Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ill Will- Best Of Mase (1996)

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bbk said...

Sick tape.

DJ Ill Will - Best Of Mase

Side A
Mase & Funkmaster Flex
Mase, Tragedy, Iman Thug, Noriega, Killer Kam, Pierre, Clue Freestyle
Mase, Lox, Funkmaster Flex - Freestyle
Mase, BIG, Craig G - Freestyle
Mase, Lox, Mc Grugg - Rappin Uptown
Mase, Big L, Mc Gruff - Uptown Connection
Maee & Children Of The Corn - Bloodshed
Mase, Lox, DMX - Niggas Done Started Something

Side B
Mase, Lox, Puff Daddy - Goodfellas
Mase, BIG, Puff Daddy - Mo Money, Mo Problems
Mase & Tasha - Just The Way
You Like It -(Chill Will RMX)
Mase & Mo Money - After All
Mase & Mario Wayans - I Don't Know
Mase, BIG, 112 - Only you (RMX)
Mase & Keith Sweat - Just a touch
Mase & Tasha Holida - Just The Way You Loke It
Mase & Puff Daddy - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
Mase Outro (J-Love)