Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thanks For The Love!

Yo, its been a month into this and i never thought that this blog will successful as it is right now. I also realize more than ever now, how much these old school classic mixtapes affects people's lives and makes them feel good. And all i wanted to do, is to share what i have to the masses. I know people for years been looking for what i have, so i feel its only right to give back. Thats what im here for, for all the true hip-hop heads to try to keep that feelin of the golden era of hip-hop still alive and to make sure it doesnt die. Cause thats what i grew up to and i want to keep that feeling of old school hip-hop spirit alive for everyone that visits this blog. So i appreciate the love and i still have more to post. I still have more Clue's to post and i havent even started to get to my Stretch & Bobbito shows yet! Like Puff said " I Aint Gonna Stop, Cause I Dont Know How To!"


Anonymous said...

Keep doin what you doin. All the posts have been tasty lil treats!!!And contributes to the education of the unlearned. PEACE

Anonymous said...

best site ever! propz dude frm mike