Monday, September 23, 2013

Recognize The Real presents- On Some Real Hip-Hop S**t: Underground Compilation

Like i said before, coming up listening to hip-hop all i knew was what was being shown on TV. I didnt grow up in NYC, we didnt have access to mixtapes like they did up there. All i had is what was being shown on MTV & BET and that was it. So basically it was mostly mainstream hip-hop that i came up on.
Now behind the scenes there was a thing called underground hip-hop happening that i had no clue of. Didnt know it even existed. Now i did hear most artists back then say we came up thru the underground and etc. And i thought i knew what that meant but obviously i didnt. My meaning of it was totally different the actual. Underground means puttin out music yourself by any means necessary. Underground means independent record labels puttin out music by artists that arent household names. Underground means artists puttin out great music that u will never see on MTv or BET or big time multimedia. And in the 90s this was happening and it slowing started gaining a great following. A following that i knew nothing about.
College radio stations started to pick up on this and started having shows dedicated to this kind of music. Stretch & Bobbito was kind of the front runners in this category. Their show was from '90-'98!! The crazy thing is during my middle school & high school years Stretch & Bob was it puttin down playing underground music that i had no clue of!! I didnt even know who Stretch & Bobbito were until late '98-early '99!! WNYU Halftime Show is another platform to where underground music was played! They started in '98 and still goin on til this day!! Big time magazines like Source & Vibe magazine started realizing how big underground hip-hop around '97. Thats when they started having little articles on it to tell the masses.
Myself didnt start paying attention to underground music until i stated this blog in '08!! 2008!! So i started wayyyy behind the 8-ball and had alot of catching up to do! But now in 2013 im all the way in and know more about underground NYC hip-hop then most more new yorkers! So i decided to make a compilation of underground tracks so people can hear real hip-hop at its finest!! These are artists that never made it big but their music is something u can jam to for years to come. It gives u perspective of what hip-hop used to sound like and tells u that u dont have to make it big-time to get music known decades from now. I hope these joints puts a new perspective of hip-hop that u never knew about and probably put u on some new discovered  classics u can add to ur rotation! Its 60+ tracks deep so u got more than enough to keep u goin! Like DJ Premier said, Underground will never die its just like roaches, never dying just keep living!

Underground For Life