Friday, June 29, 2012

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of Large Professor

This cat right here is a producer's producer. He is all about the music and none of that other music business crap. That might of hurt him during his career but he stayed true to himself and let the music speak for him. He was a prodigy at early age taught by the late Paul C, he producin tracks for Eric B & Rakim & Kool G Rap at like 14-16 years old (dont know the actual age but in that range). Blessed the world the classic Main Source 1st LP. Gave us Nas & Akinyele! Did lots of great work wit Tribe & Pete Rock. And was around when niggas was goin record huntin to find those specific breaks along wit Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Beatnuts, Diamond D, Beatminerz & etc. My fascination wit Extra P started around '96 when I first heard "Mad Scientist" on Rap City! That blew my mind still til this day! Now i remember back in like '94-'95 hearing Tribe's Midnight Marauders, and i was jammin to that track "Keep It Rollin" and i was thinkin to my self who's that cat rhymin at the end? Ha Ha, but at the time i didnt know who he was and i didnt even hear Main Source yet. I 1st heard "Looking Out The Front Door" around '97. Please people dont laugh at me, i already told yall before that my hip-hop knowledge wasnt there yet at that time. But that is a record that covers many music genres, its a hip-hop record, its a dance record & its a house record! Back in '91 u could throw that record on and rock any type of crowd! This man is hip-hop to me and he just stays to himself and do him. So my tribute to him is a little Best Of i created in honor of him. Hope yall like it and jam it in ur rides!
"Queens represent, buy the album when i drop it!"

Large Pro

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