camp did their best to compile this LP the best they could for release.
In my opinion, this LP was pretty ok. I think it coulda been better but they had to do with what they had. But the lead single for this LP is a classic in my book which was "Its So Hard"! And this track was definetly that...HARD!! At the time i was living in NJ and HOT 97 had this on rotation all the time. Matter of fact, right before this LP dropped i went to NYC to visit & tour and right on Times Square i saw a Big Pun promo van jammin that track extra loud promoting the single. It was crazy!
The other tracks on this LP i was pumpin alot was "My Dick" (no homo) and "Laughing At You". That Laughing At You cut seemed to be also the people's choice as one of their fav. tracks as well cause all my friends that owned this LP was always playin that song.
Like i said, all & all this LP was pretty ok but we never know how it woulda turned out if Pun was alive to see this album through.

Ok, so whats ur thoughts on this LP?

The Source Fat Tape: July 2001

The tracks replaced off of this was:
IGT- Alpha and The Omega w/ IGT- Apologies (off same LP)
Corey AK- Big Dawgs Do Big Things w/ Killarmy- Feel It (circa 2001)

Jul. '01

The Source Fat Tape: January 2000

The tracks i replaced off of this was:
Youngbloodz- Hot Heat w/ Youngbloodz- 85 (off same LP)
Severe- Thugout w/ Severe- If Words Can Kill (off same LP)

Jan. '00

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: December 1997

Dec. '97

The Source Fat Tape: December 2000

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Madina- Spanish Fly w/ Shade Sheist- Where I Wanna Be (circa 2000)
Stone Rivers- All My Life w/ Shyne- Thats Gangsta (circa 2000)

Dec. '00

LP Thoughts: Angie Martinez- Up Close & Personal (2001)

Ok while im still building up more Source Fat Tapes, I introduce u to another feature on my blog called LP Thoughts. U know every album back in the day that u copped has a story surrounding it and ur personal opinion on it. So that is what i am gonna do with some LPs I purchased myself. This feature also requires ur participation in it as well. Feel free to speak on these LPs and share ur thoughts and theories on them!

Lets begin, i know on this LP i might surprise a few people but i did cop this when it dropped in 2001. I thought Angie held her own on Ladies Night. Then on KRS's I Got Next, she had a joint on there she did wit Redman and the Blastmaster himself. And she did her thing on that as well. So i just kept it in the back of my mind that hey Angie is pretty aiight.
So in mid-2001 i was jammin a new DJ Clue mixtape that featured a joint she did wit Prodigy "New York, New York". That joint to me was hard! I found myself repeating it a couple of times. So at this point, Angie was growing on me. Then the joint that did it for me was "Mi Amor" that she did wit Jay Z! I 1st heard that on a Clue tape as well, and i was really impressed wit it. I remember many people gettin down to that joint whenever they played it! Not so long after that the word was out that Angie was droppin a LP. When it dropped, i picked it up not so long after and i was really impressed wit it. U gotta take that gamble sometimes and on this one it was worth it. A couple joints on here had me rockin like "No Playaz", "Live from the Streets" (the LOX & Beanie Sigel killed this) & "Dem Thangs".
The crazy thing was that back in '03 i gave this CD away! Why, i dont know but i DL'd again a couple of years ago and when i listened to again i was satisfied that i didnt waste my money on this when i originally bought it. Plus it didnt hurt that i always thought that Angie was fine. But thats another story!

Ok, whats ur thoughts on this LP?

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dream Team- Ripper Strikes Back (1998) (Mixtape)

Thats right, im hittin u in da head wit another one! This is a lovely tape from '98 with dope jams all over it! Plus some rare radio DMX freestyles! DMX in his prime was one if the illest rhymers out there, just the way he was rappin made u get in a grimy stance and just rock to it! Classic material and a classic tape! No tracklistings people, just build that anticipation up so u can rock to this one! Never been posted on the net!

On a side note, this a APB to people out there: If u have any old mixtape cassettes lyin around ur house and u wanna contribute to what im doing, please email me at dipsetgunit456@aol.com! I can rip them and post them then give them right back to ya. Its simple as that. Send me the tapes, i rip'em, post em and ship em! Easy as 123! Please feel free to e-mail people!!

Dream Team '98

Cutmaster C- ???????? (1996) (Mixtape)

U know i kinda feel like my blog is being reborn with new clever ideas. And im just happy that u the people is feelin what im doing and the love is great trust me.
Im an old cat tryin to keep up with the youngstas out there, and i came across somethings i think the masses will like.

Now this tape here i wanna say is one of the best tapes i ever posted on here. And i am glad that this has never been posted on the net! Now i have no idea what the name of this tape is. Cutmaster C never mentions the name of this tape during the tape either. So i have no clue what the name is. But this tape pound for pound is one of the all-time best i ever heard. He has tracks on here that wont even be out until '97 on a '96 tape!!! Yall know i dont do tracklistings, but im tellin u this tape will blow ur mind with whats on it!! This right on that DJ Clue- Clueminatti pt. 2 level! Ok, i said enough just cop this and rock to it!!
Shouts out to my boy Tim Brown!

Cutmaster C '96

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: July 1997

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Coolio- Hit 'Em w/ Coolio- Lets Do It (off same LP)
Nola- Life Is Crime w/ Master P- If I Could Change (circa 1997)

July '97

The Source Fat Tape: November 1996

Nov. '96

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: May 2003

I always said that the golden era for my era was '92-98. And from '99-'03, Hip-Hop was still in a good place. But after '03 hip-hop had alot of up & downs, never consistent. There were alot of ups but the downs kinda overshadowed them. To now where the downs are just dreadful. So to me 2003 was the final year hip-hop was worth keepin up with. Yeah u had surprises like Kanye & 50 but thats far and between. 2003 was a great year.....the whole year. Name another year since then thats been great the entire year..........still thinkin..........go ahead ill give u more time.....

The track replaced off of this was:
Craig G- Executioner's Song w/ Ready Set Begin (off of same LP)

May '03

The Source Fat Tape: November 2002

The tracks replaced off of this was:
Rockness Monsta- Rock Wit Me w/ Knocturnal- Muzik (circa 2002)
Baby- Ghetto Life w/ Benzino- Rock The Party (circa 2002)
Luc-Duc- Sticky-Icky w/ Field Mob- Sick Of Being Lonely (circa 2002)
Skillz- Show Love w/ Xzibit- Multiply (circa 2002)

Nov. '02

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: April 2001

The track replaced off this was:
Tha Liks- 151 w/ Best U Can (off same LP)

Apr. '01

The Source Fat Tape: June 2001

The tracks that was replaced off of this was:
Ike Jackson- I Know What You Want w/ Xzibit- Front To Back (circa 2001)
P Dap- Gulley Affair w/ Angie Martinez- Dem Thangs (circa 2001)

Jun. '01

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: November 2000

The tracks that was replaced off this was:
Redman & Lady Luck- Come And Get It w/ The Dwellas- Da Ruckus (circa 2000)
Memphis Bleek- PYT w/ Do My (off the same LP)
Slimm Cutta Calhoun- Why Ya Smilin w/ How Much Can I (off the same LP)

Nov. '00