Monday, October 18, 2010

BET: Ghostface Killah on Rap City 2000 (Video)

Man, when Supreme Clientele dropped in the beginning of 2000 it was a huge following behind it. At the time, Wu tang was slackin a bit and the only person holdin the name down was Ghostface. He carried it on his back! I remember when this dropped i was in NJ, and once i put it in the CD player i was blown away cause the quality of this LP was flawless and the production was top notch. Right away i was thinkin that this was a classic, i mean it was perfect. Hot 97 was playin mad cuts off the LP and receiving alot of support. Great times.

Now this episode of Rap City was a classic one in which the way this show played out, but at the same time it was this show that kinda sparked the controversy between Ghostface & Big Tigger. I dont know if it was because of this show or another after this but these two had some kinda beef. Why? I dont know, but all i know was that after this show everytime Ghostface came to Rap City Big Tigga was not there. I think this went all the way up to 2004 when they eventually was on the same show together. So there goes some hidden info for ya. Enjoy the show!

Ghostface on BET Rap City 2000 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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