Saturday, January 18, 2014

DJ Envy- The Rocafella Mixtape Vol. 3: State Property (2002)

Cinema returns! I remember the day this film came out man, it was an event around our ways! Rocafella to us was more than a was a way of life!! This movie was just that ill man, we stole certain slangs and other stuff in this movie that me and boys started doin just messing around wit each other but it as fun. Yes Jigga made a small cameo in it and his scenes was kinda crazy but it was ill tho!
Dame acted a complete fool in this movie and it was funny as heck. Beans was hard as hell in this joint and he did his thing. Just all around man State Property was a major movement at that time. Crazy times and great memories!!



Anonymous said...

Classic tape

scjoha said...
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Anonymous said...

Do you have Vol. 2. My copy is so scratched up I can't play or download it. Been searching for awhile and can't find it anywhere.