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Diggin In The Crates: The ReVamp- Doce (Twelve) Treats (Volume 1)

As u can see here Questlove is goin thru his Record Collection constantly looking for gems! To me , sometimes that what i do...i have such a extensive music collection that i think there are certain records / joints that people might have slept on or dont know exists that i want to put them up on! Its just something that i love to do!! So the people that has been following me for years on my blog know that i had a Diggin in The Crates series goin on for quite awhile. And it was pretty successful..but now its time to revamp it up a lil bit and try to something a bit new. Im gonna provide yall 12 (Doce in spanish) joints i think u might digg every month. provide some artwork and some personal info about each track. Try to b a bit more professional and see how this goes!! Hope u guys enjoy this new series!!

1. Ice-T "Bitches 2"

At one point in time Ice was one of the most prominent rappers coming out the West. He was one of the rare MC's to be respected by both coasts!! He rapped about how it was to b in his position living out in LA and the dangers that come with it, plus he talked about if u want to pursue being a gangbanger and a drug dealer here are the repercussions that come with that. On this track tho he talks about how cats in the industry and in general b acting like bitches. So its not only the ladies, but the niggas b acting like hoes 2! 

2. Heather B "If Headz Only Knew.."

Man O Man, i loved this track as soon as i saw the video for it on Rap City! It took me years to track it down cause as we all know back there was no internet. U had to manually hunt the track down and record it on tape or off the radio. But i was ecstatic when i finally was able to get this track! I thought Heather was one of the dopest female MC's ever!! Not a whole lot of female MCs got classics under her belt like her!

3. Royal Flush ft. Mic Geronimo "Illiodic Shines"

The dope duo from Wastelandz Queens come together for this nice track right here! Royal Flush's album by the way has plenty gems on it!! I remember when i first had a chance to hear it and i was blown away by it. Especially the production was very top notch!! This album made a lasting impression me, but i hope this track makes a lasting impression on u!!

4. Extra Prolific "In Front Of The Kids"

I remember back in like '95-'96 a friend of mine let me borrow the Low Down Dirty Shame Sdtk, i wanted to check it out and see what was on it. Now mind u this sdtk came out in '94 so i was little bit late on it. As im listening.. a track come on that catches me right off the bat. The beat is mellow but knocks and the cat that is spittin on it is real mellow but straight rhyming! I was like who is this right here? I saw the name on the tracklist and i was like Extra Prolific? Who dat? Fast forward to '06, i was looking at a old Yo MTV Raps performance from '93 and the LA based group Hieroglyphics was performing! One member stands out to me wearing a Warren Moon Oilers jersey and straight wrecking! Come to find out thats the same cat who did the track i heard years ago on the sdtk!! He is from Houston (my city) and was a member of the group Extra Prolific! Crazy how things come around. Hope u like this one..

5. Big Daddy Kane "In The PJs"

I was mad late on this as i didnt hear this track until the 2000s. But in '94 Kane was back to reclaim his title as one of the best out. He revamped his whole steez and left the joints for the ladies at home and brought more joints for the streets! This right here set the tone in how he was coming and i loved it. The beat to the record kinds describes the record as its called In The PJs...once u listen u know what i mean.

6. INI ft. Pete Rock "Fakin Jax (9th Wonder Remix)"

Back in '95 i remember a friend of mine had a tape he made he let me borrow that had this joint on there. I had no idea who they were but i was like this joint jammed!! Plus it sampled the Havoc line from Shook Ones Pt. 2! So i was like oh yea this is banger!! Come to find out that this joint was strictly underground, like the only way u knew about this record was if u kept ur ear to the street. Yea this track had a video that was getting played on Rap City (which at the time i had no idea cause i nvr caught it) but the album this record came off on nvr came out! It was unreleased and nvr dropped. But in '05-'06 the album finally was resurrected and was released. And respected hip-hop producer 9th Wonder remixed this joint lovely!! I couldnt stop playing this after i discovered it on YouTube almost 10 yrs ago!!

