Friday, June 3, 2011

Tracks That U Would Lose Ur Mind To #3: Busta Rhymes- Everything Remains Raw

Man do i remember when this came out! Back to '96 in the 10 grade it was all good. Matter of fact u could argue that 1996 is one of the best years of hip-hop! Go back and check the classics that came out that year, go ahead and check.......u will be surprised! Now I was watching BET Rap City and the new video of the day gettin ready to pop off. It was Busta Rhymes- Woo! Hah Got U All In Check, at the time that was 1 of the hottest tracks out but the vid wasnt out yet. So here I am watching the vid, but i recognize that the beginning dont sound like Woo! Hah. It sounded like something else i never heard of before. When that beat popped off and Busta said "Yo, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo! All the time....." I was maddd open, i was like what is this???@! Then Busta and his boys get rowdy in the car while he driving down Times Square in NYC. Simply mesmerizing, i was very amped watchin that. Then the joint switched to Woo! Hah, and i was like what happened? I realized, this is the vid for Woo! Hah i almost forgot!
Hype Williams did a great job directing this joint, he was the 1st director to do 2 in 1's. Which is 2 vid's in 1. Nas's "If I Ruled The World" is a prime example. The word spread quickly about Everything Remains Raw! Me and my friends was like yo, Woo! Hah is dope but that track Eveything Remains Raw is mad hype! And we all agreed. Easy Mo Bee was feelin it when he produced that joint!! That will get any party rowdy! Through out the years that song stands out cause i remember how hyped i got watchin Busta & crew gettin mad rowdy in the car in the video! Its one of those tracks that would lose ur mind to without a doubt!


Olskool4real said...

No doubt that was hot that year I wasn't the biggest Busta fan but he got off on this track probably because he was understood throughout!!!This was one of his most hardcore cuts with no playing!!!

Nick Bishop said...

been checking this site for a long-time, i really appreciate everything you do here.
i actually just did an interview with Rampage over on my site (
he spoke a little bit on the "woo-hah" video, but had quite a few other interesting anecdotes.
check it out, hope you dig it!