Friday, October 1, 2010

MTV: LL Cool J Career Retrospective 1996

In anticipation of LL's Mr. Smith LP, he sat down with MTV to discuss his career up to that point in 1996. Very great stuff in this interview. I ran across this special when i was just flickin thru the channels and instantly pressed record when i seen it. Like i said, this is when MTV was heavily in hip-hop and it was a great time! I miss those days man, so its time to go back to '96 in 10th grade and relieve some of LL's prominent moments! To me he should have retired right after the G.O.A.T LP in 2000, that would have been a perfect ending. And one more thing i have to admit, back in '96 when MR. Smith dropped i thought it was one of the illest LP's i ever heard (still think that way), that some of my friends had a conversation at school and we were asking each other, who is ur fav. all-time rapper? my answer? i said LL Cool J! Just based off this LP, remember now BIG was in his prime and Jay was only out for a month and for some reason i didnt even think about Nas at the time. Crazy right? BIG will always be my nigga but LL holds a special place to me. Ok, lets move to the vid!! Check the Vanson LL has on, what yall know about Vanson leathers??@!!

MTV: LL Cool J Retro 1996 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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