Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot 97 Summer Jam 2001: Jay Z & The ROC

As we all know Jay made history on this day. Not only did he bring out MiJac, but humilated Prodigy and sent a warning shot to Nas (didnt like it at the time cause i always though they should work together as a team). This day will always be remembered in Hip-Hop history. I remember when i 1st heard it on one of KaySlay's mixtapes from 2001. I forgot which one it was but that tape was heard 'round world. Those were good times for me, i was livin in VA at time and it was on and poppin during that moment. Great memories with me and my friends. So check out the vid and see how focused Jay & The ROC was at this time. This was when the Roc & Jay were on top of the game!

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