Friday, September 3, 2010

MTV: Pete Rock & CL Smooth Live Performance at the Who's The Man Premiere Party 1993

Here's another trip down memory lane for yall. U do know the movie Who's The Man right? This was huge for hip-hop at time cause basically hollywood was recognizing that our artform was coming thru in full blast. Plus Ed Lover & Dr. Dre was givin a chance to be in a movie......with no prior acting experience! But they did a great job and the film was a huge success! Also they looked out for everybody who was in hip-hop at that time, cause there were maddd cameo's in this joint but thats the way u supposed to it! Now u know it wouldnt be right to celebrate this without a premiere party and thats what MTV did. It was basically live performances by artists who was on the soundtrack. I wish i had a chance to see this when it actually came on but back in '93 i was in the 6th grade and i was outside 90% of the time so i missed all of this. This vid right here is Pete Rock & CL Smooth performin "Whats Next On The Menu", a very underrated track by them if u ask me! I hope u enjoy and check the gear they was rockin!! Classic shit yall!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth Live Performance at Who's The Man Premiere Party 1993 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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