Friday, September 24, 2010

MTV: High School High Movie Premiere Party 1996

Yall do remember that movie right? I thought it was ok, the best part to me was the part when the DJ was cuttin up that Country record and scratchin that shit all up. Hilarious stuff. But neither than that, thats it. What made this movie standout tho was its Soundtrack. To me this one of the best Sountracks ever for a movie, ill stack it up against Belly or The Show soundtracks. This joint had hit after hit, mad classic records. Well when this movie came out in 1996, MTV thought it was a great idea to have a concert show featuring some of the artists that featured on this Soundtrack. The line-up included Lil Kim, Lil Cease , Wu-Tang, KRS-One & Tribe Called Quest. Now thats one heck of a line-up and this was during the golden era so already know what it is. The only thing that concerned me was the crowd activity, they was really not into it at times. Which is shockin cause this was back in '96 when everything was hot. I bet they look back on this now be like man what the hell was i thinkin not being so involved? I wish i would been there, i woulda been off da hook for real! Great times man. So please check out this rare concert and enjoy cause we all know MTV dont even come close to do this anymore! Holla!

High School High MTV Premiere Party 1996 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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