Sunday, January 9, 2011

BET: The Legend Of Freestyle Friday 2000-03 (Video)

U know there was a time when BET was on point!! They had the classic years in the 90's when i was a youngster, then when the new decade came around in 2000 they had to re-invent themselves. And they did just that with the birth of 106 & Park. Now if people dont know, 106 & Park started in early 2000 taking Hitz on the Street timeslot. Now at the time i was pissed off cause Hitz was funny as hell, but soon after watchin 106 & park with AJ & Free i was thinkin hey they might be on to somethin. The hype even grew bigger for the show when they start doin Freestyle Friday battles, and the nigga to put that on the map was Postaboy. Man let me tell yall, back in those days when i was in the Navy, when Freestyle Friday was gettin ready to come on and Postaboy was doin his thing...imagine 20-30 people all crammed up in one little spot to see it!! It was that ill yall. It was something i never forget. And from then on it was on and poppin, it was livest part of the whole show. Alot memories watchin those wit my boys back then. Now this BET special is from 2003, and they give us the viewers the history of how this thing jumped off. They feature past Freestyle Friday champs such as... Postaboy, Jin, Avalanche, Backland, Uni-bomber, Shivy, Whyte-out, Drift & Nova. Im tellin yall, watchin this will bring back alot of memories if watched these guys doing their thing back then. Enjoy people!!

The Legend of Freestyle Friday 2000-03 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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