Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt.20: MTV- Puff Daddy & The Family No Way Out Tour (1997)

This was the Tour event that resurrected hip-hop back into all ur cities venues!! Before this a hip-hop tour was damn near extinct cause of violence that always came with it! And this tour had one heck of bill that interestingly enough had artists that did not get along with each other behind scenes! Jay Z, The Firm, Foxy, Kim, Busta, Mase, Usher, 112 and etc was all apart of this tour. The only kinda setback was about 5 -6 cities in Jigga dipped cause he felt they was treated fairly on the tour, but u gotta remember Jay just dropped his 2nd album so he wasnt that household name like he is now. But all in all this tour broke all barriers and u get a inside look of Puffy's work ethic. Say what u want about this brotha but he works hard 24/ 7 in what he does!

Puff Daddy & The Family No Way Out Tour 1997 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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