Friday, August 13, 2010

Method Man on BET's Rap City 1994

Well here's vid #2 from my personal stash and many more to come. For me 1994 was the beginning of a whole new era in hip-hop. It started in '92 but by '94 things started to get real and the creativity was at a all-time high. And who else better to represent '94 than Method man aka Jonny Blaze. He really started to blossom into a rap superstar by this time and it doesnt help to be apart of 2 classic LP's already with his 1st Lp & WU's 1st LP. So on this clip he's lettin the people know what to expect on his 1st LP and let's u inside in his world in what he's thinkin at that time in 1994. This hip-hop at its rawest form right here. It was all about keepin real or like what Kenny Smith says on Inside the NBA, "dont keep it real keep it right!" Nuff said, enjoy yall!
One more thing, im sorry that the audio & video syncing is a little off, but i was using a different decoder than im using now. So it is what it is yall.

Method Man on Rap City 1994 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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