Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whoo Kid- Hydro (2001)

Well folks this is the last of the goodies that Cinema has provided me. As u can see he contributed alot and i wanna thank him for giving rare tapes that many people enjoyed!! Remember people that these tapes are no longer around even in NYC!! Can u believe that...NYC pretty much dont have any more old mixtapes being sold at any bodegas or anything like that. I have no idea why, when my boy in Brooklyn told me way back in '05 that he couldnt find no '90s tapes around i was shocked. The oldest he could find was from '03 and that was back then in '05 so what u think whats the oldest now?
I dont think people know how rare these tapes are to find nowadays man, its like treasures u have to dig up to find them now. So please appreciate what u have and what im diggin up for u! And again if there are anybody out there that want to contribute to the cause please holla at me at! I still got other solid treats coming for u stay tuned weekly on saturdays!

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