Monday, January 2, 2012

Do U Really Know Ur Hip-Hop?

Back then when i used to listen to rap, i didnt care how the beat was made or what they used to make the beat. All I wanted to do is jam out and get my rock on. But as I got older and really started paying attention to hip-hop's other aspects, my inquisitive mind wanted to know other things. Like who produced this? What machine did they use? Whats a sample? How they make the beat sound like that? There are people out there the same age as me and really dont give a damn about those type of things, they just listen to the beat and the artist and thats it. Kinda sad if u ask me, especially if they dont know what a sample is or how the producer came up with that beat.
So i know my people that ride wit me on this blog is hip to this aspect of our music right? U can recognize a sample and what record it is right? If u listen to a certain sample right now, u can name the record that used that sample right? U sure? Ok then... prove it! Down below is a sample mix i put together myself. If ur so hip to samples and know ur hip-hop like u say then can u name the hip-hop songs that used these samples while listening to this? Ok, dont speak about it be about it!! In the comment box below lets see where ur knowledge is at! For some of the samples in this mix i brought it back 2-3 times so u can hear it clearly cause some of them are really quick and u gotta catch it.
I know some of u might search the internet for some of the answers and i cant catch yall doin it. But thats shame on u if u dont know some of these joints straight up! Ok people, have at it!


BODA said...


BODA said...


Brandan E. said...

killah priest used of those samples? he's definetly not one of the artists thats on the list of those samples but hey u learn somethin new everyday.
good stuff

Bruto Lee Onis (pronounced Brutally Honest) said...

That first joint was used by World Renown Produced By K-Def "How Nice I am."
Im Afraid The Masqurade is Over - David Porter (Who Shot Ya?)
De La Soul - Stakes Is High
"World Is Yours" - Nas
"Above The Clouds" - Gangstarr
"Today" - Tom Scott (T.R.O.Y. - Pete rock & CL Smooth - my favorite song of all time)
That Computer Love piece is good. Stumped me there
"Flip The Script" - Gangstarr
someone else sampled that record, i have an obscure CMFAMALAM tape where the beat is played during a mic break.......
"Superstar" - Group Home
"Soul Clap" - Showbiz & AG
"Party Groove" - Showbiz & AG
The next one is on the tip of my brain.......
Same thing with the next one....
DAMN!! I know those, but Im gettin old.....
"Come Clean" - Jeru The Damaja
Nuthin but a G thang - Dr Dre...Lil sidenote, after a couple of drinks, "I wanta Do Somethin Freaky To You" by Leon Heywood gets bitches open....
Cant place the one after that....
"Vibes and Stuff"?? - ATCQ
"Wu-Tang Aint nuthin fuck wit!!! LMAO RZA is a fuckin genius....
DAMN Im really gettin old if I cant tell you where that MJ sample was used....
"Grand Groove" - Tragedy
"Need You Tonight" - Junior Mafia and countless others used that Patrice rushen
"One Step" - Killah Priest and a couple other niggas......
....OK I stopped after Nautilus. but i know them Minnie Riperton samples.........Good shit Brendan!

Bruto Lee Onis (pronounced Brutally Honest) said...

Songs that sampled "NAUTILUS" alone:
Daytona 500 - Ghostface
Beats To The Rhyme - Run DMC
Bait - UltraMagnetic MC's
Follow The Leader - Eric B & Rakim
My Mind Spray - Jeru The Damaja
Big Shots = King Sun
Slipping Into Darkness - Queen Mother Rage
Live At The BBQ - Main Source
Brothers On My Jock - EPMD
Ill Wax Anybody - Tim Dog
Throw Ya Gunz - Onyx
This That & A 3rd - illacoin

Toooooo many to name even toill this day.

Brandan E. said...

good job Bruto Lee!!

im gonna post the answers to this real soon but u damn near nailed it!!
but forgot about apache- gangsta bitch & beatnuts used one of those samples
and 2pac- i get around was the computer love
and 3 others u didnt get either but ill give the answers to those soon!

u almost had it!!

unique detail said...

ok ok as a dj myself real talk I do shit like this and i must admit it was easy startin off only cause I have most of them but here is what i came up with the artists that used the samples lol in ahhh order u played

tribe called quest
de la soul
busta & kool g rap
pete n c.l.
biggie.. n 2 many others
gangstarr.. styles p .. mack 10
group home
tribe.. 45 king.. mc shan
showbiz n ag
kid kapri .. showbiz n ag
tribe.. pete rock
apache (nice the sample i been lookin 4 n dont have)
dre n snoop
tribe.. jungle brothers... 2pac (on a demo).... kris kross
father mc... fat joe.. ice cube
wu tang
(wow) i d k
heavy d
common.. big daddy kane .. tradgedy n too many others
scarface... jay z .. big daddy kane and like 10 others
main source.... raekwon n wow... too many used bob
kool g .. lil kim ... eve.. tribe nice long list
shyne.. busta.. snoop.. and few others

that was aiight nice mental work out