7. Naughty By Nature "Its On"

I was a huge Naughty fan at the time, Hip-Hop hooray just had me stuck!! It was a record that everybody loved!! When i had a chance to listen to the album one track had me in a daze! It was this one, the beat for this record is just hard!! I couldnt stop rewinding it and playing it over and over! Kay-Gee to me is a very underrated producer who doesnt get enough credit for the gems he produced!! This right here is a banger fa sho!!

8. Janet Jackson "Together Again (DJ Premier 100 in a 50 Remix)"

U know i have to switch it up a tad bit...just a tad. Now my recollections of hearing this was when i was in NJ in '99 and Hot 97 was playing this. I was like i know this is Janet Jackson...but whats the name of this song & who did the beat? It took me YEARS to find this record and im not joking! I was rejoicing once i put the pieces to the puzzle together to find this song! This just shows how versatile DJ Premier is man, this joint is a club / rave record that knocks!! I know club DJs all over kept this record pumpin during their sets!!

9. Jay Z "Blueprint 3 / BP3" 

A couple years ago Jay did a Q&A wit a website i cant remember at the moment and they a ton questions and he answered them as they came. But one question un-earthed this gem. The question was will u ever release that Blueprint 3 record? Now the backstory is this was recorded wit the intention of being on the Blueprint 3 album or another project but was eventually scrapped and kept in the vaults. Jay answered the question "sure, go head Young Guru and let that go!" And there u have it, Young Guru put it on the web and it took on a life of its own!

10. Jay Z "Hova Song (All 3 Verses)"

When i first heard this album, 2 tracks had nodding hard right offf the bat and that was the intro & outro aka Hova Song. I was thinking this beat is so hard and Jay is killing it wit the rhymes....why in the world he couldnt do a full song out of that???? Well after years of research he actually did but it was on the UK Version of the album not the US version. Once i found about that i went straight to YouTube to listen to the track and kept it on repeat. The opening verse was the intro, the last verse was the outro and the middle verse was taken out....why? i dont know but it is interesting!

11. Juggaknots "Clear Blue Skies"

I gotta give props & respect due to Stretch & Bobbito for puttin me on this record. Cause up to a couple years ago i had no idea this track even existed. As i was listening to a couple of Stretch & Bob tapes from '96 i heard this track alot...the more i heard it the more it grew on me. The beat was just talking to me, its like a breath of fresh with a 80s sample with it. I fell in love wit the record but most importantly there is a message they are relaying in this record...if u listen closely it is a important issue still haunting us til this day. 

12. Junior M.A.F.I.A ft. Notorious BIG "Players Anthem (DJ Clark Kent Remix)"

When this record dropped it was the shit..instantly!! I was jammin it on the regular & yes i had the cassingle!! But i remember one weekend we went to go visit my grandma in Houston. Now where we lived at in Fort Hood at the time, the radio station was ok. They just had the regular playlist just playing the usual hip-hop / r&b joints u hear and see on TV. But when we went to Houston for that weekend the radio station in Houston (97.9 The Box) played all the joints plus joints i nvr heard before!! Something told me to bring a tape so i could record songs over my grandma's. And im glad i did cause thats how i first heard the remix to this record!! I was like ... hold up there is a remix to song???? Really?? And it jammed so hard!!! I was playing it over & over & over on the way back home. Even at school i asked people if anybody ever heard this before and nobody did!! So i was i happy i had a exclusive on my hands....well sort of lol!

*Bonus* Juvenile ft. Turk "The Man"

I first heard this joint off a DJ Screw tape a couple years ago shockingly and this track came out in '99. So im mos def late on that but hey better late than never! The beat is what drew me in on this, i just love the beat but Juve goes in on this record too. People gotta remember that Juve was one of the top rappers in the game at that time in '99, up there wit Jigga, Nas, X, Pun, NORE and etc....

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