Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Blog Year In Review & Beyond

This year runnin this blog was pretty satisfying. Earlier in the year i was seriously considering to shut this blog down. It just wasnt fun anymore and I felt the love wasnt there anymore either. But during the year the fire was kinda rekindled with new innovative ideas I came up with to keep this blog alive. Yall gotta remember im going into my 5th year of runnin this blog, and i posted all the mixtapes i had a couple years ago. So a person like me got to stay on his toes to come with new things to keep this blog alive. So my LP Thoughts was great idea to voice my opinions on albums that meant alot to me and give yall my review on them and i still have lots more to do. Then my write ups on certain topics about hip-hop that struck a chord wit me was another creation of mine that sparked a lot of talk. I had to let people know out there that there's certain MC's that was in game that didnt receive their just due and i felt i had to speak on it. Dont worry i have other topics im gonna speak on as well goin in to the new year.
The Source Fat Tapes was a lifesaver for me as well  because whats the use of having all the Source Magazines i have without puttin them to use. I knew that there was tons of people out there who always wanted those joints in there and i felt i had to give the people what they want. So going into this new year i will try to keep yall filled with more innovative ideas to supply yall with classic hip-hop that we know and love. Like i said many times before, if yall have any old classic mixtapes yall wanna provide me please feel free to e-mail me at I can convert them digitally if u want me to as well. Also if u are looking in my archives for past posts and the link is dead, please lmk what u lookin for and i will gladly re-post that for u if i still have it!
Shout out to some people that rided out wit ya boy this year for the support: Bully, Manifest, Tapemasta, SOUL, Jaz, Verge, ImStillMike, TonyStress360, For All Masters, Pipomixes & anybody else i forget im sorry but thanks for ur support as well! Thanks for hanging in there wit me and showin me mad love.
Its hard to believe im going into my 5th year doing this and all i wanted to do is share wit people classic hip-hop and mixtapes that wasnt out there. People might have had them but nobody was sharing the love so others can have them as well. I didnt realize how big this thing really was until i jumped in to do my part and im glad i did. Before me it was only Tapemasta & SOUL providing people classic mixtapes, so i consider them the forefathers. They gave me a blueprint and i just studied the manuscripts and drew out my own plan. And so far its been all good and hopefully it gets even better!

One more thing, my new mix for the month January will be up tommarow and it will be posted right above this as the new Joint of the Month! I wanna thank everybody for checkin that mix out, as of right now its almost over 480 views!! Thanks so much and i hope u like Sittin on Crates #2 comin tommarow!


Jaz said...

Happy New Year and big congrats on 5 years Brandan glad you kept at it, appreciate the shout out as well.


S.O.U.L. said...

Thanx for the love man. I also reminder the time when there where only 1 or 2 blogs dropping those classics and now we have grown big time.
Be sure to check out the project Brandan & i are going to drop on yall soon.

Droopy said...

Good job. More Screw tapes!