Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Im glad u guys are enjoying the rebirth, im not gonna harp too much on it so lets move on. I just hit u guys off with some dope Future Flavas shows that used to air on Hot97. Now lets keep it on the Hot97 side of things and enter Stretch & Bobbito. Their show was aired on Hot97 on Sunday nights from the middle of '96 to '98 late '99. It wasnt fully like their 89.9 WKCR homebase show but it was fitting for NYC airwaves. The show was actually called The Boogie & The Barber Show, but the basis was artists who was the hottest out whether mainstream or underground go on there to promote whatever they got goin on and spit hot 16's. Hope u guys really dig these joints and lets go!

Pete Rock & Marley Marl Hot 97 Future Flavors: Heltah Skeltah 1998

PR & MM '98 HS

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hot 97 Future Flavas: KRS-One 1994

Another tid bit is that KRS-One was the host of Future Flavors on Hot 97 before Pete & Marley came over from 105. And this show features one of the most classic freestyle sessions u will ever hear featuring KRS, Scarface & MC Serch!! The person u at least expected straight up murdered it, thats all im gonna say!!

The T'Cha Hot 97 '94

Monday, September 1, 2014

105.9 Pirate Radio 1994: Pete Rock & Marley Marl

Before it was moved to Hot 97, it was on 105.9 also it was called Pirate Radio originally before they re-named it. Just a bit of knowledge...

Pirate Radio '94

Pete Rock & Marley Marl Hot 97 Future Flavors: June 1997