Friday, August 20, 2010

Gangstarr on BET's Teen Summit 1998

Once again on the check in with another vid from the stash!! On this one it features Gangstarr performin "You Know My Steez" from their classic Moment Of Truth LP!! Man, i remember when i was younger watchin Teen Summit on Saturday afternoon's!! The theme song from the show was off the hook, they took Da Youngsta's "Mad Props" instrumental and made a little joint with it. As of matter of fact, it was that theme song that put me on Mad Props! I was so hooked on that joint that i wanted it bad, but this was back in like '94 and i had no idea who did the song or what. Good memories man. Now as u see Gangstarr performin, u can tell crowd didnt know how to react to a song like that. Plus its a younger crowd and its real hip-hop that they are listenin to, no catchy hook or singin in it so is it a glimpse into the future? Hmmm..... well back in '98, it was during the golden era so i would never thought hip-hop would take the turn it did. But thats another story. RIP Guru 24/7! And once again if the syncing is a little off its my bad cause i was using a different decoder than i am now.

Gang Starr on BET's Teen Summit 1998 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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