Friday, March 13, 2009

Do You Have Any Of These Episodes?

People out there know that this blog is only for musical purposes, but right now I need help from yall out there. By now u people know that im an ol' head and i love classic hip-hop. But also im an collector of things of hip-hop like old Source, XXL, Ego Trip & Rap Pages magazines. But right now im in dire need of old Yo! MTV Raps and BET Rap City episodes!
If anyone has any old YO! MTV Raps episodes from '88-'96 or any old BET Rap City episodes from '94-'99, please people holla at me ASAP!! E-mail me at or tell me in the chat box or get at me some how so we can get at each other and make this happen! I know there is people out there that has episodes of these shows and they might think people dont be checkin for this stuff, but let me tell u that I do!! Im trying my hardest to get all that I can, im going to attack this with the same spirit i had going after hard to find mixtapes. Hopefully this will be more easier though. So please people if u can help a brotha out, i came thru for yall many times before so please try to come thru for me!!


Olskool4real said...

Brandan check DJ Marioka out over at Real Hip Hop or S.O.U.L I think they got collections of them!!

marioka said...

Hi Brandan,

I sell them by ioffer now. I've sold several sets of DVD's.

If you'd want, contact with me at: .